Sweet Go Deep - 2013

3 November 2013 - 17 Starters

Event Report:    The 10th annual running of Sweet Go Deep started on several positive notes – an extra hour of sleep due to daylight savings time, a couple of first time Club Fat Ass participants, and finally, a gloriously sunny morning. 

16 starters started the party at 8:30am.   Nearly everyone took a stab at the 20km Go Home course and finished with times ranging from 2:26 to 3:32 - way to go!  One runner opted for the 14km Go Sweet distance this year - way to go to you as well!  Speaking of sweet, that’s what greeted those who stuck around for the post-run gathering at Honey Doughnuts, just a few steps from the start/finish. 

Two trail runner magazine subs went to the first timers, and, in Sweet Go Deep tradition, chocolate was won by those who correctly guessed answers to trivia questions about this event, upcoming events, and Club contests.   Finally, Jim Swadling won a chocolate bar on the merit of his impressive knee gash – may the sugar aid your recovery, Jim.

It was a pleasure playing host to such a group of friendly, positive people and I hope you got out of the day what you had hoped to.  I look forward to seeing each of you at upcoming events!  

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Photos and Video. If you have photos of the day please upload them to Flickr.com, add to the Club Fat Ass group and tag with SweetGoDeep2013 SweetGoDeep GoDeep ClubFatAssEvents  ClubFatAss ClubFatAssEvents2013.  They will automatically be added to a slideshow posted here.  



First Name Last Name Distance Time (h:mm) 2013 Point Series Notes
Marc Schmitz 20km 2:26 2 + 1*  
Eric Rannaud 20km 2:26 2  
Jason Cagampan 20km 2:32 2  
Jim Swadling 20km 2:32 2  
Carlie Smith 20km 2:32 2  
Bradley Roulston 20km 2:38 2  
Katie Longworth 20km 2:46 1  
Andy Healey 20km 2:50 2 + 1*  
Pamela Saunders 20km 2:50 2 + 1*  
Kate Montgomerie 20km 2:50 1 + 1*  
FrankieDocs Wimberley 20km 2:50.5 2  
Karen Shaw 20km 2:51 2  
Doris Leong 20km 2:52 2  
Rob Ruff 20km 3:13 2  
Catherine Hopkins 20km 3:32 1  
Ean Jackson 14km custom 1:35 2  
Reagan White 1km custom 0:20 2 + 2**  

*     garbage point
**   EH points
*** Membership status needs updating