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28 Jul 2007 07:00

Chris Benn and I are heading up to Garibaldi park to run the rubble creek course this Saturday, July 28. Starting at Cheakamus lake up and over Garibaldi park and then down to rubble creek trail head, with maybe a side trip to panorama ridge .The regular route which is about 25km or so should take us about 3 to 3;30 hrs, not sure how much longer the ridge will be. If your capable of running in or around those times and want to run one of the most scenic runs around, let me know. Flowers should be at their peak. We will need to do some car shuffling and I'am hoping for a early start ,plan on LEAVING  the church at the top of Taylor Way by the upper levels at 7 am.       des 


Garibaldi trail run

  Four of us turned up to do the run. Chris ,John, Angus and myself. As Gary said the flowers were few and far between, though they were there,as was the snow. We were going at a pretty easy pace with time to take photos and take in the scenery.The sun was  shining as we left the trail head  just after nine. It took us about 75 minutes or so to get to helm creek campground ,where there was one lonely tent hidden well in the trees. Our hopes for a sunny day were dashed when we finally got into the open ,clouds had come in and just low enough to cover most of the peaks.Helm creek was flowing pretty good , it was a little tricky picking your way across the rocks ,trying to keep your feet dry . But I did manage. I like my feet dry,the other 3 couldn't be bothered and went straight in .We started passing hikers as we got to taylor meadows . We then blasted down the switchbacks, with a little help from a swarm of wasps to make us go a tad quicker.We finished in 3:14  smack in the middle of our estimated time. We then headed back to get the other car and then to the Squamish brew pub for a few beers and some  food. The weather wasn't great but not too bad . I'am hoping to try this again sometime in the fall.

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Hi Des,How was the Rubble

Hi Des,

How was the Rubble Creek Run?  Would be nice to read about it.  The turtlepacers were wondering how long it would take you guys (since it took us the better part of the day to reach Taylor Meadows - albeit with heavy packs)

You can use either the "story" or "blog" function to post something. Hope all went well.  Visibility was poor on Cypress for my little run.  
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Rubble Creek Trail Run

Hey guys, I just ran this route last week...umm, you'll only find flowers if you bring a shovel for the snow!
It is beautiful up there and there will be almost two weeks of sunshine...oh wait, rain, on top of what we had, but the upper meadows were buried pretty good.

There are a few pics on my flickr account, http://www.flickr.com/photos/garobbins/page7/
of what we had last week.

Have fun up there!


Stormy Night Run - July 28

If you decide to change your plans, don't forget about the Stormy 25 mile night run that starts at 7:00 p.m. in Squamish.

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We did this as a hike last September (or maybe it was even October) and the wildflowers were magnificent and in full bloom.  In any case, even without flowers the landscape there is out of this world.

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