Here is a GPX and a KMZ file for your use FOR THE OLD DIRECTIONS.

We really don't want you to get lost, but we guarantee you might if you don't print off these instructions! If you're not familiar with the Baden Powell Trail, consider hooking up with a buddy. Please give us your feedback so we can improve.

We recommend you download the course description (scroll down for a printer friendly version) and bring it and a plastic baggie to protect it with you on the day of the run. Better yet, train on the course and bring the directions!


Time Description km
8:30 Meet at Panorama Park, Deep Cove, North Vancouver  
8:31 Sign waivers  
8:55 Welcome, final briefing, group photo  
9:00 All the signs you want to see along the way look like this one: 6” square with a high quality silver and blue BP Sign indicating the Baden Powell Trail direction and at times including distances. Also watch for the orange BP Triangles nailed to the trees regularly along the way. Follow the Baden Powell Trail the entire way to Deep Cove. Distance is about 12.5 Km each way, 25 Km round trip. 0
Feel free to turn around at any point to make the run as short as you want.
Lynn Canyon start



The trail begins at the Lynn Canyon Suspension Bridge. Cross the bridge, take the stairs up and to the right on the boardwalk. Turn right at the sign "Twin Falls, 20 minutes"

  After several minutes you will be running along the boardwalk beside Lynn Creek. At the end of this is are several sets of stairs and uphill trail. Head to the top where there is an intersection with a signpost "Lillooet Road 0.5km". Turn left.  
  At the paved road, cross to the right and go up the trail. This is Lillooet Road. See the large sign "Baden Powell Trail" with a Scouts Canada logo. Follow the small sign "Baden Powell Trail to Riverside Drive". You will go under the Power Line.  
  Take note: There is only one "T" in Lillooet but several L's and O's.  
  After the Power Line the trail crosses a pipeline and heads down down down to a long set of steep stairs that land on a bridge crossing a deep gorge. Head up the hill and stay to the left. Sign to the left reads "No Angling Area". Go through the wooden gates and uphill for a short trip to a fork in the trail. Take the right fork to Hyannis Drive.  
  Arrive at Hyannis Road, go straight across, read the sign that tells you when the Boy Scouts and Girl Guides built the trail. You're on your way to Seymour Road.  
  Heading uphill you eventually cross a bridge and go a few minutes to the large boulders and stay straight. Go across a narrow wooden walkway. Arrive at a T-intersection. Turn left. Do not follow Bridle Path. Stay on the BP Trail.  
  You are now heading toward the Seymour Grind. The next section has EXTREMELY SLIPPERY BOARDWALKS. YOU MAY WANT TO WALK BESIDE SOME OF THEM.  
  Up up up, zig zagging to the top. Stay on the BP Trail. At the top arrive at a T-intersection, turn right and go downhill toward Seymour Road. DO NOT TAKE "Bridal Path via Good Samaritan Trail".  
  At the bottom of the hill there is an intersection where you will first go over a small bridge, then stay left on Old Buck Trail, go uphill for a few paces to a right turn. Follow the "Baden Powell" sign with the big arrow, to the right.  
  Cross Seymour Road to the small parking lot with outhouses nearby. WATCH FOR TRAFFIC!!! Two vehicles were recently impounded here for racing at 200km/hour uphill.  
  Continue to the left down the BP Trail, nicely groomed and fast. All the way to Indian River Road. The sign says "The Baden Powell Trail continues 0.5km East on the road." Turn left and follow the road to the Power Line.  
  Immediately after the Power Line, turn right on the trail, do not go down the gravel road. The sign says "Indian Arm Lookout 0.7km"  
  At the Power Line once again, turn right and go straight. There are two trails here, take the left trail that is basically straight ahead of you under the Power Line.  
  You will veer to the left and downhill and fairly soon come to a sharp right turn. If you go straight here you will be on the Quarry Rock viewpoint. Stop and look if you like because the view of Deep Cove is very nice here.  
  The trail to Deep Cove is now winding and rolling and easy to follow except for one spot near the very end: do not go right, stay straight. Say hello to all the other trail people and dogs.  
  At the bottom of the final stairs come out to the road. Turn right and follow the sidewalk all the way to the parking lot and the fire hydrant. This is your turn-around point. Take pictures, note your time, be thankful you are half way done. Turn around and go back to Lynn Canyon. 12.5km
Deep Cove Start: In Deep Cove, the trail begins about 200 meters North down the road on the left hand side. Look for a steep little driveway and a BP Sign. Take the stairs up, way up. This section takes you up over 9 bridges, 1 long set of stairs and to the power lines.  
  BP Sign: Turn left (right turn is the Indian Arm Lookout)  
  Run under the power lines and then take the immediate left turn and go UP. If you end up taking the service road under the power lines this will come out at the same spot but is slightly shorter. If you end up going down a trail after the power lines, turn around.  
  BP Sign: Arrive at Indian River Road: Turn left and follow the road straight for 5 minutes to the water tanks on the right. Along the way, notice the nice house in the middle of nowhere. Take note of the address "4488". There is a BP Sign here at the water tanks so pay attention, go straight and do NOT take the trail behind you to the right up the mountain (it’s very steep eventually).  
  The BP Trail rolls nicely and is very easy to follow over 12 bridges. But it’s all up.  
  Arrive at Seymour Road and the Centennial Baden Powell Trail Sign. There are toilets here and a garbage can. Please watch carefully for FAST CARS as you cross the road back on to the nice rolling trail.  
  Come across another bridge just before a trail intersection. Be careful here. Turn left then turn right immediately.  
  Another trail intersection. Right is Old Buck. Left plus 60 paces is yet another BP Trail intersection. Go over the bridge, straight, and UP over another bridge. There are signs here so please read them and pay attention. You ultimately want to be going up in roughly the same direction you were going before all this intersection stuff. Do not go through any “gates”. Stick to the well worn BP Trail.  
  BP Sign: You’ve reached the top! (so far) This is where the BP takes a definitive left turn down through what we call the Seymour Grind. This section is generally rough AND SLIPPERY. After a few minutes there is a sign with a sharp left turn just before you start to head down again. BUT CONTINUE STRAIGHT and start to go down.  
  There will be a vague left turn after traversing back and forth down the hill where you need to watch for loose and slippery rocks. All these “vague left turn” trails meet up. And then there are new bridges and mud on both sides and maybe in front of you too. Most of the great big metal spikes in the SLIPPERY old broken down wooden bridges are gone. Lots of fun! But watch your step and admire the handiwork of the new walkways that many of us have had a hand in building.  
  BP Sign: Important Intersection!!! Turn right. You don’t want to miss this one but it is fairly obvious. You then quickly reach a small creek with a bridge. Do NOT go over the bridge. Go straight. To Hyannis Road is another 0.7 Km. Lynn Canyon is only 4.6 Km from here.  
  BP Sign: Now you want to go over the creek … turn right. There is a new bridge. The Knee Knacker Trail Work Party was here in June 2003.  
  BP Sign: You’ve arrived at Hyannis Drive. Cross the road and keep going down the stairs and the boardwalk. Lots of slippery steps on the boardwalk, watch out. Danger: on the way to Seymour River, there are lots of slippery logs and stuff to slip on and the terrain is quite varied. Please take your time and arrive in one piece.  
Distances From Hyannis Road: Seymour River 1.0Km, Lillooet Road 1.Km, Lynn Canyon Suspension Bridge 3.9 Km. And the elevation gain/loss to the Suspension Bridge is –150m/+145m. But that just doesn’t describe the trip very well … have fun going down, up, down, and up again ...  
  BP Sign: Important Intersection … turn left and go down the gravel trail toward Riverside Drive.  
  Riverside Drive intersection with a big sign. Do not go straight out to the road. Turn 90 degrees right and go down to the bridge and Seymour River. You will see the foot bridge right away. Look at the nice fast flowing cold river. Then go up the super really steep steps.  
  After winding UP UP UP the trail, step over the big water pipe laying across the ground. Go straight under the power lines, do not turn on to any other trails.  
  BP Sign: You’ve arrived at Lillooet Road! Only 2Km to go. Turn right-ish and immediately go across the road. Turn left and get back on the trail.  
  BP Sign: Important Intersection … take a sharp right and go steeply down to Lynn Creek. Near the bottom there are some steps and a very big Douglas-fir tree. In fact, it might be a Grand Fir. Admire it and move on toward more steps and the slippery boardwalk. If you want to check out Lynn Creek take the small ramp down off the boardwalk to the sandy area and have a look.  
  BP Sign: Twin Falls Bridge on the left. The BP sign is on the right and in the direction you want to go. Take a look at the creek again if you like. But go back and UP the stairs on the same side you’ve arrived. These are very nice stairs so be sure to enjoy them.  
  Big White Sign: Turn left to the Suspension Bridge and stay left on the boardwalk and steps.  
  Cross the Suspension Bridge and check out the awesome view. Be mindful of the tourists and locals.  
  Continue across the bridge and UP the stairs to the Lynn Canyon Café. At the right of the building are some washrooms.  
  Finish! You made it! Arrive back at the parking lot. Head to Delaney's Coffee House at Mountain Highway and Lynn Valley Road. 25km



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