Mary Leliveld's Happy Trails Run - 2012

2012-07-28 Starter Photo - 5 Starters  + injured Doug

Report: A small crowd of 2 runners, 2 hikers, 1 cyclist and 1 injured warrior assembled at the start line to commemorate our friend Mary Leliveld.  The evening was pleasant for a gentle trail outing and 4 of the  participants finished the loop together chatting and having a good time.  Doug meanwhile guarded the house and the couch, being sidelined by a nasty calf tear.  

After the run we enjoyed a yummy potluck dinner.  Tally had prepared a lovely lasagne and blueberries, Sibylle brought a chick pea curry and Wendy's pumpkin pies and apple strudels rounded the meal out.  

Photos: Photos of this evening will be posted here after the event.  If you have photos please add them to the CFA Flickr group and tag with MaryLeliveldsHappyTrailRun MaryLeliveldsHappyTrailRun2012 ClubFatAssEvents  ClubFatAssEvents2012.  They will automatically appear in the slideshow below:

Participants List:

First Name Last Name Points
Doug  Keir 2+2
Tally Keir 2
Gord Keir 2
Ean Jackson 2
Wendy Montgomery 2
Sibylle Tinsel 1









* garbage points

** EH Points