Sweet Go Deep Results - 2011

12 November 2011 - 32 starters (25 pictured above)

Event Report:

The 8th annual Sweet Go Deep is complete and what a day it was.  27 starters assembled at Deep Cove for the 8:30 am start, plus 5 more started earlier or later for the largest turnout in this event's history.  And to think it could have been 33 if only we had convinced an eager Sue that we were the "Lemmings", but alas the real Lemmings hollered from the far side of the parking so she escaped while she could.  Turns out, Fat Asses and Lemmings both spurn hibernation through the colder months.

At 8:30 under a dry sky we were off!   As we climbed the Baden Powell above Deep Cove, rain drops started slipping through the forest canopy.  Up Old Buck the rain became sleet.   At the apex near Vancouver picnic area it was snowing. 

After climbing, the descent refreshed and at Mushroom Parking lot we got to choose our own adventure; roughly half leaped left for the cruising 14km Go Sweet course, while the rest ran right to Mystery Falls, Dirty Diapers, and Ned's for the extended challenge of the 20km course.   By now, the steady rain and riverlike trails were an extra challenge for all.

The course record withstood a spirited challenge from Ran Katzman and Mike Palichuk who tore around the long course in 2hrs 12 min, a mere six minutes off the best ever.  The dynamic duo were so fast they finished their tasty refreshment at Honey Doughnuts before the rest of us could say Indian Arm Road.  Patricia Jensen led the 14km Go Sweet runners in 1hr 51 min.  12 runners stuck around for the extended recap at Honey D's, swapped war stories (James Clarke tweaked an ankle on Ned's, Lysanne travelled all the way from Victoria and identified some poisonous mushrooms, Baldwin started a little late but ended up the muddiest), and everyone went home with some sort of goodie - from Trail Runner subs to gourmet chocolate and beer, there was even a shirt and a toque!

Thanks for signing up, showing up, and making it easy and fun to be your host.  Please join us again next year!


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Photos and Video.  More coming soon.

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    Distance Time (h:mm) 2011 Point Series Notes
Pamela Keck 30km custom 4:45 2  
Dana Samis 30km custom 4:45 2  
Ran Katzman 20km 2:12 2  
Mike Palichuk 20km 2:12 2  
Desmond Mott 20km 2:36 2 + 1*  
Bill Dagg 20km 2:43 1  
Spencer Sheinin 20km 2:45 2  
Katie Longworth 20km 2:46 1  
Bill Maurer 20km 2:46 2 + 1*  
James Clarke 20km 2:57 1  
Mark Feng 20km 3:05 2  
Paul Martin 20km 3:05 2  
Todd Kennedy 20km 3:05 2  
Deavah Yerxa 20km 3:05 2  
Jessica Glowacki 16km custom 2:43 1  
Mike Kuiack 16km custom 3:00 1  
Patricia Jensen 14km 1:51 1  
Carolyn King 14km 2:20 1  
Neil Ambrose 14km 2:20 1  
Baldwin Lee 14km 2:20 2  
Rob Kay 14km 2:22 2  
Lara Spence 14km 2:22 1  
Josee Houle 14km 2:22 2  
Kim Taylor 14km 2:22 2  
Reagan White 14km 2:36 2 + 1* + 2**  
Jess Dagg 10km custom 1:54 1  
Jackie Montgomery 10km custom 1:54 1  
Jay Jardine custom   2 + 1*  
Lysanne Lavigne custom   1  
Gabi Kwan     1 + 1*  
Ean Jackson custom   2 + 1*  
Sibylle Tinsel custom   2 + 1*  
Eric Rannaud DNS      
Karl Jensen DNS      
Helen Tilley DNS      
Bob McCormick DNS      

* garbage point
** EH points



teagirl's picture

thanks Reagan!

It was cold & wet but I think I had my best 20km trail run ever - I was feeling so good I switched from doing 14k to doing the 20, and I felt great the whole time! Lysanne's knee was giving her a bit of trouble so she went back down to pick mushrooms with Ean, & I had a nice time running with a new-to-us (but not new to North Shore trails) member, Spencer. It's always good to have someone nearby when you're slogging up the gosh-darn Seymour Grind :)

Thanks for a fun run - we got some extra doughnuts to go, I'm still full...


reaganwhite's picture

Way to go!  Cool that you

Way to go!  Cool that you switched from doing 14k to doing the 20k based on how well you were running - where were you when you made that choice?

Ean Jackson's picture

Fantastic Run, Reagan!

Had a blast running to Seymour Parkway with lots of opportunity to exercise my lungs (e.g. yak) with several fellow runners.  Disappointed to have to turn around, but promised my honey I'd be back in an hour.  Lollygagged a bit on the way back with Lysanne looking for mushrooms.  Late, of course, but found some delicious boletes right near the end of the trail.  Lysanne got the mushrooms, I got a chocolate donut... everybody wins!  cool

reaganwhite's picture

hawaiian shirt in the mist, was that a ninja?

Hahah Jackson - I did not recognize you at all until you said my name, that after I saw you from afar and getting closer jogged no further recognition.  I thought who is that character in that odd shirt wandering off the trail, and it looks like he's with a ninja.  The ninja of course turned out to be Lysanne dressed in head-to-toe black.

neil ambrose's picture


Saw you Lollygagging over the mushrooms as we worked our way up the hill! On a Team Dodgy outing you would have been called on it and left behind!

Great outing - Thanks Reagan for hosting - you did great!


Thanks for the run today. It was fun but darn was it ever wet and cold! Dana, Todd and I did a little pre-event run up to the lookout rock and joined up with the group half way back to the start. Todd did the 20k+ and probably signed out properly. Dana and I added a bit more and did a custom 30k+ in about 4:45hrs.



Sibylle's picture

Hi Reagan, Thanks for hosting

Hi Reagan, Thanks for hosting today.  Gabi Kwan and I walked/ran to the Powerline and back.  Took us somewhere around 1 hour.   Loved being on the trails, with all the yellow maple leafs brightening up the morning.  We stayed dry until just before getting back into deep Cove, but missed the heavy downpour and hail altogether. We both picked up garbage (empty beer can for me and a big piece of metal for Gabi)  Need to come back with a garbage bag as there was so much junk beside the trail - quite unusual for our North Shore trails.


reaganwhite's picture

dirty trails, eh?

in contrast, i was admiring the near garbage-free trails of the 14km course.  I was "lucky" to find only a gel wrapper and lift ticket stub.

Sibylle's picture

Yes, as soon as you are past

Yes, as soon as you are past the Powerline, there is no garbage. Sad though!  Most of the stuff I noticed looked like party left overs like beer cans, whiskey bottles and junk food packaging.  You are right, finding garbabe on our trails is usually a challenge.


It was great to get out in the mud, rain, and snow today!  Thank you for organizing this run.  Running in the trails  on the North Shore is great.... regardless of the season!


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