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25 Apr 2008 00:00
26 Apr 2008 09:00

What: A 160 km aka 100 miler on the Baden Powell Trail between Deep Cove and St Andrews Rd (the road crossing before the hydro substation at Millstream/Craigmohr).

Why: A co-worker once told me that in some parts of the world on your birthday you are expected to throw your own party and give gifts to all of your friends. I don't know how widespread or true this tradition is but for some reason I have always thought that it was a cool idea. Another co-worker always takes her birthday off work to do something fun, this tradition appeals to me even more. Out of respect for these two fine traditions, I have decided to throw myself my own birthday party on April 25th. The gift that I give you is Hyson's Hijinks.

Who: Anyone looking for a good excuse to play hooky from work, you can expect to see the Fools out in full force. Don't let the distance keep you away, we are going to be out there for a long time and welcome the company of our fellow FA's.

Where: Meet at Panorama Park in Deep Cove, North Vancouver, BC

When: Friday, April 25th, 2008 at 12:00 am

Route: The Hyson's Hijinks course will consist of three loops from Deep Cove to St Andrews Rd (the road crossing before the hydro substation at Millstream/Craigmohr)

Climbing: There will be lots of up with an equal amount of down.

Aid: Be prepared to be self-sufficient. There should be water at Deep Cove, Lynn Canyon Suspension Bridge washrooms, and Grouse Mountain washrooms. Of course we will also have access to our vehicles when we return to Deep Cove at the end of each loop. Since it is a birthday party you can expect birthday cake or a reasonable trail facsimile at random points throughout the run.

Schedule: Well we'll start at 12:00 am with a rousing chorus of happy birthday and the traditional blowing out of the candles and then we'll be off into the night. I will need to confer with the rest of the Fools to figure out what might be an appropriate pace and will a detailed schedule closer to the date. I suspect that we'll be out on the trail for the entire duration of my birthday and will finish sometime on the morning of the 26th in time for the post birthday beer, brunch, and nap in that order.

Entry: There is no fee and you don't need to be a member of Club Fat Ass to participate in a Flash event, however whining is not allowed. No registration is required but please indicate your participation via the comment form below. You are responsible for your own well being and safety and should be self sufficient. Please read the Release of All Claims. By participating in this event you agree to the terms of the Release of All Claims.



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A Quick Thank You - Race Report to Follow

Hey Everyone,

On behalf of myself and the rest of the fools, I just wanted to thank everyone who came out and was part of the foolishness, we were grateful to have your support and encouragement. There are too many people to thank individually in this short note so you will have to wait for the extended race report.

All things considered, I am feeling pretty good today and might even be up for the run before the talk on Tuesday.  Once the fog lifts from my brain I'll put together a race report recapping the highlights from the weekend.  Thanks for helping me celebrate my 37th birthday, it was one hell of a party.

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I feel privileged to have

I feel privileged to have been part of this epic weekend.  As always, it is amazing to see how everybody rallied around the runners and for the last loop around Chad.  A big congratulations to Chad, but also a big thank you to everybody who came out to crew, pace and give up a nights sleep (how did you do it Cheryl and Rune?).  I propose a bounus point for everybody who helped out! 
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Pics Now Available


For more birthday pics go to : FLICKR

I am still uploading s few more and need to organize them a bit better, but FLICKR is being fickle and slow. THought I should just get some up


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Are we having fun yet?

Looks like Gilles is enjoying his lunch, but it appears as though Daniel just lost his! 
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Flickr is back up and

Flickr is back up and happy.  I uploaded my pics from Cleveland Dam and Hyannis and Jackson's photos from the finish. 

Please add all photos (Lucinda, Daniel) of this epic to the Club Fat Ass group and tag them with HysonHijinks. They will all magically appear in this slideshow.

The Flickr badge to the left called Members In Action will show all photos in the CFA Flickr group.
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Congrtats Chad!

What a stud... and a half hour under your projected finish time, too!

Congrats, also, to the other "fools" and everyone who got out on the course over the past few days.  That 2 hours was my longest run since New Years Day and the most fun I've had in a long time.

Hope to see your photos at the Speaker Event on Wednesday, Luci!


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Just in case anybody

Just in case anybody noticed...the speaker event to see Lucinda's slides, hear the Fools talk, nosh on some food and get a chance to win a pair of shoes is on Tuesday (not Wednesday as Jackson wrote).  Here are more details and registration.
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Are we there yet!?

I'm sorry I missed out on this, but Happy Birthday Chad!!! What a way to spend the "day".

90% there!!!

Perfect timing this morning as Des met up with Chad and I at 6:00am at Mosquito Creek Bridge.  I had to haul my ass to work so thanks Des for catching Chad at the perfect time! 

Chad rocked the house through the night and even put a little bit of time in the bank.  Going up the grouse climb he looked fresh and effortless.  Should be a great final last few miles for him!


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Nice night for a run...

Thanks for the run, Chad.  Even though you'd almost completed your second lap at the time, you were looking incredibly fresh and otherwise showed no sign of fatigue at all.  Good on you... and Happy Birthday!
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Update from Pipeline Bridge 12:50 am

So it's just the Birthday boy Chad and his trusty pacer Ryne who are on the course right now.

Earlier at 10:15pm, I just missed Chad starting Loop 3 with Pat and Ryne keeping him company. Ryne asked for and got a large cheese pizza which the boys happily consumed in a somewhat relaxed setting on the concrete square just before the bridge.

Pat asked for a ride back to his car as he's finished his 9 hour run.  

Chad didnt ask for anything, and he looks pretty strong.


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Thanks for the update,

Thanks for the update, baldwin and for being out there.

We saw the guys on loop 2 at Cleveland Dam twice.  They looked in reasonable shape, filled up on cup cakes, chips, granola bars.  Daniel had some blisters and looked a bit rough around the edge, but in good spirits.

Ean had hoped to run a short stretch with them, but has been very busy with work.  So when he came home around 7:00 last night, I packed him and the kids and dinner for Ean in the car and drove him to the Pipeline Bridge where he started running with Chad, Pat, Ryne and Vanessa.  I was supposed to pick him up at Hyannis, a 50min run according to Karl's schedule. 

We left before the rest of the Fools arrived, but Lucinda thougth they'd be about 15min late.

When we arrived at Hyannis the light was starting to fade.  No runners in sight. Tim and Maureen and Loraine also arrived to support the runners.  Still no sign of Ean.  Did he run past Hyannis? Eventually, Karl, Gilles and Daniel arrived.  They had enough and the plan was to make it to Deep Cove, but stop there and not go on the 3rd loop.

As the boys set off, I tried to do the math and figure out WHAT Ean was thinking.  Checked my cell, nothing.  Called Chad, no answer.  Called home, no answer.  Called Ean's cell, no answer...Tim did the calculation and figured I could still meet them at Seymour Mtn. Road.

Off we go.  The kids are tired and cranky, Erik is car sick.  Seymour Mtn. Road is closed for the day...As I turn around to go to Deep Cove and see the turn off for Indian River Road.  Ok, another chance to pick Jackson up.  He hasn't run more than 20min in the last 4 month...it's hour 2 now.  As I wind my way on pitch black winding Indian Arm Road, missing a turn, back, try again.  the kids are panicky by now and just wnat to go home.  This dark road frightnens my city kids.  Eventually (didn't realize how far it was), I get to the intersection with the BP.  Don't stop and continue right away to the next trail head.  Lights in the distance.  Is that them?  YES!  They were just about to set off on the last stretch down into Deep Cove.  Ean climbs sheepishly into the car. 

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Update from Loop 2

They arrived at Lynn Canyon 30 minutes early.Instead of 1:30 they were there at 1pm. Linda missed them, but will try to catch them at cleveland Dam
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Thanks for the phone #,

Thanks for the phone #, Gilles. That will make it easier to hook up with you guys during this epic.  I might come out for a beer at Taylors Crossing or to see you off in Deep Cove (that was my original plan, but meeting over beer migt be the more social option ;-)

Unfortunately, I can't offer to run with you guys.  Even at the end of 100 miles, you are likely to be faster.  I will try to coordinate a run on Friday to somehow cross your path, though.  I got Cheryl phone # as well, so I should be able to hook up at some point.  The kids are off school that day...which makes this a bit more difficult for me.
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Thursday Night Beer and Friday Night Run

Just thought I would mention that I will try and swing by Thursday night and have a beer with you all. Also, I am planning to run a loop Friday night with you. Not sure if my navigation skills will be any better than yours but I will be fresher (may join you from Cleveland Dam depending on timing). Pat
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Pre-Run Meal/Beer/Coffee

For anyone who would like to join us for some pre-run fun, we'll be meeting at Taylor Crossing, 1035 Marine Drive between 9:00 and 9:30 on Thursday night for some food and drink.  We'll be there until just before 11:00 and then we are off to drop off vehicles and head to Deep Cove to be ready for our midnight start.


Just want to let everybody out there know how much it is appreciated to have someone run with you in the later part of such a long run.

Last year at the Vancouver 100, Ron Adams joined Sylvie Jorger and myself at Cleveland Dam for the last portion of the run at night. It was so nice to have someone fresh and in full possession of his mental capacity to lead us. Not having to look out for the trail was really a nice break.

 So here it is, a unique opportunity to spend a wonderful night together. Check out the website for updates of our progression. I will carry my cell as well, 778-882-2932. Thanks.

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Here is the Hijinks Schedule

Here is our tentative schedule courtesy of Gilles, please note Karl's disclaimer at the bottom, this is our best guess on how long it could take.  Lucinda said that she would do a couple of updates to give people a sense of how close we are to the schedule. 

Hyson's Hijinks schedule: based on a 34.5 hrs finishing time






Deep Cove

  0 - 54 - 108

0:00 am

10:50 am

10:20 pm

Hyannis Drive

  9 - 63 - 117

1:40 am

0:40 pm

0:15 am

Lynn Canyon

13 - 67 - 121

2:30 am

1:30 pm

1:05 am

Cleveland Dam

25 - 79 - 133

4:50 am

4:00 pm

4:00 am

St Andrews Rd

27 - 81 - 135

5:10 am

4:20 pm

4:20 am

Cleveland Dam in

29 - 83 - 137

5:30 am

4:40 pm

4:40 am

Cleveland Dam out


5:50 am

5:00 pm

5:00 am

Lynn Canyon

41 - 95 - 149

8:10 am

7:30 pm

7:45 am

Hyannis Drive

45 - 99 - 153

9:00 am

8:20 pm

8:35 am

Deep Cove

54 - 108 - 162

10:30 am

10:00 pm

10:30 am

10.5 hrs

11.5 hrs

12.5 hrs




Please note that for each loop I have allocated a 20 minutes refuelling time

on the second pass of Cleveland Dam and at Deep Cove.


Disclaimer: Here is a foolproof schedule of the times the Fools expect to be at various locations during the run. It may be useful to those of you planning to only do portions of the run and want to join the Fools, or perhaps avoid them altogether. Note that the Fools may not be at these locations at the times indicated, or anywhere close to those times.

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The order is 4 eggmcmuffins, 2 coffees, 1 juice. Oh yeah and by the way, throw in a few hashbrowns. 8am at Hyannis drive please

The boys are sounding great. They are about 1 hour ahead of schedule which can change quite a bit +/- through out the day. 

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New update

Their timing was a bit off. They are actually more on schedule than they thought. John has decided to take a pause and stop running for a bit after deep cove. He will rest up a bit and rejoin them later.

Pictures to be posted later today as well as more comments -I need to get to work now.

PS thanks to Cheryl who helped them out through the night. SHe is either a true saint or a foll like them. 

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Hi Lucinda, I just posted

Hi Lucinda,

I just posted a blog how we missed them at Lynn Canyon this morning.  Yes, they were pretty much on schedule. 

I'll try to hook up with them at Cleveland Dam this pm.

Support the Fools

The Fools contribute a lot, especially to Club FA. It's nice to get a chance to support them. Anyone who can get out there to run with them tonight or just cheer them on, do it!!
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THANKS CHERYL & latest loop 2 update

Here's a pick of the start. One runner (not to be identified as he should be somewhere else.... The boys are on schedule. They left Cleveland Dam at 5pm and are headed to Deep Cove. Officially, they are 1/2 the way through.


They are in much better spirits since they ate some yummy cupcakes that Linda made, some treats that Sibylle made and John's soup.

Daniel got a wee blister which I gladly taped. Hopefully, the taping will make it better rather than worse.

Tim Wiens and Patrick Hinds have now joined them. They are fresh and eager and livening up the tough spirits.

Baldwin also stopped by to lend some moral support. He is preparing for Miwok so he won't be up for running with the fools. But, I know they were all happy to see him

See you in the morning

I am planning on meeting up with the fools at the mosquito creek bridge crossing and running to deep cove with them . If they stay close to the planned arrival times ,I'll leave my house at 5 am and should meet them some time around 5:30 sat morning.Well done guys des
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Thanks, Des.  I was hoping

Thanks, Des.  I was hoping somebody would be out in the wee hours to support Chad! 
Baldwin Lee's picture

Mosquito Creek


Saw Chad and Ryne at Pipeline bridge at 1am, they said that they'll be at the bridge by 6am.



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Well gents I hope you have snow gear. I geared up in everything waterproof (jacket, pants, beanie, gloves and gloves). I started at the LSCR pipeline bridge at 8:10 pm and thought that if you're on schedule I might be able to catch you at Old Buck if I move it. The snow was falling quite hard when I started and noticed a few tracks across the pipeline bridge so I figured you might be ahead of me. I reached the top of the Seymour Grind by 9:25 pm and didn't see any footsteps although the snow was falling at a rate where tracks could be covered quickly. I called home and said I'm turning around. By the time I got to Hyannis I started to cool down and wanted to get back to the car quickly. I turned right and headed to towards the Twin Bridges and b-lined it to the car at the top of Lynn Valley Road by 10:25 pm. 14 km of snow in 2:15 was enough for me. Alas you guys are amazing and inspiring.
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did someone say snow?

being a long time lad from the valley, I couldn't resist getting out onto the trails yesterday. Donald Golob and I headed out from his place toward Lynn Canyon and into the blinding flurries. We did a nice big loop, mostly by our lonesome, down to Twin Bridges, up Fishermans, up through the chilly butterfly gardens and returned on the paved Seymour trailway. He said it was 20km, I think maybe 18-19. It was 2-1/2 hours for sure. Donald kept splashing me so I made him run behind me for a while. Was that snow or just dreams of ultras in the distant months past? Even the wildlife was stunned as we easily walked within spitting distance of two statuesque deer pretending to not see us. Good luck on all your foolish Hijinx. Craig
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Glad I was born a week later...


I am sorry we missed running with you but I am glad I wasn't on the trail last night, then again next weekend could be even worse.  I have had my fill of running in the snow this year, I am hoping for warm weather and sunshine.  As Gilles said we'll include you in the results.

Looks like we got ourselves a new FOOL

And a funny one too.
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Yes, they are amazing and inspiring...but they're not Premature!


Hyson's Hijinks is next Friday. The 25th. That's probably why you didn't see them, cause they weren't there!


Monty Watts's picture

Good Point

I'll ask my mom as I think I was a week early then as well. This Chronologically Challenged Syndrome is spreading fast. I'm in Victoria next week I know that for sure so I'll be missing the fun.

We will record your time and distance...

But there will be asterix to it.
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Hilarious, the bunch of you.  For some reason I got all stressed out Thursday...thinking the big Hijynx was that night...luckily there is a website to check ;-)

Pre-race late Pizza snack

Lucinda speaking: Just a thought, should we meet at some Pizza/Pasta joint to carbo load on Thursday night? I'd be happy to organize something simple and low key.
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Thank you!

Hey Cheryl & Lucinda,

Thank you for your kinds offers to crew, if you think it would be fun and would enjoy doing it then we would welcome your generosity.  Gilles is working on our tentative schedule and is hoping to post it today.  Right now we are thinking 10.5 hours for the first lap, 11.5 hours for the second, and 12.5 for the third, the schedule will include details of when we'll be at access points.  This will be subject to change based on the conditions and how we are feeling, we'll provide an update via Lucinda on Friday morning with readjusted times.

I think the fools are getting together this weekend to do some trail work so we'll discuss aid and get back to you with details.  Thanks again for wanting to be part of the hijinks.

PS  Sounds like we have added another fool to the mix, Daniel is planning to come up to take part. 


Yeah - Daniel

So glad to hear you're joining in, Daniel. Haven't seen you for a long time. This is really going to be great.

Can't wait!

Hey cheryl and everyone! Yes I'm looking forward to seeing the gang again. I came down with a cold yesterday but should have it kicked by friday. I might be rethinking doing the vancouver 100 after this but don't tell Craig ;)

Crew / Posting Updates

I am fully committed to meeting the fools in the morning before work. Then, I will gladly post updates for all to see. After a few hours of work, I will head for an afternoon / evening / night of crewing. If there are any special requests, please advise. Lucinda
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The Cure for the Chronologically Challenged

I always struggle with this as well, to make it easier for everyone, we'll be meeting at Deep Cove at 11:45 pm on Thursday Night and will begin running at 12:00 am Friday. 

Pat, good to hear that you'll be joining us for a portion of the run, you'll have a choice of either the first or second night, take your pick.  We could be interesting company on the second night.

I'll be posting a schedule in the next week of what we suspect to be our tentative times for each loop.


I'd like to crew through the first night....be a travelling aid station. I would be there for the start, through the night and leave about 11 or so Friday morning. Would it be any help?

Gilles has it covered

Looks like Gilles will be crew. That's great. It is a good challenge, this birthday present you've given yourself and friends. Awesome.


Gilles will be running. His lovely wife (me) will crew. I'm sure they can use your services Cheryl 'casue I won't show up until Fri am before work.

oh, that was you Lucinda

ok, I'll leave it up to the guys. Help or no help? They probably don't need aid but it would be fun. I had talked a little with Karl and thought we could to talk more about it at Diez Vistas but didn't get the chance.
Sibylle's picture

Thanks for the clarification!

I am looking forward to see a tentative schedule.  Will anybody update your where abouts on this site?
Sibylle's picture

Call me chronologically

Call me chronologically challenged...but are you starting in the night from Thursday to Friday at midnight or midnight the next night (Friday to Saturday)?  I assume it's the former according to your post...just don't want to end up in Deep Cove at midnight and no one is there ;-)
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Hyson Hijinks

I don't think I am in shape to run the whole thing but I will definitely start with you (and wish you a happy birthday) as I have not done a night run in a while. Thanks for sharing your birthday...
Ean Jackson's picture

Happy Birthday, Chad!

Great idea. I did the something similar with the Nifty 50 Triathlon last fall and it was a blast. You are a rare bird to be able to treat yourself to a more-or-less spontaneous 100-miler for your birthday, though!

I'd certainly like to celebrate with you at least part of the way.

Question: At which point in your party would it be appropriate to bring out the birthday cake? (I was thinking Cleveland Dam would be a good venue that would be convenient to many.) If you were to have the choice of chocolate, vanilla, Guinness or strawberry gel for your cake, what would it be?

Chad Hyson's picture

Guinness is Good for You!

Thanks Ean.  Maybe the fact that it is St. Paddy's Day is clouding my judgement but I would have to go with the Guinness for its nutritional value.  Plus it is easier to stomach after mile 70, Sláinte!

Sounds like my kind of party

I'm in.

We can count on run100widow to crash the party from time to time to offer perhaps cupcakes and some refreshment.

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