Flash - Tumbler Ridge Waterfall Run

1 Aug 2012 06:00
1 Aug 2012 23:59
Tumbler Ridge, BC Canada

What: An adventure run in a beautiful corner of BC. 

Why: Because it's there.

Who: Anyone who can run all day and all night who might be interested in establishing a new world speed record.

Background: Tumbler Ridge is a small town in northern BC with a big heart for trail runners and lots of some very exceptional terrain.  In 2010, the town welcomed ~700 trail runners for the Emperor's Challenge.  Also in 2010, a pair of local trail runners (Daniel Helm and Nick Maclean) did something very cool.  Their accomplishment is nicely summarized in this video.

The Challenge:  Run Daniel and Nick's route non-stop.


Over 3 days, Nick and Daniel ran and biked 110 kilometers.  Their route took them by 42 sizable and one mini (2/10) waterfall.  Given the 42.2 waterfalls, they called their adventure the Waterfall Marathon.  How cool is that!

I figure it should be possible to run Nick and Dan's route non-stop.  Even if it proves impossible, it would be a blast to try as an alternative to, or perhaps training for a 100-mile trail run.  It would also make for an awesome road trip. 

We could try and duplicate their route exactly, refine it to bag the same waterfalls more efficiently, expand it to bag more waterfalls and maybe a few peaks.  All up in the air.

The last time I tried something like this, my 3 pals and I had quite the adventure.  It took us 2 years, a lot of discomfort, blood, sweat and tender moments to knock-off.  We have memories that will last a lifetime.  That adventure was documented as a movie.  Our success was mostly due to the help we received from the local community.

If we were to attempt this stunt, I feel we would get the support of the Tumbler Ridge community.  (I've been in touch with Daniel and his Dad, Charles, who is the author of Exploring Tumbler Ridge and knows the trails very well.)  I throw this challenge out not as an organized CFA Flash event with a specific date, route and agenda, rather as bait to see who might be interested.

If interested, please add a comment and any questions or thoughts you have. 

More Background:

Entry: There is no fee and you don't need to be a member of Club Fat Ass to participate in a Flash event, however whining is not allowed. You are responsible for your own well being and safety and should be self sufficient.

Please read the Release of All Claims. By participating in this event you agree to its terms.


Ean Jackson's picture

No Go in 2012

Hey Ken, Rose,

I proposed this as a bit of a lightning rod to see who is crazy enough to want to participate in such folly.  

As it turns out, there's no way I'm in shape to pull it off as a participant this year.  Given that I'm not from the 'hood and time is running out, I can't step-in and organize in any practical way.  (IMHO, it will take a fair bit of logistical work and involvement of you and your club, Rose.)

So... let's use the upcoming year to plan something great for 2013!


I'm interested!

Hi Ean,

I'm game. I was considering the Full Moon Frenzy but I just got invited to a wedding that weekend. i need to crank up my training this year as I've signed up for the Run Rabbit Run 100 mile in Colorado mid-September.




Tumbler Ridge

As a runner, I am very grateful to live in Tumbler Ridge, the area is spectacular and our small running community supports each other enthusiastically. Our trails and hills are bar none - the best. I am definately interested.

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