Flash - Foolish Gerbil 50K Trail Run

25 Jan 2009 08:00
25 Jan 2009 15:00
Pacific Spirit Park, Vancouver, BC

What:  A 50 K run on the trails in Pacific Spirit Park.

Why:  Because the Pure Foolishness 50 K Run was cancelled.

  The Fools and anyone who wants to join in the fun.

Where:  Meet at the Park Centre on Sixteenth Avenue

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Sunday, January 25, 2009 at 08:00

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  The course will consist of a 10 kilometer loop mostly on the south side of Sixteenth Avenue.

Course Description:

The # refers to the trail numbers as shown on the official park map available at the Park Centre. 

DIRECTIONS FOR THE 10K LOOP: Start and Finish is the gate at the parking lot entrance.

  • Go north through the back of the parking lot onto #2, Cleveland to #10, Heron.
  • Left onto Heron to #21, Salish.
  • Left again onto Salish and across 16th to the continuation of Salish.  Stay on Salish until you reach #12, Imperial trail.
  • Left on Imperial to #22, Sasamat.
  • Right on Sasamat to junction of #19, St. Georges.
  • Right on St. Georges to Camosun Street.
  • Right on Camosun Street, just after the school on your right you will see a trail entrance, take that short trail to the big information board at the corner of Camosun, 41st Ave and S.W. Marine Dr.
  • Take the SW Marine trail that parallels the highway.  After about .75 K you will come to an intersection.
  • Go right for a very short distance and then left onto the trail that goes into the forest. 
  • This is trail #21, Salish.  Do not take the Clinton trail #3 or the trail that continues to parallel the highway.
  • Follow Salish, Heron and Clevland all the way back to the Park Center.
  • Do it again and again and....  Reverse directions if you want a change of scenery.   

Lap Counting:  You are responsible for counting your own loops.

Results:  If you want to be included in the results print your name, distance or loops and time on the sheet that will be under the windshield wiper of Karl's light green Dodge Caravan licence ANF 954.

Climbing:  Minor elevation changes.

  Be prepared to be self-sufficient. There will be water at the Park Centre washrooms.  Of course we will also have access to our vehicles at the end of each loop.

:  Nothing is foolproof to a talented fool.

Entry:  There is no fee and you don't need to be a member of Club Fat Ass to participate in a Flash event, however whining is not allowed. No registration is required but please indicate your participation via the comment form below. You are responsible for your own well-being and safety and should be self sufficient. Please read the Release of All Claims. By participating in this event you agree to the terms of the Release of All Claims.

Gilles Barbeau and Karl Jensen  


Flash - Foolish Gerbil 50K Trail Run - Results

January 25 - 10 starters

It was a great day weather-wise for this run, cold but sunny in the morning, warming to a comfortable temperature in the afternoon.  The only disappointment was the amount of snow still on the Imperial and Heron trails, although there was certainly less than the previous week.  Thanks to Kirsten for dragging along a couple of Fools again.  And to Chad for the donuts.  This is getting to be a bad habit we like.




 Chad Hyson    50K  5:13
 Lorie Alexander    50K  5:27 
 Barry Hopkins    50K  5:27
 Kirsten Ramage      50K  6:11
 Gilles Barbeau    50K  6:11
 Karl Jensen    50K  6:11
 Sylvie Jorger    30K  3:20
 Rick Arikado    20K  1:53
 Teresa Perri    20K  1:54
 Mitch Ma    20K  1:54
 Steven Lee    20K  1:54

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