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15 Sep 2007 06:30
15 Sep 2007 16:00


  • ~52K run along Blowdown Pass Traverse through the Stein Valley wilderness. Ridgeline or valley route TBD based on weather on morning of the run
  • car pooling from North Vancouver early Friday afternoon. Camp at Blowdown Lake forest service (primitive) campground and party under the stars on Friday night
  • group run. One to 3 groups based on ability:
    • fast - must have a sub-7 hour KneeKnacker time or 50K trail run equivalent. (So far, there are 5 in this group.)
    • medium - 7-9 hour KneeKnacker finish or equivalent. (So far, there is nobody in this group.)
    • crew - anyone welcome. Out and back run/hike from Lytton with option of camping at Blowdown Lake on Friday night. (So far, there are 3 people in this group.)
  • rain date the following weekend (21-22 September)
Gear needed:
  • plenty of trail chow and fluids
  • camping gear
  • good running pack with at 2+ liters of water
  • satellite phone?
  • FRS radios
  • first aid kit (1 per group)
  • bear bangers. This is grizzly territory and dem bears like city folk!
  • space blanket, gloves, toque. headlamp
  • bivvy bag
  • knife, compass, GPS

At this point, this is an idea hatched by Curb Ivanic and Ean Jackson. Neither Curb nor Jackson are familiar with the route. We'd like to speak to anyone who has hiked or run the route. (I think Kevin Valley has run it, so doubt there are first bagger bragging rights up for grabs.)

If you are interested or have information that might be helpful, please leave a comment. We aim to update this as we get closer to departure time.

We are particularly interested in knowing the condition of the road into Blowdown Lake campground. Is it passable with a city car?

There is no fee and you don't need to be a member of Club Fat Ass to participate in a Flash event, however whining is not allowed. You are responsible for your own well being and safety and should be self sufficient.

Please read the Release of All Claims. By participating in this event you agree to the terms of the Release of All Claims.


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Stein Valley Adventure Run - Highlights

We conquered the Stein!

A cool adventure was had by one and all. Thanks to all of you who have flooded my InBox and called today for an update!

We have some spectacular photos to come and an adventure story that ranks right up there with some of the biggest adventures Colin, Geoff, Desmond, Bill or I have ever had. Hopefully, each of us will contribute a perspective... but be forewarned, some of what goes on the trail, stays on the trail. =;-)

Some highlights:

- we were on the roof of the world and saw many breath taking sights
- the weather was exceptionally good
- we will lay claim to being the first runners to ever conquer the ridge route from Blowdown Pass to the junction of Cottonwood Creek and the Stein River. (Boys, maybe one of you can confirm the distance and time? I think it took us 10.5 hours and we covered about 25K.)
- the first group arrived at the Lytton trail head at 01:30 on Sunday morning. The second group arrived around 10:00
- we all got scraped up from sharp rocks, blowdown, etc. and Colin could probably have taken a few stitches, but glued his wounds back togehter on the trail. I think everyone got at least a couple of blisters
- we survived bush parties at both the start and finish.  Best to bring wood if you want a campfire
- both trucks made it to the Blowdown Pass trailhead and back again with a few pushes and no noticable damage. I wouldn't take my Subaru Forrester there.
- it gets dark early in the Stein at this time of year
- there are a lot of bears in the Stein, but we didn't "run" into any
- space blankets are useful things to have
- we won't do La Haute Route (the high trail that is not a trail along the ridge line of the Cottonwood Creek watershead). The record is 10.5 hours. Go beat it.

More to follow in a few days. We will post photos on the CFA Flickr group.


Congratulations guys!!! I'm choked not to have been able to go; it looks like it was an awesome adventure even if you weren't exactly able to "run" the entire thing. But that's one of the exciting things about adventure runs. You don't always know what you're in for until you actually do it. Knowing now what you guys went through, I made the correct call by not going. Great photos...I can't believe the weather you had. Good on ya! Curb
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Everybody accounted for

The boys just called. Everybody is accounted for and fine...they are almost back in Vancouver. "The Wife's" are a bit flabberghasted about the story they were told...but I'll let the guys recall their adventure once they recovered!
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No News is Good News - right?

No news from the runners or Tom since last night.  Kirsten (Colin's wife) and I a starting to wonder if we should start to worry.

Different scenarios why we haven't heard a beep...
  1. They made it out late last night and didn't call because of the time.  Then they tried to call this morning and I was on the phone with various people who are wondering what's going on and family calling to congratulate my daughter to her b-day.  Now they are on a dirt road back to the Duffy Lake road and don't have cell coverage. Doesn't explain why they are not using the sat phone (unless of course they called and my line was busy...see above)
  2. The ferry over the Fraser isn't running, and Tom is on the wrong side of the river (does not explain why he hasn't called me)
  3. They didn't make it out last night, hunkered down on the trail and now are still running....Tom is waiting at the Lytton trail head and does not have cell coverage.  He does not want to leave his post to call because he doesn't want to miss the runners coming in.  This does not explain why the runners are not using the sat phone to call me.
  4. Something more sinister has happened.  The've been all eaten by a Grizzly or cougar. Or not all of them have been eaten by a grizzly or cougar, but the sat phone has been devoured...
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Cottonwood Creek Reached

Just got a call from Tom and in turn called all the "waiting wifes" ;-)

The runners are all in good spirits and feeling well. They have arrived at Cottonwood Creek.  The alpine traverse took much longer than they anticipated and the ETA at the Lytton trailhead is around 21:00.  That's the official story...

My take is that from Cottonwood Creek to the trailhead they have to cover about 30km.  They are loosing light fast and are getting tired (apparently, they are roaring to finally run after lots of tough trail finding sections in the alpine).  I am hoping they be out by 21:00, but doubt it. Kirsten, Colin's wife, seems to have a hunch that Colin might not be back home tonight.

Tom, the good soul, has been waiting in Cache Creek all day, as there is no cell coverage in Lytton.  The runners are carrying a satellite phone, headlamps and emergency gear.  I trust they will be fine.

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The Boys are Off!

The 5 runners and 2 crew for the Stein Valley Run left North Vancouver this afternoon at 13:30.  I just talked to Tom and Ean. They were heading up the Duffy Lake Road.  Hope they get camp set up before it's pitch black...I suspect the got delayed over a brew or two at the Pony (or whatever that quaint pub/restaurant in Pemberton is called). 

Given the great weather and a good forecast for tomorrow the runners decided to take the more challenging alpine route.  In on the fun are Colin Freeland, Geoff Palmer, Bill Dagg, Des Mott, Ean Jackson.  Des, friend Pat and our friend, Tom Mills (of Sunshine Coast Run crew fame!) have been kind enough to offer their vehicles, time and support for the weekend.

Unfortunately, I am still at home.  The car is packed and we were all ready to go this morning, all but my daughter, who fell sick with a nasty stomach bug.  She hasn't moved off the couch all day. Earlier I was still hopeful to be able to get to Lytton tomorrow morning, but as it stands now, I am having doubts that will happen :-(


i'm not going to do the trip since taking friday off will not be possible. instead, i will probably do the howe sound crest trail towards month end.
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Travel to and From

It has been a bear (can I use that word if we're planning a run right through the heart of grizzly territory?) to organize this.  Tough to get away in the early afternoon on a Friday. Tough to get to the trail head.  Tough run.  Tough to get from the finish back home.  But the weather this weekend is ideal, so it's a go.  Sorry to hear you can't make it.  We'll share our photos and adventure results with you next week.
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Thanks for letting us know,

Thanks for letting us know, mspagnut.  Hope the weather will be nice for the Howe Sound Crest run.

I'm out too - Group 2 - Len Soet

Hey Rob and guys, I'm planning on doing the Great Lake Walk and Ultramarathon around Cowichan Lake this weekend. Some friends from work are doing it and I thought that I would join them. I'm still interested in doing the Stein Valley trip some time, maybe next year. Maybe I'll organize something for us slower folks from group 2. Thanks Curb for getting the wheels going and hope you all have a great and successful trip this weekend.



car pool

is anyone able to fit me into a car pool for rides on this run? i'll be coming in from victoria on friday and will, if possible, leave my car on the island rather than driving over to vancouver. we can meet up @ park royal or londsdale quay. cheers.
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Final Roll Call

Several of the confirmed crew got together for a pint just after the Mountain Highway Madness today. There exists the possibility of two groups starting this epic next weekend. Anyone is welcome to join us for the bush party, but regrets that Group #1 is full. I'd like to suggest that anyone out there in cyberspace who is interested, identify themselves here so we can take care of details offline.

Group #1

- Curb Ivanic (may be out due to appendicitis!)
- Bill Dagg
- Geoff Palmer
- Desmond Mott
- Wade Repta
- Tracy Garneau
- Colin Freeland
- Ean Jackson
- Tom Mills (crew)

Group #2

- Ben?
- Rob Clark?
- Len Soet
- mspagnut?
- other?
Note: how this group gets to the start and from the finish to home needs to be determined within the group

Group #1 will make the go/no go call on Thursday evening based on weather and aims to leave my place in North Vancouver at 15:00 on Friday. Given the construction on the Sea-to-Sky highway and an obligatory beer stop in Pemberton, our ETA at the Blowdown Creek exit is around 17:00. Our aim is to camp at Blowdown Lake and leave camp at roughly 7:00 am on Saturday. The decision as to whether we take the alpine or valley route will be made by the campfire.

Any Other Slow Pokes Out There?

I'm still interested in this trip, but it's hard to see a way to make it work. No one else appears to be available for Group 2. I've tried several friends and relatives, without success. Group 1 is apparently full, but even if it wasn't, I doubt very much that I could travel as fast as your slowest member. My 4Runner is still available and has room for four other passengers. I can leave any time on Friday and return any time on Saturday. I wondered about camping with Group 1 and departing earlier than them with a headlamp on Saturday, knowing that they would pass me on the way. The alpine route sounds more attractive than the valley route, but I would not take it because it involves more elevation gain and there is a greater chance of getting off route. If Group 1 took the Alpine Route and I didn't, that would give me a little time advantage. Travelling alone is somewhat risky though, due to bears (my son almost tripped over a bear cub when he ran around a corner in the Lower Stein a few years ago), injury, or sickness. Would anyone like to join me at the last minute, or does anyone have any other creative suggestions? Rob Clark W: 604-535-8739 H: 604-535-8639
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Hi Rob, I hope you'll find a

Hi Rob, I hope you'll find a partner in crime. Not sure what to suggest...I hope to see you at the Lytton end. My daughter was sick last night, so at this point I am not even sure if I am going to be able to make it there.  The car is packed and I am ready to go...have to see how the little one is when she gets up.

I'm Out

I talked with Colin yesterday and decided to bow out. However, I would love to do the trip next year if Len Soet or any others are interested. I might be able to get a couple of my sons to join us, or perhaps the famous Tim Wiens.

I'm out

Seems like it's not my year for epic runs. After my appendectomy Saturday night I'm going to have to pull out of the run on doctor's recommendations. Have a great time; I look forward to seeing the pics and hearing all about it. cheers, Curb

Group 2- Ben's out

After discussing with folks at the Grill, I think I lack the experience.  I better go with shorter distance run in the future.  So I am out this time.  Ben

Planning Meeting

Hi Curb I'am planning on running the fatass event on sunday. We could meet up after that at the pub. If that dosen't work mon.or tues. evening any place would be fine I'am easy .We could meet at my place here in N. van if you like. We really need to get this all sorted out as it is getting close to the run. There are still alot of details to work out ,such as transport ,when we leave, who is actually running ,etc. Also I 'am not sure if everyone who expressed intrest is getting these updates if they haven't posted a comment, such as Bill , Chris and Geoff. I'll try and phone some of these people .So all who are intrested in running or helping with transport please speak up des

driver & crew

One of my friends is willing to drive us up and meet us at the other end. He's hiked the Stein numerous times so good to have him onboard. He has 2 two-man tents and 3 sleeping bags. I think he'd also be up for a run in from the end to meet us. BTW..he has an Xterra so no problem about the roads. Could comfortably fit 3 passengers and gear. 4 passengers would get a little tight. C

Stein Valley Run

By the way, Blowdown Creek road conditions and directions are summarized and periodically updated at the bivouac.com website at: http://www.bivouac.com/RoadPg.asp?RoadId=1254 (I don't know if you have to be a paid subscriber to see this particular screen.)

Stein Valley Run

I'm still interested in this project. I roughly estimate my time at 9 hours, which would definitely put me in the slower of the two groups. Has anyone else come forward yet to be in this group? I see Len Soet expressed some interest awhile ago. I know him slightly from the Alpine Club and would be pleased to run with him if he plans to participate and do a slow run. If I do join in, I would have room for up to 4 passengers in my 4Runner. Will the run be postponed if the weather is poor?

Stein Valley

Hi Rob Your 9 hr estimate isn't much slower that ours of 8 to 8.5. None of us have run the trail before so this is just a guess. It all depends on weather and trail conditions . It isn't a race but we do hope to move at a steady pace Why don't you come to our meeting and see how it goes .And I must say that 4runner is a bonus. Plan is to try the following weekend if the weather is to bad . I heard there were snow flurries up at Joffre Lakes this past weekend. des

Stein Valley

Hi guys,

I would very much like to participate also.   But my guess on KneeKnacker time would be 7-9hr range.  But not sure, shorter times are 1.5k 4:10, 10K 35:40.  I was told I should be able to do 20K 1:45, marathon at 4:30 or better.  I couldn't quite figure where the meeting is going to be but could I attend also?





Stein Valley

Hi Ben, we will be meeting at the mosquito creek grill in N.van . It's in the westview shopping center just off the #1 at the westview exit . Curb and I should be there shortly after 12 pm until 1:30 or so after we finish running the Hanes valley. others will be there at 12 des

Ok- I guess this is

Ok- I guess this is Sunday eh?  - Will be there.  Thanks  Ben


Hey gang, can we set up a meeting this week or weekend to finalize plans for Sept. 15? I can meet after 6:30 p.m. weeknights or sometime on the weekend except Sat. night. We could meet at my place in Kits but since most of you live in North Van. I'm happy to come over there as well. cheers, Curb

tagging along

I would be interested in running the stein with the group. can't use the kk as a benchmark but i used to out hike someone with a sub-7 hour time in this race. anyways, i will probably run the juan de fuca trail as a warm-up to get a better idea of my fitness. the faster group is hopefully more appropriate. never hiked the stein myself. could be alot of fun.

Make the start Sept 1?

I can't make it on the dates you have in September as I've got a mountaineering course that week and weekend.  Cry
I'd love to join you if it was in late August maybe the first weekend in September?  Sept 1-2.
Keep me posted. 
I know that Rob McDonald has travelled in that area a lot and could probably give some very good advice.  He also has wanted to pull off the whole route in one push.


Hey Mike

Hey Mike

good to hear from you buddy!  I hear you've been ripping up the trails on your bike - hope the BC Bike race went well.  I can't do the first weekend in Sept. - I'm away doing a fitness retreat at Sonora fishing resort.  Plan is to go back next year for the longer route so maybe you can join us then.  

see ya!
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Stein Valley

Hi Curb and Ean,

Last August, myself, Randy Rankin and Pat Walsh ran/hiked the entire Stein Valley from the Lizzie Lake trailhead to Lytton in 27hrs travelling time with one night under the stars at Stein Lake.  Therefore, we travelled about 40km the first day and 60km the next.  We did it without crew support so carried all our needs with us.  The blowdown section is extreme - it took us about 5.5hrs to travel 7km.  However. all was not in vain as we had a chance encounter with a naked young lady at Cottonwood Flats!  Our wives still think we were hallucinating!  If you would like more information or to view some pics, Randy and I will be at the final KK training run this Sunday.



Ean Jackson's picture

Yah Mon

Thanks, Neil!  we were looking at the ridgeline trail in from Blowdown and saying, "Hummmm."  Did you do that one or the valley route?  Also, can you recall where you spotted the nymphs of the woods?  We'd like to go that way.  Tell Carolyn I will confirm the truth with her for a case of Sleeman's cream ale.
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Stein Valley

Brooklyn - the nymph - is to be seen at Cottonwood Flats!  It sounds like this is where you will be joining the Stein Valley Trail.  We did it from start to finish so why are you to starting half way into the trail!  Randy and I believe we can do the full Stein trail (~100km) in sub 24hrs.  So the challenge is out for  those interested.  How about next August, September is a bit late and you will more than likely encounter snow and/or storms.  I tell you, the beer never tasted so good coming out of there!  Carolyn had never seen me so done!  P.S. Snow does not melt in your camelback!


Meeting July 4, 8 pm

I got back last night from 4 days of surfing in Tofino so couldn't reply sooner.  Let's meet tomorrow (July 4) at Casa TJ in North Vancouver.  8 pm for a few beers in honour of our American neighbours and to nail down a date and route.  

see you there.  For those that want to join the run but can't make the meeting we'll post details on CFA.  



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Site Updated

The main site is now updated with the dates and other details.  So far, we have Curb Ivanic, Bill Dagg, Desmond Mott, Ean Jackson, Chris Benn and Ryan Conroy confirmed in the fast group.  Sibylle Tinsel and Tom Mills are in as possible crew.  This is looking like a lot of fun!
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Can't make Wednesdays

I can't make Wednesdays right now due to my work schedule (I doubt you are interested in meeting up after midnight), but I'm still in for the run.  Let me know what you decide.



Meeting Wed July 4 or 11?

Jackson and I were thinking it would be good to get anyone interested together for a pow-wow to discuss possible dates, routes, etc.  Looking at either next Wed. July 4 or possibly the week after July 11 at  8 pm.  If the weather cooperates, Ean grasciously offered Casa Tinsel-Jackson, having a few cold ones on the deck.  The Mosquito Bar & Grill is an alternate location.  Contact myself or Jackson if you're interested.



Stein logistics

 Just wondering if we have decided on a meeting day and time.
Sibylle's picture

Hi Des,Since we won't be

Hi Des,

Since we won't be home on the 11th, it must be tomorrow. Our place at 20:00h. Just a small meeting to decide specifics that then will be posted.


Stein Trail Run - suggestion

Hey Curb


I have hiked the Stein from both Lizzie Lake and the eastern end many times, but never taken the blowdown pass route in. There is a 20K section in the middle I have  never covered.


The road to Lizzie lake is a challenging old logging road with some harsh water bars that is best traveled in a four wheel drive vehicle with high clearance, but I have made it in a low riding 2 wheel drive Ford Ranger and have even seen lower clearance  cars make it in, but would not recommend such a thing. One could make it in most of the way in a car then park and hike the last two miles or so to Lizzie Lake Camp. The campground is great and the  mosquitoes are very friendly but a nice place to rest up for an early morning start on a run.


The trail from Lizzie to the Gate to Shangri-La is easy going route, then a little scramble over some fallen rocks for1/2K (the Gate) then on to the cabin and an easy climb on soft moist ground for 10 minuets up to a wonderful green valley. Far end of the valley you will need to scramble up beside a water fall for 700M to Arrowhead and Heart lakes occasionally using your hands to balance you on the climb. Then an easy climb through alpine meadows and later open rock face that is not as well marked as I would like so help out by throwing a few rocks on the cairns as your go by, on your way to Iceberg Lake and Cherry Pitt Pass. You may find a few snow patches along the way as this the highest point in the trail but you can always find your away around them. Hang on to your hat crossing cheery pit pass, as it’s a little narrow for a few feet and can be windy but will not be a problem for those traveling light, however don’t  go wondering out on to the cornices.


Once through the pass you will have some fun skipping over a few boulders down to a great meadow and Caltha lake then head out around the back side of Caltha Peak to the mouth of Tundra lake. (This is a great trail with wonderful vistas). You may need to drop down to get around the finger of a glacier or two.


The next section is the part I have never covered so read this.


http://www.2steger.de/canada/40_Stein_Valley_Traverse.htm --scan 2/3 down the page to “the endless ridge down to Stein Lake”


The lower Stein is very easy going on a great trail that for the most part is wide and easy going and well marked ---but could have some blow downs, however   from what I hear fewer on this trail than on the blowdown pass side.–“Have fun”



Other Trails

I might be interested in joining you guys. I am a slower runner/walker, so if anyone fits that category, I'd be interested in coming along. I may be away backpacking in the Chilcoltin at that time too, so it depends on when you all go.

Here are some other Trails that you might consider for future as well.

I've run/hiked the Pacific Crest Trail from Manning Park to Harts Pass in the States. This is about 60 Km and took me a day and 1/2 the first time. The first time I did it I started off with a BCMC trip and then hitch hiked home from Hart's Pass. The Second time we did was over 2 1/2 days. We did it as a BCMC trip and I we had two vehicles and two parties and switched keys and cars before the trip so that you would be hiking back to your own vehicle. This trail is very good and very runnable.

I have also done the next section of trail from Harts passs to Rainy pass which is about 50 km. This time we locked up our bikes to some trees at Rainy Pass and drove to Hart's Pass. The loop took us two days.

Again another loop I did which is 52 km and took us two days is starting again in Manning Park, and heading south on the Pacific Crest trail then east on the Boundary Trail and then North on the Mounument 82 Trail. See  the link below for more information.


I have also run/hiked the 75 km West Coast Trail in 2 1/2 days. This time I hitch hiked there and back. I know some people have run this in a day.

I like to travel light with a sleeping bag, bivi sack, granola, peanuts, raisons etc. but no stove. I took a small light tent on the west coast trail as I was worried about rain. I find my pack is light enough that I can run with it, but of course any weight does slow you down.



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4th July?

Hi Curb,

Have you decided on a date? 4th would work better for me, if you have it at the Case T/J as I would like to be part of this...even though I won't be able to run it.  Please feel free to post the planning meeting as an event, that way it's accessible on the main page of the website (because the date of this calendar entry is in September this is not yet visible on the main page)



Stein Valley Run

I'm potentially interested in this outing.  I skied in to the Lizzie Creek cabin and up Anenome Peak a long time ago, and backpacked 16 or 17 km in from the Fraser River end of the trail in 2004.  It occured to me then that it would be interesting to try to run the whole thing.  If the Lizzie Creek Road is impassible, then the Blowdown Creek option sounds appealing.  Perhaps the bivouac.com or clubtread.com websites could shed some light on recent road and trail conditions.  My body may or may not be up to the task, but my 4Runner might be useful for getting up Blowdown Creek.

stein valley

i 'll be there .Just let me know which date .
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Meeting with Murray Comley

Ryan Conroy and I met with Murray Comley of Ecospirit last night.  Over a few cool ones we discussed the feasibility of doing (note I did not say "running") the Indian Arm Trail.  As the night wore on, I learned that Murray had fast packed the Stein Valley.  Murray proved to be a wealth of information.

Feedback regarding our plans to run the Stein:

1.  Taking the route from Lizzie Lake and the Gates of Shangra-La now seems like a bad idea.  It's apparently very technical at the start and quite slow going.  Given that it is over 70K, Murray discouraged me from even thinking of running it in a day.

2.  Blowdown Pass.  Even at 50-odd kilometers, it wouldn't be a lark.  There could be a lot of blowdown to deal with.  Given that there's no crew access, if anyone gets hurt, they are looking at a helicopter ride home.  Murray recommended we have someone with emergency gear sweep so that if any of the faster, light-traveling runners comes to grief, someone with a sleeping bag and emergency gear will be there in hours rather than days.

Murray mentioned that he had snow in August!  Yikes.

Looks like we should rally the troops and crew for a beer and a logistics discussion sometime in early July. 

2 more cents worth

   I've just dug up my Stien valley guide book . It gives all the different trail sections in detail with kms and est. time for hiking,also comes with a good map that folds out quite large.There are 2 main ways of doing a traverse , one from Lizzie lake which is about 75 km to the trailhead in Lytton and the other from blowdown pass which is about 52km . The one from Lizzie lake is covered in snow late in to the year ,maybe even all year in parts. Getting a car or truck  to Lizzie lake is not easy, as Ean mentioned. The last time I tried it was impossible to get to the parking spot at the lake because of the trenches that were dug and even if you could it's a long way in from duffy lake road. Blowdown pass was easier but still not that easy .I would want a good high clearance vehicle on either road.Both are a long drive from Vancouver . As Curb said it would be alot easier from west to east but once in you are committed to the end. There it is no easy way to bail ,not like the Juan De Fuca . Coming down from the pass should be real nice ,good views but once down into the valley floor it follows the river to Lytton . I don't think the run back along the river should be that tough ,not much elevation .Maybe some downfall,so it shouldn't take that long. My guess is that it should be easier than the Juan de Fuca,but around the same time . So for me around 8 to 8:30 hrs if things go well.The best way to carpool would be to have the person dropping us off meet us at lytton the following day. There is alot of driving involved in this run . I think having some radios would be a good idea. And if I'am elected navigator I'am doing it from behind . I don't want to be bear bait.We should get intrested runners together and go over the logistics of this one there is abit of planning involved
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Wow, how tempting. If there

Wow, how tempting. If there are others my speed interested in doing this run please let me know as I'd love to do it. What time do you guys anticipate doing it in?

Ean Jackson's picture


The topic came up today.  Given that there will likely be snow on the course until late July, we were thinking about August/September.  Several of us are doing STORMY, so that weekend is off.  Others are doing Ironman, so nix that as well.  Looks like a beer night is in order to discuss logistics.

Stein Valley

Thanks Desmond, sounds like you'll be the navigator Wink

Anyone have any idea as to an approximate time it would take to run this?  I think the west to east route is best since there's a net elevation loss but I'm open to anything.   

Official Date TBD

The date listed is August 1st but only for a placeholder.  Later in August is a more realistic, once we have a group together we can finalize a firm date.   
Ryan Conroy's picture

I'm in if I'm off

If I can am off work when it is happening I would definately be interested.  I have a AWD vehicle for car pooling.  I'll check back and let you know when you have a date.  Later in the month is better than earlier for me, I have the Canadian Death Race the first weekend and should probably take at least a week to recuperate before doing anything too extreme. 


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