2004 - Year 3 - Capilano Midsummer Night Run




Home town

Finish Time

1 Shannon Wilkinson group North Vancouver 1:38
  Cheryl Picot group Vancouver 1:38
  Kate Dugas group Vancouver 1:38

Doug Ko




Louisa Lorimer


White Rock

  Allan McMordie group North Vancouver 1:38

Ken Hardinge-Rooney


New Westminster

8 Gabi Kwan group North Vancouver 1:47:55
  Sibylle Tinsel group North Vancouver 1:47:55
1 Tom Skinner comp North Vancouver 1:41
  Desmond Mott comp North Vancouver 1:41
  Doug Kier comp North Vancouver 1:41
  Al Harman comp West Vancouver 1:41
  Patricia Jensen comp North Vancouver 1:41
6 Dom Repta comp Vancouver 1:54
  Wade Repta comp Vancouver 1:54
  John McGrath comp Vancouver 1:54
  Angus McLellan comp Vancouver 1:54
  Doug MacKay comp North Vancouver 1:54
  Ean Jackson comp North Vancouver 1:54
  Cathy Adams crew North Vancouver  
  Bryce Adams crew North Vancouver  
  Andy Nicol crew Vancouver  
  Michelle Fredette crew Vancouver  
  Mary Leliveld crew North Vancouver  

20 starters, 20 finishers, 5 crew

Race Report

A few firsts for the Capilano Canyon Night Run this year: There were no major wipeouts or cases of getting lost. Several virgins became veterans. It was rainy. We were competing with the Olympics. There were no bear sightings.

Six year old Erik entertained early arrivals with his world record attempt at running laps around the house. The Guinness Foundation has been notified that he completed 196 laps in his underwear, though there is some controversy around allegations that he was counting by twos.

This year, the field was fairly evenly split between Group and Competitive categories. Several trail and night running virgins threw caution to the wind and toed the line. Several fast runners spoke of setting a new course record. Most participants were out for a fun run with old friends and new.

In the Competitive division, Tom Skinner made a last minute call to add the Event to his evening trail run. While possibly faster than the others in the lead group, Tom found himself referring frequently to the written course directions thereby allowing the competition the opportunity to catch up. The Group runners started fast and soon broke into two with Allan McMordie of the North Shore Search and Rescue leading the keeners.

While the rain held off during the run, it was warm and humid throughout. Headlamps were sparked-up before most runners made it to Cap Canyon. Fog and mist in the Canyon created a magical atmosphere, but made for tricky footing and frequent pauses for folks like Doug MacKay who wore eyeglasses.

Six year old Bryce was still up greeting runners a they approached Aid Station Adams on the east side of the Capilano Canyon. On the return leg of the trail, several runners were overheard saying, "Here kitty. Nice kitty" to a skunk. Lucky for them, they realized the error before trying to pet the critter.

At the finish, hot and sweaty runners spoke of pool hopping but were instead drawn to the buffet table. Thanks to our event supporters, we are happy to note that everyone was able to come away from this free event with some sort of gift or special recognition award. Here are the highlights:

Best Aid Station - Cathy and Bryce Adams, Michelle Fredette and Andy Nicol who hosted Aid Station Adams
Most Lost - Tom Skinner was awarded the prize in absentia, as nobody else admitted to getting lost!
Best Wipeouts - 2 prizes in this category were not awarded because nobody admitted to a wipeout!
Most Creative Potluck Idea - a critical panel of judges awarded the Gold medal to the Motts for the fresh blackberry and blueberry crumble. Desmond admitted he didn't lift a finger, so credit was awarded to Liselotte
Fastest Woman and Best Tattoo - hardware to Patricia Jensen for winning both categories
Farthest Traveled - Louisa Lorimer from White Rock was the technical winner, and Ken Hardinge-Rooney from New West the runner-up, but Doug Ko from Burnaby took home the prize 'cause you had to be present to win
Closest to the Sweep - Gabi Kwan dug deep to complete her first trail run and first night run
Most Cap Canyon Night Runs - "Creampuff" Kier, who has completed 4 (2 Midsummer Night's Dream and 2 MardiGras)

Many thanks to you all for making this another successful Capilano Canyon night run! We look forward to celebrating Mardi Gras on the dark trails with you on Saturday 18 February 2006!

Event Hosts - Sibylle and Jackson