Flash - Mutha's Nature Trail Run

14 Oct 2007 08:00
This is the preliminary running of an event I will host annually, and I am running it to finalise the course, and sorry to say, perfect the directions. It is approximately a 32km venture, anyone with a GPS would be more than welcome. If you have one you wouldn't mind lending for the day but can't make it that would be extremely useful too. Depending how many people are into checking it out with me we could run in one or break into several pace groups. I will be running at an easy pace. We will meet by the trail head in the parking lot near the washrooms/concession in Lynn Canyon Park. Detailed Instructions: The route will take the Baden-Powell (turn left and down right away, before the suspension bridge) and follow it up to Lynn Valley Road, where we will turn right onto Rice Lake Road and shortly after the turn off down to the Varley trail. We will the follow the Varley trail until it takes us out onto Lynn Valley road again. Take a left and you should soon see the entrance to the Baden-Powell trail on your right. We will follow the Baden-Powell from there until it comes out to Mountain Highway. At this intersection we will go right and up the wide rocky dirt road. We will take Mountain Highway all the way up to the Grouse Mountain Skyride. Above there we will take the switchbacks up to Dam Mountain off to the left. Then we will follow the Crown Mountain trail to the Hanes Valley turnoff. We will head down the scree slope and follow the Hanes Valley trail back, ignoring the Lynn Lake turn off to the left, to Norvan Creek and the turnoff to Norvan Falls. From there we will take the Headwaters trail, sticking to the left and away from Lynn Creek past the Cedars Mill Trail turnoff and the Lynn Loop trail turnoffs. We will continue along straight past the turnoff to the left towards 2 lookouts and also past the turnoff to Lynn Peak also on the left. The trail will make a hard right and then shortly after come to an intersection where we will go left towards Rice Lake. We will continue straight past the Rice Lake turnoff and at Rice Lake Road we will not cross the bridge and take the trail south (which if my memory serves me correctly means we go left and then right very quickly) we will then take the trail to our right towards the 30 ft pool and follow the trail on the right and towards Lynn Canyon until we reach the suspension bridge. Simplified Instructions: C/ towards Suspension Bridge L/ Baden-Powell (before suspension bridge) R/ Lynn Valley Road R/ Rice Lake Road L/ Varley trail L/ Lynn Valley Road R/ Baden-Powell trail R/ Mountain Highway L/ Dam Mountain trail L/ Crown Mountain trail R/ Hanes Valley trail C/ Lynn Headwaters trail L/ to Rice Lake road L/ Rice Lake road R/ 30 Foot Pool trail R/ fork in trail R/ across Suspension Bridge

There is no fee and you don't need to be a member of Club Fat Ass to participate in a Flash event, however whining is not allowed. No registration is required but please indicate your participation via the comment form below. You are responsible for your own well being and safety and should be self sufficient. This is a wilderness adventure run and you need to be prepared with the appropriate gear for weather and emergencies.

Please read the Release of All Claims. By participating in this event you agree to the terms of the Release of All Claims.


Haines valley

Hi Ryan , I've already talked to sybille about putting this run on next year on the 23 of august as a regular event ( i think it's already in the calendar). cheryl and I took over the go home events from Dom this year . We have since changed dates with me taking over her august date ( nov. being to late for the Haines valley ) and her my nov. date. I felt that with so many trails around that it would be better to have a different run than 2 go homes . I was plannig on doing the route starting from Lynn to grouse and return by mountain highway , so this is different from yours. I hope this dosen't spoil your plans. des
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Hi guys, yes - a coincidence, but the routes are not the same, kinda backwards.  Both are in the 2008 calendar for end of August and end of September respectively.  Des' site still displays the original Go Home course as it is coming up in November.  Hope that'll work out.

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I'd love to join you!  If it stays cool and wet, we could be in for some snow.  Just a thought... the Haines Valley section is quite remote and the rocks potentially very slippery on that boulder field.  Might be better to go counterclockwise and uphill over the slippery boulders and downhill on Mountain Highway, which is relatively benign.
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I thought about going the other way but I think most people enjoy climbing Mountain Highway more than descending it. I think for this year I would like to stick with this route and see how it goes unless we get word there is snow up there, then we could make the call to reverse it at the start of the run. I don't know if I will keep it at the same time next year, I'll see how all the Flash events at the end of September develop and maybe try to fit it in there or somewhere else where good weather is likely. I would think later in the season we would be relatively safe from going rafting down Lynn Creek on our butts unless there is a serious downpour, but we could always turn back if things are too hairy up there. In fact I plan on having a shorter course returning on the BCMP trail next year so we could take that and the Baden-Powell back and still have quite a nice run if we can't make it through. Ryan

Good route

Nice route.I'll have to see if I can escape from Vancouver to join you.If the rain holds of for a few days before hand the river should be ok, but keep option open to turn back if it is tanking.Maybe pack a kayack as part of your wilderness kit!!
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Sounds like fun!

Just be aware that the descent into Haines Valley isn't much faster than climbing up it...mostly due to the footing through the boulder field. Also, if it is pouring rain, Lynn Creek has a habit of running big...getting across could be the crux (as has happened to a boy scout troop a few years ago).

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