2003 - Year 2 - Caplilano Midsummer Night Run




Home town

Finish Time

1 Eunice Walaska group Mission 1:20
2 Caroline Brandson group North Vancouver 1:20
3 Cheryl Picot group Vancouver 1:31
4 Doug MacKay group North Vancouver 1:31

Sibylle Tinsel


North Vancouver


James Carlson



7 Rhonda Schuler group Vancouver 1:49

Pat Barry



1 Andy Nicol comp Vancouver 1:35
2 Dom Repta comp Vancouver 1:35
3 Patricia Jensen comp North Vancouver 1:35
4 Rich Rawling comp West Vancouver 1:35
5 Kevin Harrison comp Vancouver 1:36
6 Wendy Montgomery comp North Vancouver 1:36
7 Brian Bjornson comp North Vancouver 1:36
8 Al Harman group West Vancouver 1:36
9 Chris Mager comp Vancouver 1:41

Bob Taylor


North Vancouver

11 Rob MacDonald comp Vancouver 1:52
12 Michelle Fredette comp Vancouver 1:52
13 Paul Cubbon comp Squamish 1:52
14 Ean Jackson comp North Vancouver 1:52
15 Rick Arikado comp Vancouver 1:58
16 Catherine Yoell comp Vancouver 1:59
17 Doug Kier comp Vancouver 1:59
18 Mary Leliveld comp North Vancouver 1:59
  Ron Adams crew North Vancouver  
  Brett Adams crew North Vancouver  
  Bill Walaska crew Maple Ridge  
  Todd Richardson crew North Vancouver  
  Toshimi Kobayashi crew Vancouver  
  Eagle Walz crew Powell River  
  Tom Mills crew Richmond  

26 starters, 26 finishers, 7 crew

Comments and Feedback

This first-timer had a fantastic time in the figurative not literal sense. My run was terrific primarily because of Pat's pacing and keen sense of directions. Many thanks. I didn't wear a watch, so again count on Pat to know when we finished....Pat? Rhonda

Thank you for organizing such a great evening. Had lots of fun as usual. That darn cement bridge just before you bush whacking of Mackay Creek once again got a group of us..... Again, thank you Patricia

I love the color of the t shirt....Good choice Sibylle!

Rhonda and my time was 1:49. There was a lot of great food but I thought the cheesecake with the blackberries was outstanding. Adios, Pat

Hello and thank you for the wonderful night and all your hospitality. Love the T-shirts! Worth more than the price of admission I'm sure. As far as the food went (and it did), there was so much yummy food that it would be hard to pinpoint the best but the sushi, cheesecake, dip with bread and Catherine's famous cookies (as usual) were all delightful to my taste buds. look forward to the next event. ciao Kevin

Special recognition to:

Best Aid Station - thank you Ron Adams and everyone who helped at Aid Station Adams
Worst Sweep - Jackson. 4 people somehow got behind the last guy!
Most Lost - tie between Catherine, Mary (I think?)
Best Wipeouts - Doug MacKay, who went down hard and rolled over twice
Running on all 4s - to Seven the wonder dog
Best potluck idea - tough call. Rich for the Iranian flat bread and chick pea curry? Wendy for the blackberry cheesecake? Toshimi for the authentic Japanese sushi? Patricia for an amazing arrangement of fresh fruit? Ann for her famous pot stickers? ? For the "hand hewn salsa"?
Best volunteer - Tie between Bill, Toshimi, Todd, Brett, Eagle...who came from Powell River.

Many thanks to you all for making this another successful nite run!

Event Hosts - Sibylle and Jackson