Flash - Vancouver Christmas Fat Ass 50 K

21 Dec 2008 09:00
21 Dec 2008 16:00
Vancouver, BC Canada
What: A run on the traditional Vancouver New Year's Day Fat Ass 50 course



  • you are training for the VNYDFA50K
  • you procrastinated too long and didn't get into the VNYDFA50K
  • you want to get an early start to losing some of all that weight you're going to put on over the holidays
  • you signed up for a spring 100 miler and you need to get in some miles

Who: You

Where: Meet at the Brockton Oval track in Stanley Park, Vancouver, BC.

When: Sunday, December 21, 2008 at 09:00

Route: The Vancouver Christmas Fat Ass 50 K will follow the Vancouver New Year's Day Fat Ass 50 course: http://www.clubfatass.com/events/VancouverNewYear/course

Aid: Be prepared to be self sufficient. There should be lots of water along the course, unless it's turned off due to freezing weather. The concession stands in Stanley Park and along Spanish Banks will probably be open in the afternoon, so bring some cash. We may have aid stations at Spanish Banks and at the Camosun St & SW Marine Drive turn around point, but don't bet your race on it.

Entry: Please register for free here.  There is no fee and you don't need to be a member of Club Fat Ass to participate in a Flash event, however whining is not allowed. You are responsible for your own well being and safety and should be self sufficient.

Please read the Release of All Claims. By participating in this event you agree to the terms of the Release of All Claims.

Contacts: Gilles Barbeau and Karl Jensen


Snow expedition

It was an exceptional day in Vancouver and not too many fools were up for a 50k run but there was a few and it made for an enjoyable experience. But most definitively a fool you had to be to think you could run 50k in such weather.

Conditions as you might expect were difficult and deteriorating by the hour. It sure made a hell of a workout. Here are the results:

Chad Hyson      50k 6:57

Kirsten Ramage 50k  7:15

Arthur Gee        50k  7:15

Gilles Barbeau    50k 7:25

kcongra's picture


You guys are amazing, I'm in awe. Congratulations, one and all!


Great job all of you. Looking at the conditions on the North Shore I didn't think anyone would be completing the entire 50K FA course. At 8 AM I was faced with 1/2 an hour of shovelling to get the van onto the snow covered street. While I have to confess to being a Fool I deny being stupid. So, I went back to bed to finish my coffee and read the weekend newspapers. Shortly after 10 AM I went for a 2h 43m run on the North Shore trails. Very pretty, but very much like running on dry sand at the beach, except for the snow and cold of course. The highlight of the run was meeting Silvie Jorger near Rice Lake. She was on a training run in preparation for an upcoming marathon. We had a very pleasant visit while running the Varley Trail loop at Lynn Headwaters. Congratulatons again to the four who braved the very difficult conditions and completed the Christmas FA 50K.

More results from Kamloops

Lori Alexander 54k 10:00

Barry Hopkins  54k 10:00

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Holy moly...you guys are

Holy moly...you guys are amazing.  I noticed Arthur doesn't have a time yet...please don't tell me he is still running out there?

Congrats to the snowy Fools.
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In... On Foot

Given the weather forecast I'll likely start early from my place and be at SP in time to meet up with any other fools who show up.  Gotta love this crazy weather.
firstbase4's picture

Hi everyone

Hi from a newbie everyone.Cool Anyway I was thinking about joining as well but have no ride there or place to put all my stuff. I will have to bus there all the way from Kelowna....
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Hi Firstbase,

There are showers/changerooms at the start, but one needs to purchase a keycard form the Parkboard to get in.  Not sure if there are lockers in the changeroom...

For our New Years Day Run (same course) we will have the key and there should be plenty of cars as well to keep gear in. 

Gear storage


I'm vaguely thinking about doing this but have no car. Is there any locker storage around for gear?



I don't think so.

Normally there would be a few of us with our car there that you could use but with the weather forecast, not only I might be the only sucker to show up but I'll probably get there on foot.
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Weather Forecast

Hi Fools,

Please keep us in the loop with regards to changing plans because of possible adverse weather.

I had planned to come out for a stretch, but I don't drive when it's snowing...

Just came back from a loop that usually takes me about 1:10. With the conditions it took me 15min longer...Now, let me figure out how that translates to my time for the VNYDFA50...yikes

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Shower Key and "The Brick"

I have an electronic key to the showers at Brocton Oval you are welcome to use. 

One of my resolutions for 2009 is to do at least one *complete* Fools run. (Emphasis on complete, if not clearly stated.)

Foot in mouth

Given that I already signed up for Daniel's Galbraith Mountain Run the day before the Christmas FA50, doubt I'll accomplish that 2009 resolution before the end of 2008.  I will, however, commit to at least doing to Burrard Bridge with you fools if one or more of you join me for Galbraith and we make it a brick. The zinger is that I have no idea how far Daniel proposes to drag our sorry asses around Galbraith (somewhere between 15-miles and 50K according to his website.)

Anyone up to the challenge?


And I told Daniel to make it a 50k.
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Hope there's a bail-out point

'Cause I was planing to do 25K and spend the rest of the afternoon drinking that fine dark nector and eating tamales at the Mexican place.

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