Flash - Capilano Nights 1105

10 Mar 2011 19:00
10 Mar 2011 20:30
The Yellow Beacon, North Vancouver BC

A week-day evening trail run, in a group. Expect mud, rain, cold temperatures, total darkness, slippery roots and stairs. Prepare for the upcoming Mardigras Night Run.
Getting your post-work day, winter-time trail run done is less miserable with company. Even if you already know (and bored of) the trails in Capilano Canyon, I promise you’ll see something new, and besides, everything is different in the dark.

Meet at the Yellow Beacon (Ean and Sibylle's house). If you need the address, please comment below.

It's a secret, but there will be a short briefing at the start. Will consist of a 60-90 minutes run on roads and trails (50/50) in and around Capilano Canyon.
Different route every week.

Park route map is available here.

The Plan:
Meet at The Yellow Beacon, short briefing, start running in a group led by me at a
slow (!) pace, finish at the Yellow Beacon, go home and rest.

Is This Run For Me?
We'll be going at a slow pace (>10/mile). You should be comfortable with trail running, and with running in the dark.
Mostly these are not very technical trails, and we are in the middle of the city; however it will be dark, cold, wet, muddy, and slippery. You may fall. You may also have a lot of fun.

Don’t forget:
A good strong headlamp/flashlight, a cellphone and a silver emergency blanket.

There is no fee and you don't need to be a member of Club Fat Ass to participate in a Flash event, however whining is not allowed. No registration is required but please indicate your participation via the comment form below. You are responsible for your own well being and safety and should be self sufficient. Please read the
Release of All Claims. By participating in this event you agree to the terms of the Release of All Claims.

Planning to come or have questions?
Add a new comment or email me.

Looking forward to running together,



Sibylle's picture

 Motivation for my run was at

 Motivation for my run was at a low when finding out that Claudia wouldn't join me. With heavy rain pounding on my office window, I settled in for a lazy evening at home...until I checked the CFA website and noticed Katie's comment that she might join me.  

By the time Katie arrived the rain was coming down in buckets and a strong wind was whipping through the large fir trees behind our house.   We both felt less than convinced that a run in these miserable conditions would be fun.  Ean crawled out of his office to offer his opinion (and we know why he is called "Rain no Train Jackson") and a taste of his newly bottled IPA.

Katie and I resisited the temptation to give in and give up on the run.  Off we went, all geared up with headlamps, hats, toques, headbands, jackets and vests only to discover that the rains had eased off a bit.  Ok, we did get wet, but by the time we finished our run, it was almost sunnny - just kidding ;-)  

Thanks for dragging me out, Katie.  Next week's run is scheduled for Wednesday.

teagirl's picture

can i borrow a headlamp?

i'm planning to come tonight but my good headlamp is not here with me - anyone have a spare? i have a not great one i'll bring as well :)

see you later!

Sibylle's picture

 yep.  Looks like it'll be

 yep.  Looks like it'll be you and me. Claudia is not feeling well.  Wendy is tentatively coming out and Jackson is mumbling something about trying to get out for 3omin to test his knee.

Please take it easy on me...I am slooowwww.

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