2012 - Year 8 - Full Monty

ReportI remember saying to Alan last year when three of us slogged it out in a torrential downpour, that if I had to run the Full Monty solo, that I would run it naked...Well, I lied!Mind you by the three quarter way point I hadn't seen a soul, then my possible streak was broken by a young couple of hikers with four dogs.

I am not really dissapointed, I just think that until a bridge is built between our two running communities, there will be little interaction.

I am quite prepared to host this event, and look forward to seeing the number swell back into double digits!

Until then I live in hope...


Photos should be uploaded to Flickr, added to the CFA Flickr group and tagged with FullMonty2012 FullMonty ClubFatAssEvents ClubFatAssEvents2012.  They will automatically appear in a slideshow linked below after the event.  If you need help please refer to http://www.clubfatass.com/help/general#include_photos and the Flickr help pages.

Post Event Survey. Please give us your feedback via this brief survey: http://www.clubfatass.com/events/FullMonty/posteventsurvey

Results:  I was finished in 3:31h for the 25K.