Flash - Pure Foolishness 100K

23 Feb 2008 04:00
23 Feb 2008 23:59

What: A 100K run on the Baden Powell Trail between Deep Cove and Lynn Canyon.

Why: A few Fools in the club have signed up for the Coyote Two Moon 100 Mile race in March that has 28,000 feet of uphill and they really, really need to get in more distance and hill work.

Who: The Fools and anyone who wants to join in the fun.

Where: Meet at Panorama Park in Deep Cove, North Vancouver, BC

When: Saturday, February 23, 2008 at 04:00

Route: The Pure Foolishness 100K will consist of four loops on the Pure Satisfaction Course. You can read the foolproof directions at: http://www.clubfatass.com/events/puresatisfaction/course

Climbing: According to some very informative GPS readings taken by Colin Freeland during the 2007 Pure Satisfaction Run each loop of the route has an elevation gain of 5,280 feet, giving a total of 21,120 feet of climbing during the four loops.

Aid: Be prepared to be self-sufficient. There should be water at Deep Cove and at the Lynn Canyon Suspension Bridge washrooms. Of course we will also have access to our vehicles when we return to Deep Cove at the end of each loop.

Motto: Nothing is foolproof to a talented fool.

Entry: There is no fee and you don't need to be a member of Club Fat Ass to participate in a Flash event, however whining is not allowed. No registration is required but please indicate your participation via the comment form below. You are responsible for your own well being and safety and should be self sufficient. Please read the Release of All Claims. By participating in this event you agree to the terms of the Release of All Claims.

Contacts: Gilles Barbeau and Karl Jensen


Chad Hyson's picture

The Foolishness Never Stops...

Just wanted to thank all of my fellow fools and all those who encourage us by providing aid and support, it was a fantastic day and excellent preparation for Coyote Two Moon.

Just got back in from a recovery run with Gilles and we were already talking about our next foolish endeavour, Karl sent out a note earlier today asking if we were up for the full 100 miles on the course and being the fools we are we said sure.  So stay tuned for further details in the upcoming weeks.

Hope to see you all at Dirty Duo this weekend,


Ean Jackson's picture

Bad day to be on the bench

It was the perfect day for it.  I went out for a little shakedown run on the street in preparation for a lap with everyone and my calf went "boing!"  Sigh. 

Watching Jackal Production's latest epic blockbuster was almost like being there.  It sure looked like everyone had fun.

'Trusting everyone is taking the day off today!

"Outta Action" Jackson 

Pure Foolishness 100K - Results

Congratulations to all who finished the Pure Foolishness 100K. The trail gods were smiling on the runners with cool and mostly sunny weather. Quite an improvement on the Pure Foolishness 75K. They owed it to us.

The Fools were honoured to have the company of Charlie Crissman, race director of the popular Cascade Crest Classic 100 Mile Race in Washington State. Charlie will join the Fools again at the Coyote Two Moon 100 Mile Race in California in March. Having also completed a Pure Foolishness run Charlie is now a certified Fool, subject to the same somewhat suspicious sideways glances as the other Fools.

And a special thanks goes to Carlos for posting his great video for us to enjoy.

There are three special ladies who were there with pizza, grilled cheese sandwiches and other aid when most needed. They earned our eternal gratitude for the rest of the day. And bonus points too.

Chad Hyson 



Charlie Crissman 



Karl Jensen



Gilles Barbeau



John Machray



Al Harman  75K


Cynnimon Rain  * 40K


Arthur CHat Gee * 38K

 * 8:45

Rhonda Schuller * 38K

 * 8:45

Cheryl Johnson  * 38K


Tim Weins  25K


Carolyn Goluza 25K


Laddie Hannam 25K


Carlos Castillo 25K


Lucinda Eglesias Aid   Priceless
Linda Machray  Aid   Priceless
Lorraine Suomi Aid   Priceless












Thanks Fools!

Many thanks to Karl, Chad, Gilles, John and Al for introducing me to North Shore style 100M training. Now I'm ready for Two Moons.

I never thought I could travel the same trail 8 times and not get tired of it. I did get tired... but the scenery, company and support made the journey well worth the effort.

I hope to make it North for future foolishness.



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Perfect Day!

What a great group of people to run with on a perfect weather day! Thanks Laddie for leading the way, and for both you and Jackal for the company. A truly impressive group of runners, indeed...

Pure Foolishness Distance

It seems that I have been short changing the Pure Foolishness participants when it comes to the distance.  Tim Wiens got a bit over 25K on his GPS.  This is a bit more than Colin Freeland came up with.  The difference may be due to the frequency of the readings or perhaps pure chance.  In any case, I drove to Deep Cove and Lynn Valley today in a effort to resolve the raging controversy and hopefully avoid fisticuffs.  At Deep Cove there is a sign at the top of the driveway where the Baden Powell Trail starts that says 12.2K to Lynn Canyon Suspension Bridge.  The distance from the sign back to the fire hydrant at the Panorama Park parking lot is exactly 0.3K according to my vehicle odometer.  At the east side of the Lynn Canyon Suspension Bridge there is a sign that indicates 12.1K to Deep Cove.  To this should be added the trip across the bridge and the distance from the Deep Cove trailhead to the parking lot. So, as an accountant who is not unfamiliar with the frequent and liberal use of rounding to stay employed I am going to say that the Deep Cove/Lynn Valley return trip is 25K exactly. This, of course, explains why the Pure Foolishness runs hurt so much more than expected.

Monday and still smiling

Thanks to the now infamous Fools for first organizing the Saturday 4 am run, and then stepping back a few hours to let lesser known fools rush in. Saturday was a wonderful run (run? slog?) with Cynnimon, Cheryl and Arthur toeing the early line. I was amazed at the pollen, visible for a couple hours in my headlamp. I now understand why I need the antihistamines. The day was made-to-order for trails. Perfect weather, lots of familiar and friendly faces along the back-and-forth, and pure satisfaction (to borrow from Craig) by the finish. The Jackal YouTube production is also wonderful. Mellow music, and a chance to send a visual reference to friends and family who wonder what it is about the trails... Rhonda

JDFT stuff

Cheryl, I have been networking with my friends over here and if you get yourself to either the China Beach trailhead,or my place, I will arrange for a ride from Sombrio back to your vehicle. Failing that you could camp in my backyard! Send me your email to:- czc@shaw.ca

You rock!

I'm excited to finally get on the Juan de Fuca. We may even have a couple of cars going over so if anyone else is interested, let us know.

The day was fantastic beyond

The day was fantastic beyond belief. Absolutely perfect start to finish. My time was 9:00 hours. Rhonda and Arthur were 10-20 minutes ahead of me (in my defense, I talked alot along the way). Cynnimon's time was probably 9:05....she went to Lynn Canyon on the second loop, then came back and out on the cemetery trail....just missed us at Jaycee House and ended up taking the bus to Deep Cove....which she thought it was hilarious. The early start made the first hours wonderful...it's an amazing world at 4:00 A.M. The skunk on the trail just after the start woke us up! So many friends out on the trail during the last part of the day, made the last hours wonderful. Laddie, who once again was just back from somewhere, was tour guide for Carlos & Carolyn. Very impressive the way we Fat Asses all work together. Oh yes, another important highlight of the day is that I found a runner for the Vancouver 100!! Thank you, Rod! I didn't want to miss this year. Cheryl

Yes- Fantastic Day after a little soul searching on the 211

I thought I actually saw them driving away-yep I would have if you knew the mood I was in and the odor coming from those old trail shoes of mine. FYI-211 seymour will take you in and out of Deep Cove and you will get an entire section to yourself after running over 9hours- Thanks to Karl, Gilles and those that started at 4am, and the many that encouraged me along the way.

Carlos-thanks for sharing your Video. I was reintroduced to Van Morrison on a road trip to Sooke - my first experience of the Juan de Fuca trail. Now Van Morrison will forever be on my mind when Im on a trail. Never bad things. Hope to experience both in March

Lot Of Love To All

pure foolishness follow up

Yes, a fantastic day had by all, no doubt with such great inspiration and simply a beautiful day. As usual Carolyn was so strong and fast, she came in a full 7 minutes quicker than us - the time was gained from Mt. Seymour road into Deep Cove. As you can see Carlos was filming so we made sure to stick together to the end and ... on our way to the finish (the unofficial KneeKnacker chute into Deep cove which I insisted we must do), we came across a marriage proposal from a couple on the bench alongside the trail. Both of us caught this out of the corner of our eyes as we passed and commented on this split second "catch". It was fantastic being out on the trails again and seeing everyone.. how you managed anywhere from 1.5 to 4 passes of this route is a mystery to me:) Thanks Carolyn and Carlos for your company - was great seeing everyone out there reaching for their running goals... To the two "fools" out there posting another "flash" event, our hats off to you! Have a great week everyone:):):)
Craig Moore's picture

way to go everyone!

I was able to take the time to catch up with John and Gilles around Lynn Canyon. John was determined and Gilles was cool and collected and both were happy and focused. I saw a few other trail freinds out there as well and it's great to see there were lots participating in more pure foolishness. We all can't get enough of the North Shore trails eh? I'm so lucky to be living here just 5 minutes from Lynn Canyon. Nice recording of the day Carlos, thanks for sharing! Craig
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Guys, I think you are short changing yourselves. I ran a lap today and GPS'd it at just over 25 km. There is no doubt that you would be over 100 km today.

Regardless of the Distance

It seems like it was a perfect day to be on the trails. The last of the boys are home and getting all cleaned up. More will be posted tomorrow including a few pics of a mid race snack. Lucinda

Nice run guys!

I loved every minute of it. Great to see you all again. The one loop trio timed @ 3:50:XX(Carolyn Goluza,Jackal & Laddie).Beautiful day. ILTS!

Nice summary

of the day. See you included the Seymour Grind...not sure I'd be filming there!

The Fools' Schedule

Here is a foolproof schedule of the times the Fools expect to be at various locations during the run. It may be useful to those of you planning to only do portions of the run and want to join the Fools, or perhaps avoid them altogether. Note that the Fools may not be at these locations at the times indicated, or anywhere close to those times. If you do a custom run email your distance and time to Karl through the private email link shown on the event site. Please keep in mind the event Motto Loop One
06:00 Start
07:25 Hyannis Point - out bound
08:15 Lynn Canyon Suspension Bridge
08:55 Hyannis Point - in bound
10:25 Deep Cove
Loop Two
11:55 Hyannis Point - out bound
12:50 Lynn Canyon Suspension Bridge
13:33 Hyannis Point - in bound
15:10 Deep Cove
Loop Three
16:35 Hyannis Point - out bound
17:35 Lynn Canyon Suspension Bridge
18:25 Hyannis Point - in bound
20:15 Deep Cove
Loop Four
21:45 Hyannis Point - out bound
22:50 Lynn Canyon Suspension Bridge
00:50 Hyannis Point - in bound
01:30 Deep Cove

Snow Report

Yes, I did say I would check the trail this morning, but there was frost on my van’s windshield so coffee, the papers and a warm bed seemed a more appealing option. Anyway, I just got back from running (and walking) the Baden-Powell Trail from Hyannis Point up the Seymour Grind and down to the bridge where BP and Old Buck intersect. The trail is snow free until just below the gulley before the top of the Seymour Grind. From that point compacted snow covers the trail. The snow has a fair bit of dirt and debris in it so it is not particularly slippery. In the gulley the split log bridges have a few short sections of snow on them, but nothing to be too concerned about. They may well be gone by tomorrow afternoon. On the old access road section from the top of the Seymour Grind down to Old Buck there are a few sections of snow. None are more than a few hundred feet long and can certainly be run. So, I don’t think the snow will be much of factor comes Saturday. The only caution I advise is that the compacted snow might become a bit icy during the night. Looking forward to seeing you all on Saturday.

New Start Time: 6 AM

A few of the Fools have decided that their beauty sleep is more important than an early start. Since many agree the start time for the Fools has moved to 6 AM. Of course non-Fools are welcome to start whenever they wish. On Thursday morning I will be going up to the top of the Seymour Grind to check on the snow situation and will post an update when I get back. I will also post a rough schedule of times that the Fools expect to be at various locations during the run. Looking forward to seeing many of you on Saturday.

pure foolishness

I will be in for some running time too, perhaps the second loop around *8:00am, will be coming in from cal/edm on friday.. will you be posting estimated times:) see you soon. Laddie

In for one and half

With a start time of 4:00 a.m. we should almost be able to do a full loop in the dark...no snow please!

I'm in for one also..

What time are you guys planning to start lap 2, I will start with whoever knows the route. Gilles and Karl might start lap one at 6... Tell me what to do Cheryl!

Since you are the expert

on the Juan De Fuca trail, if you run with us, we will be asking some questions!! The plan is to do at least part of JDF this year...maybe all of it on different days or weekends. Looks so beautiful.

What to do

Since Cheryl hasn't had time to reply yet perhaps it will make your decision easier if I explain your options: You can run with some very interesting and charming ladies or you can run with a bunch of Fools who will entertain you endlessly with their ability to make a variety of amazing and unique body noises. I hope this helps Carlos.

We're starting at 4:00

We're going to stick with the 4:00 am start. It's not an adventure unless it starts early! Carlos, I am slow so I'm going to say I will leave Deep Cove about 9:00 for the 2nd half loop. Can't speak for Rhonda or Cynnimon (both faster)...sometimes we stick together and sometimes we don't.

I will wait

Any time between 9 and 10 and I will be itching to go, you will be on your second loop!, but go slow, I'm now training for Wendy's Stormy 100M, so you will probably be quite surprised as to how slow a man can run!

Still want to start early

I'm trying to talk the others into sticking with the 4:00 a.m. start and they haven't answered yet....I guess a lot will depend on Karl's snow report. It would be great to have you run with us, Carlos. BTW I'm only doing half of the second loop but Cynnimon will run at least 2 laps.

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