Long Course - 27km

Make sure to bring the course description in a plastic bag to the run. There will be no course markings! For a printer friendly version scroll down and click on the link at the very bottom of the page. Colin kindly provided GPS readings including a map and profile on Motionbased after the 2007 run.  A .tcx file from Jason's 2009 run can be accessed here.


Course Description- Seymour Super Fun Run



Reference Point (RP) #0. –Bean Around the World #110-1151 Mt. Seymour Rd. Parkgate Village - Start / Finish
New start location! Start and end with a coffee and a visit with friends. Bottom of Mt. Seymour road in Parkgate Village.



Start. Out front of Bean Around the World.



1. Up Old Buck to Mt. Seymour Picnic Area



- Follow Mt. Seymour Road till you reach the Old Buck Parking lot.
- Head straight up Old Buck till you get to the Baden Powell
- Turn right at the Baden Powell and take a quick left, you are now back on Old Buck
- Carry on up Old Buck and cross under some powerlines, keep heading straight.
- Steeply climb up Old Buck till you reach the paved Mt. Seymour road
- Cross Mt. Seymour road and look right to regain Old Buck
- Keep going up Old Buck looking for your first left.
- Head left and traverse this beautiful wooded trail till you reach the Vancouver picnic area.



RP #1. Mount Seymour Picnic Area (between kilometer markers 5 and 6)



2. The descent! Mt. Seymour Picnic Area to Twin Bridge



- Head out of the Mt. Seymour Picnic Area via the paved road that heads to Mt. Seymour road
- Cross the road, turn right and head up Mt. Seymour Road, staying behind the cement barrier.



- The entrance to Mushroom trail is on your left.



- Head down this loose rocky descent staying to your right, ignore any forks or trails to the left.
- Soon you'll pass through the historic Mushroom Parking lot on your right denoted by a white picket fence
- Stay right and take Ned's Atomic dust Bin trail. This is a steep mountain bike trail down so keep an eye open for mountain bikers!
- Keep descending Ned's and stay on the main trail. Look for a big GAP jump and other stunts!
- Once past the GAP jump and come across a few more stunts you are at the end of Ned's. Stay right and head downhill to 'Bottle Top'
- There is no obvious start to the new trail so just keep heading down!
- When you come to an intersection with another 'skidder road' look up at the sign that says '18' and turn right.
- Head up this trail and take the first left, this takes you up to a pretty plateau
- At the top of the plateau stay right on Bottle Top
- Head down Bottle Top all the way to Fishermans trail. This is a wide trail that follows Seymour river
- Turn right on Fishermans trail and cross over the Blue Twin Bridge on your left.



RP #2. Twin Bridge at Seymour River



3. LSCR Loop. This section is almost a complete loop utilizing some of the Lower Seymour Conservation Reserve Trails



- Head West over Twin Bridge and turn right onto Fishermans trail (do not go uphill yet!)
- Follow Fisherman's trail keeping Seymour river on your right, go through the wooden gate at the bottom of Homestead Trail
- Still continuing up Fisherman's look for a obvious trail on your left (typicaly descended by mountainbikers). This new trail switches back a few times and takes you up to Figure Eight trail.
- Head up this steep trail till you reach a plateau. Stay left and follow this wider trail.
- Following the wider trail for about 3 minutes stay right and cross a paved road this is the Old Demo Forest Road.
- regain the gravel trail on the other side of this paved road.
- This short trail will take you to a small gravel road, head right.
- You will reach another paved road, head left and follow this road for 1.2 kms. This is the paved Seymour Valley road.
- Nearing the end of this road there are outhouses on the right and a water tap near the 'Gazebo'.

- This section is tricky. You want to follow the trail to the right of the round-about, but do not head steeply downhill.
- Take this wide trail following signs to the Suspension Bridge. DO NOT GO OVER THE SUSPENSION BRIDGE!


  - Get onto the Baden Powell and follow this trail down and across the 'board walks'
- Cross the board walks and climb steeply up the Baden Powell, note the new wooden platforms and stairs near the top.
- At the top of this climb the Baden Powell turns left, stay on the BP
- The BP will start to flatten out and then climb up to a paved road. This is Lillooet Road. Cross the paved road and head up the Baden Powell.
- Follow the BP until it starts descending all the way down to a 'pipe bridge' that crosses Seymour river
- Head up the BP and turn left at the opening staying on the BP.
- Follow a wide gravel path through a few wooden gates and stay left. You have left the BP and are now on Fishermans Trail.
  - Follow Fishermans with Seymour river on your left.
- Look for the sign post that indicates Bridle Path via Hyannis and turn right.
  RP #3 - Final Stretch! Fishermans trail back for coffee at Bean Around the World  
  - Head up this wide well kept gravel trail until you reach a plateau.
- Turn left and follow this trail staying left for about 3 minutes
- Look for a trail 90 degrees to your right, this is Bridle Path (there is a sign post opposite the trail.)
- Follow Bridle Path ignoring any minor trails until you cross a creek and are in a clearing. Stay left at this junction.
- Travel a short distance and then turn right to regain Bridle Path. Do not take any other trails.
- Follow Bridle Path staying left as you start a small descent (if you are crossing another creek without a bridge you missed a fork heading left and uphill - marked with a small yellow sign reading Bridle Path).
- Keep following Bridle Path until you get to Old Buck.
- Turn right and head down Old Buck.
- Exit the OB parking lot and head down Mt. Seymour road.
- At the bottom of Mt. Seymour look to your right for Parkgate Village that has that delicious Bean Around the World Coffee!!
11:00 RP #0 – Finish. Have a coffee, or drink and some food you earned it! 27



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