Mary Leliveld's Happy Trails Run - 2011

Report: The 2011 "running" of Mary Leliveld's Happy Trails Run was a vast improvement on the meagre numbers that ventured out in 2010.  About 20 participants came out to sweat out either (and in some cases both!) a hike up to Lynn Peaks to see the memorial plaque for Mary or a causal run around some of Mary's favourite trails. My brother Andrew from Ottawa happened to be in town with his family so of course what better way to tire a twelve year old (James) out than a quick jaunt up a mountain! He is a natural runner and probably could have beat us all down Lynn Peak if we had let him...  Our arrival was timed perfectly as we all made it back home just before the run started at 4 - although we were forced to relax a little longer while we waited for one late straggler and his dog. The run was short and sweet (even shorter for yours truly who managed to cut his run short and blame an overheated dog for it) so we could all get back to the house to feast on all the delectable items brought for the potluck dinner.  Prizes were awarded for various achievements and an incredible version of the ABC song was rewarded with a lovely water bottle. Thanks to all who came out and we'll see you next year!

The evening is also a fundraiser for Mary Leliveld's Tri BC Bursary Fund and all single day membership fees in Club Fat Ass were donated to the fund.  The total donated this year, both from the single day memberships and additional cash donations was  $334.00.  Thanks to everybody who participated and contributed. Please remember that anybody can donate to the fund all year round.  Information about the fund is posted here.

Last year (2010) we awarded three athletes with $250 each: Connor Foreman (junior), Clarke Lindt and James Cook (age groupers).  2009 was Karen Forsman as only recipient.

Photos: Photos of this evening will be posted here after the event.  If you have photos please add them to the CFA Flickr group and tag with MaryLeliveldsHappyTrailRun MaryLeliveldsHappyTrailRun2011 ClubFatAssEvents  ClubFatAssEvents2011.  They will automatically appear in the slideshow below:

Participants List:

First Name Last Name Points
Owen Davis 1
Eric Derbez 2
KC Emerson 2
Ean Jackson 1+1*
Wendy Montgomery 2
Sibylle Tinsel 1
Kelly Wilcox 2
Catherine  Yoell 2
Elizabeth  Purkis 1
Doug  Keir 1+2**
Baldwin  Lee 1+1*
Paulq Burns 1
Gord Keir 1
Tally Keir 1
Kevin Harrison 1
Steve Deller 1
Andrew Keir 1
James Keir 1
Tim Keir 1
Tracy Keir 1























* garbage points
** EH Points



Ean Jackson's picture

If I were Mary

 I'd be thinking good thoughts about my friends right about now.  Thanks to all who participated and for keeping the bursary alive

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