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7 Jul 2007 07:30
8 Jul 2007 07:30

    * Two back-to-back trail running days from Hell on the STORMY 50/100-mile course
    * most 100-mile runners will agree that bricks (back-to-back long runs) build character and stamina.  This little jog in the woods ought to do that
    * run one day or run both.  Up to you.


    * Anyone who is planning to run the STORMY 50-mile or 100-mile race in 2007 or otherwise.  Great familiarization run and perfect timing at 6 weeks before the big event
    * Anyone interested in a good training run (or 2) on nice trails in a beautiful part of the world


    * Saturday 7 July - Day One - 36K - run the STORMY course from the start (Brennan Community Center) to the University
    * Sunday 8 July - Day Two - 44K - run the STORMY course from the University to the finish (Brennan Community Center)


    * bring whatever food and water you need


    * if you live in or around Vancouver, best carpool.  Recommend meeting at my place in North Vancouver (just off Hwy #1 at Westview) at 6:45.  Out of courtesy to those who  drive direct and might be kept waiting, the 5-minute rule applies.
    * pace groups will be determined based on the number and ability of those who show up at the start. Be prepared to run on your own.
    * CFA Flash Events are open to members and non-members alike.  No registration is required.
    * Please read the  Release of All Claims. By participating in this non-event you agree to the terms of the Release of All Claims .

Contacts:  Ean Jackson


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Stormy Brick - Sunday Results

It was a perfect day for a trail run!  It was warm, but not hot and the sun was behind clouds until the end.  There was a small, tight group and the pace was right on.  We ended up parking at the University and running the course to the Powerhouse Plunge, then 9-mile Hill, the Ring Creek Rip and Plunge, and back to the cars.  (We cut off the Crumpet Woods section.)  Total time:  just under 5 hours.

Rachel Nelson
Imre Sorban
Ron Adams
Derreck Johnstone
Ryan Conroy
Ean Jackson

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Stormy Brick - Saturday Results

Seven starters, 8 finishers!

Wendy Montgommery
Curb Ivanic
Bill Dagg
Scott Corsie
Tim Weins
Maureen Weins
Ean Jackson

Ran the STORMY course from the start at Brennan Park to just south of Quest University.  Dave ran even further and we finished at roughly the same time and place.  The day was perfect, the course dry and views outstanding. 


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Ride on Sunday

If anyone in the faster group needs a ride up on Sunday from Vancouver or North Van/West Van let me know, I won't be able to stick around too long after though I have to work at night.




I will join the group on both days, but may have to cut out early on Saturday as I am helping with the Squamish Triathlon.  See you at Brennan Park!




PS: Please bring your STORMY map as I will not be adding any extra trail markings beforehand.   A description of the 9-mile hill section is posted on the route description of the CFA "Beyond 9 Mile" event page.


I will be running on Saturday with someone who is a 4 hour marathoner, so if  this pace is to your liking, please come out and join us.


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My Fat Ass is grass...

if I'm not home by 1:00 on Saturday!  May have to cut the course a bit short.  Bill, if it's you and me on Sat, I'll come pick you up.  

Sunday, slow brick

Woo... sounds like fun.

I think I'll head up for the Sunday version.  I can give a lift from North Van (Seymour Pkwy) if anyone needs it.  I might be the last one on the course however!

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Ride for Saturday?

I'm in for Saturday if I can get a lift from the West End.  Anyone else from my way going?

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