Q:   I've never done a trail run before. Is this a good place to start?
A:  It depends. Are you realistic about the distance you are thinking about running, well-prepared to run it and totally self-sufficient? Will you run with someone else if you don't know the route?  If so, go for it! If in doubt, pick a shorter distance or a route that is easier to follow so you don't get lost and kill yourself, and come back to set the course record next year.

Q:   Where is the start of the run?
A:  In Panorama Park at Deep Cove, North Vancouver, BC, Canada

Q:   How tough is the course?
A:  Tough question to answer! How far are you running? How fast? How well are you trained? There are lots of ups and downs and slippery sections on this course but it is very runnable.  If you can do a 3 to 4 hour run on rugged terrain you'll have no problem. And keep in mind it gets quite chilly in the Lynn Canyon section no matter the weather.

Q:   Is it easy to navigate the trail?
A:  No.  Bring the course directions but be prepared to stick closely to someone that knows the route. If you have not done much trail running in the Deep Cove and Lynn Canyon areas you will very easily get lost.

Q:   This event is free, but for Club Fat Ass members only. How do I get into the club?
A:   Runners, walkers, hikers, triathletes, adventure racers, mountain bikers and anyone else interested in having fun in the great outdoors is welcome and can register online for a nominal fee.

Q:  Can I wait until the last minute and join at the start?
A:  Yes.  But, last minute registration makes it very difficult to organize and coordinate the event. You will not be allowed to take out an annual Club Fat Ass membership on the day-of-event, so you won't get a cool t-shirt.

Q:  It's a free world. What's to stop me from just running the course.
A:  Nothing... in fact, we strongly encourage you to run the course often in training! Furthermore, you won't be allowed into future events until you come clean with past membership dues.

Q: What is the 'Rule of the Trail'?
A: If you pack it in, you can pack it out. (That means don't you dare litter!) Leave nothing but your footprints on the course. We strongly encourage you to pick up any trash you find along the trail and to present it to the Event Host at the end of the run.

Q: What if I have to heed the call of nature.
A: There are washrooms at the start in Panorama Park and also at the point where we cross Seymour Road.  There are some at the turn around in Lynn Canyon Park on the other side of the suspension bridge and then of course you will eventually reach the first two on your return trip.  If you have to go en-route please make sure to step to the side and bury anything that needs burying.

Q:  What should I bring on the run?
A:  Whatever you figure you will need given the weather, the distance you propose to run, your physical fitness on the day and your plans for after the run.

Weather. Click here for a local forecast

Distance. Since you are an experienced trail runner, you should know what you need. Water and food is an issue, so we recommend you carry at least 2 large bottles of fluid and plenty of trail chow.

Fitness. Since you are an experienced trail runner, you should know what you are capable of. If in doubt, take it easy and run a shorter distance.

Good Luck!