2002 - Year 1 - Capilano Midsummer Night Run




Home town

Finish Time


Bob Taylor


North Vancouver


Jay Watson


North Vancouver

3 Elena Grant group North Vancouver 1:33

Patrick Grant


North Vancouver


Sibylle Tinsel


North Vancouver


Cheryl Webb


North Vancouver


Pat Barry




Todd Carter


North Vancouver

9 Kim Parmetier & Tucker group North Vancouver 2:21
1 Steve Bazin comp North Vancouver 1:25
2 Patricia Jensen comp North Vancouver 1:34
3 Darren Lauscher comp Vancouver 1:34
4 Rich Rawling comp West Vancouver 1:34
5 Curb Ivanic comp Vancouver 1:34
6 Alex Watson comp North Vancouver 1:34
7 Jim Swadling comp North Vancouver 1:34
8 Ean Jackson comp North Vancouver 1:36
9 Mario Parmetier comp North Vancouver 1:36
10 Andy Nicol comp Vancouver 1:45
11 Ann Taylor comp North Vancouver 2:19
12 Michelle Fredette comp Vancouver 2:19
13 Matt Sessions comp Coquitlam 2:19
14 Paul Cubbon comp Squamish 2:19
15 Ron Adams comp North Vancouver 2:21
1 Cathy Adams crew North Vancouver  
2 Zohar crew Vancouver  
3 Donna Rodman crew North Vancouver  
4 Akiko crew Japan  
5 Michelle Medland crew North Vancouver  
6 Mike Medland crew North Vancouver  
7 Richard Moore crew Vancouver  
9 Eva crew West Vancouver  

24 starters, 24 finishers, 9 crew

Race Report

It was the perfect summer evening. Temperatures in the low 20's. Clear skies. An almost full moon. In all, 25 runners toed the line and 8 athletic supporters invested their Saturday evening helping make the inaugural run and festivities a success.

Sibylle led 9 runners on a civilized 90-minute group run. Jackson loosely directed the remaining 16 on a longer, more aggressive 90-minute competitive circuit. About 85% of the field completed the run of their choice within 10 minutes of the 90 minute objective.

Congratulations to Steve Bazin of North Vancouver for being the first to complete the competitive course. Steve, a long-time resident of Vancouver's north shore, leveraged his intimate knowledge of the trails and outstanding leg speed to beat out a strong field that included several former members of Canada's 100k run team as well as many of the leaders in the BC Ultra running series. Hoping to keep weight to a minimum, Steve didn't carry a flashlight until Aid Station Adams...a strategy that looked a bit iffy in the inky darkness of the Capilano Pacific Trail.

Congrats, as well, to the more balanced individuals who nonetheless stretched themselves beyond their comfort zone. For several, the group run was the longest run of their life and the first time they'd ever run with a headlamp or flashlight.

Some highlights of the evening:

  • Akiko, a visitor from Japan who had arrived in Canada only 6 hours earlier, announced the start, cheered the runners at the second Capilano River crossing, helped at the aid station and joined in the potluck. 'Wonder if she has a balanced view of Canada and Canadians?
  • Aid Station Adams. Cathy and the kids really outdid themselves. There was cheering. There were Christmas lights. There were secret tasks to complete. There were heaps of cookies, potato chips and special needs (cold beer)
  • Andy Nichol, BC's top ultrarunner of 2001 and current leader in the BC Ultra series, forgot his contact lenses and flashlight. Andy had a couple of bad falls, got lost and was lucky to make it home alive. He has vowed to make Jackson pay at the Walk in the Park 50K
  • Kim Parmeteer, whose husband roped her into the run at the last minute, got a bit lost between the fish hatchery and Aid Station Adams. She was home safe before the munchies and booze ran out
  • Some of the competitive runners got disoriented and skipped the MacKay Creek jungle section. Rumor has it that a woman was navigating. (You know who you are! =;-)
  • Ron Adams and his monster flashlight. Ron ran sweep and brought a couple of lost lambs home safely
  • our heros the crew members. Thanks Cathy, Donna, Akiko and Eva for all of your help
  • the post-race banquet. What a spread! There was sushi, spicy pot stickers, an amazing selection of dips, papadams and chutney, hot wraps, fresh blackberry pie. Thanks to everyone for going way overboard to insure a truly outstanding party. Too bad there weren't more leftovers.

Many thanks to everyone who participated for making this an enjoyable evening for all.

Sibylle and Jackson

Comments and Feedback

Lots of fun Saturday night. Thank you for the invite. A great group of people. Loved the trails and activities. I have never done something like that before. I am not very good with going around in circles with a bat! Patricia

- a truly great Saturday evening! i enjoyed surviving the run with only the minutest bit of cheating. eva enjoyed the chatting and wine. akiko was thrilled to be given starter's honours after only 6 hours on north american soil.
- Ean's shirt allowed him to be spotted even while hiding in blackberry brambles after sundown. Camouflage is recommended for next year
- The surgeon general has determined that mixing pale ale, potato chips, and chocolate chip cookies at an aid station is a health hazard.
- Finding the crux path at McKay Creek is clearly impossible! - rich

Great run Saturday, I felt pretty sore the next day. Michelle came in with the Ann, Ron, Kim, and Matthews group. I guess I am disqualified for running to many roads. I actually lost track of time, but I recall my watch saying 9:36pm either at the end or near the end of my run. Does that sound about right? Anyway, thanks to you and Sibylle for a good time. Andy

Thanks for hosting an unique evening of entertainment. I'm always looking for a reason to exercise and drink, your evening's venue offered the prefect opportunity. I was a little gun shy when I first heard about it, ultra runners, running at night (in the trails) and my lack of training/running over the last month. Still suffering from jetlag and obviously common senses, I thought this run would be a good way of getting back on track. The Capilano River sections were a little iffy only the curator could find his way through these trails. The Mackay Creek section was a challenge, I usually walk it with the kids during the daytime, but at night, I felt like I was going in circles. Nice choice of trails, very tricky The after party was great, cold beer and warm food, every man's dream. The different varieties of food was great everything tasted delicious. Special thanks to the aid station workers, I can still picture those cookies.
Thanks again for hosting a wonderfully unique evening. All the best Steve

Many thanks to you and Sibylle for a great time. How far we ran or where exactly we ran remains a mystery but I sure had fun. It was like being a kid again running around the neighborhood at night! And what a spread afterwards! I didn't realize you were having a "foods from around the world" theme but that's what it turned out. Look forward to your next fun run, but am I hearing you, "Mr. Rain, No Train" correctly? A run in blistery winter conditions?!? That I have to see. cheers curb