Fluffy Bunny 2012 - Results

16 June 2012

Report:  It was wet and mild today at Buntzen Lake. Three of us showed up to brave the pouring rain and mild temperatures. It was Cindy's first CFA event and Liza hitched a ride out there with me to Fluff the Bunny. We all ran the 15 km Lake View Course together and saw quite a few other runners and hikers ... for a pouring wet day. There were a small number of fishermen out there as well. We all agreed it's a great course to run considering the distance, terrain, and that you can knock yourself out on the hills if you like or take it easy and enjoy the various lake views along the way.

Your CFA Event Host,
Craig Moore

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First Name Last Name Event Points Time
cindy ethier 15km 2+1* 02:01
Liza Flemming 15km 2+1* 02:01
Craig Moore 15km 2+1*+1** 02:01
Tracey Taylor 9.5km -1 n/a












* garbage point

** event host points


jessdagg's picture

thanks for taking over!

Love that Lakeview trail :-)



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