2012 - Year 10 - Capilano Canyon Mardigras Night Run

Capilano Canyon Night Run Mardigras - 2012 Starter Photo

18 February  2012 - Starter Photo
   11 Starters -  11 Finishers
The 10th anniversary MardiGras version of the Capilano Canyon night run proved to be a test for the hard core of the Club.

It had rained all night.   On Saturday morning, it started to monsoon. Given the promise of liquid sunshine and near-freezing temperatures for the evening, my email InBox and voice mail was full with messages from folks who had second thoughts about toeing the line.  "Sorry, my plant died and I need to give it a decent burial," "My toenail is broken and I think I'd better let it recover" and similar excuses.  The rain had abated toward the end of the afternoon and it was looking like an ideal evening for a night run, but as I packed the car before setting off for the run start, the rain started to fall again.   I confess I was thinking up a good reason to bail, and secretly hoped nobody would show up.

It was inky dark when I arrived near the start.  The parking lot was full of soccer Moms and Dads and a game was going on under the floodlights.  Some of the spectators were jumping up and down and cheering... probably to stay warm.  The rest huddled under their umbrellas and looked as if they would rather be anywhere but where they were.  Craig appeared running through the mist in his yellow Club colors.  I got out of the car to greet him and was almost immediately drenched.  Much to my surprise, other Fat Asses arrived. I tried to think positive.  Mark reminded us that the website clearly states, "No whining", so we talked of other things.

Speeches were short, as everyone at the start was keen to get moving. Conroy announced he was going for the course record in the long course. Everyone else opted for the shorter route.  I thought about the hot tub and remembered that in my haste to pack a towel bathing suit, I didn't put fresh batteries in my headlamp.

It didn't take long to get warmed up and into a comfortable pace and a good conversation.  Most of the assembled multitude was relatively close in pace, so in front or behind, there were always lights bobbing around in the fog. Several participants were new to the night run, so we took the opportunity to shine our lights upward toward the rain and marvel at Grandpa Capilano (a massive Douglas Fir that was already big when Columbus set sail in 1492!) I shut my eyes.  The cool rain actually felt nice on my face. The first Conroy sighting was just after we said "Goodbye" to Grandpa Capilano. He was definitely running fast... but was he running the right way?

As we approached the big bridge over the TransCanada Highway, Eric and I passed a parked car with foggy windows.  I was tempted to shine my headlamp inside, but figured I'd cause 2 coronaries.  Imagine having your tender moment interrupted by some soaking wet guys wearing headlamps, one of whom appeared to be running barefoot?

Second Conroy sighting was near the fountain at Capilano Road and Ridgewood. 'Still running fast.  Definitely not the right way!

Back at the finish line, there was no messing-around on the part of the runners.  After signing out, we made a bee-line for the Harry Jerome rec
center where the hot tub was steaming.  As always with this event, the vibe of "teen night" at the pool was interrupted by the presence of a bunch of giddy adult runners.  Reagan used his skills of persuasion to get the pool staff to spark-up the slippery slide.  Apparently, the scream I let out inside the slide was heard across the street at the gala for the Vancouver International Mountain Film Festival.

By 10:00, everyone was ravenous, so we headed back to my place for a potluck extravaganza that included Mardi Gras cake, Chinese steam buns, BBQ chicken, Sibylle's award-winning chili and fresh-baked buns, Mark's homemade chocolate granola bars and many other delicacies.  While the great debate about conspiracies raged in the kitchen, a potential new Club event that involves running,
knitting and drinking wine was being discussed in the living room.   John generously brought a bottle of mescal for desert and poured 3-finger shots in large water glasses for all who dared to join him.  Thankfully, the gusanito remained safe in the bottom of the bottle.  Until next year?

A big "Congrats!" to everyone who braved the elements and "Thank you" to all who contributed to the pot luck.  Sibylle and I look forward to seeing you at the start line of the Midsummer Night Dream edition of the night run in August.
Your Event Co-Hosts
Sibylle and Jackson

Lost and Found.  If you are missing black track pants, please arrange pick-up at the Yellow Beacon.  Killaine, we've got your mardigras cake plate stored safely until knitting night ;-)

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First Name Last Name City Event Points Time
Bill Maurer North Vancouver 13km 2 1:24
Marc Schmitz North Vancouver 13km 2 1:24
Craig Moore North Vancouver 13km 2 1:25
Ean Jackson North Vancouver 13km 2+1* 1:27
Eric Rannaud Burnaby 13km 2 1:27
John Machray North Vancouver 13km 2 1:35
Reagan White Vancouver 13km 1+1** 1:35
North Vancouver 13km 2 1:35
Ryan Ó Maol Chonaire North Vancouver custom 2 1:40
Killaine Sharman North Vancouver custom 1 1:31
Sibylle Tinsel North Vancouver Custom 2+1* 0:40
Meredith  Cale Vancouver 0 -1 DNS
Rob Kay Vancouver 0 -1 DNS
Sean Lavin Vancouver 0 -1 DNS
Allison Tai Vancouver 0 -1 DNS
Jennifer Turner Vancouver 0 -1 DNS
Adam Way Vancouver 0 -1 DNS



























** Garbage Point

* Co-Event Host Points












*     Bonus Point for garbage collection
**   Event Host Point
*** membership status


mkuiack's picture

Hmm, any connection between

Hmm, any connection between the missing black track pants and the parked car with the fogged up windows?

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