Fat Ass Fondo - MidSummer Edition

13 Aug 2011 07:00
Vancouver, BC Canada



  • a 120-kilometer road bike ride in the cyclosportive tradition along a challenging and beautiful stretch of road on the GranFondo Whistler course
  • a solid training ride for triathletes
  • a piece of cake ride for randonneurs
  • a mid-summer shakedown for those who are planning to participate in the GranFondo Whistler in September or the GranFondos in Victoria or Kelowna
  • a low-cost, bare bones alternative to the GranFondo Whistler


  • Start:  downtown Vancouver at the corner of Burrard and West Georgia Streets
  • Finish: downtown Whistler on Blackcomb Way

Aid Stations/Reference Points:

  • the following locations are where we propose to refuel and/or meet friends and family
  • 53km (+53km) - Galileo Cafe in Britannia Beach (just before the mining museum)
  • 69km (+16km) - The Seven-11 in Garibaldi Highlands (at the PetroCan station)
  • 106km (+37km) - Brandywine Falls Picnic area


  • Saturday 13 August
  • Rain date:  Sunday 14 August


  • they say that road riding is the new golf

How Much:

Who else is in?

  • check to see who has signed-up here.


  • there will be no lane closures on the road, no police escorts for the leaders, no throngs of spectators lining the route or other fancy stuff
  • participants should be comfortable cycling 4-8 hours on a busy road and totally must be self-sufficient (e.g. know how to dress, can fix their own bike, etc.)
  • group ride, not a race!  Will determine pace groups based on those who sign up and show up
  • it's OK to ride part way (e.g. out and back to Squamish, out to Squamish and bus home, etc.)
  • we would like to stay overnight in Whistler and return the next morning.  Actively looking for a place to crash and for a way to get participants and bikes back to Vancouver.  If you can help, please note details as a comment on this page.  Thank you!


You are responsible for your own well being and safety and should be self sufficient. Please read the Release of All Claims. By participating in this event you agree to the terms of the Release of All Claims.


Car ride back

My wife will be driving up - can act as sag if needed - and we can take 1 extra bike and 2 bodies home after the ride, however we have to head home pretty much right away as we have an event to go to Sat. night.

See everyone in the morning!


Ean Jackson's picture

Accommodations in Whistler and a Ride Home Wanted

I'd love to do this.  Anyone else interested?

Game plan would be to stay over in Whistler to restock on carbs and fluids, then head back the next day.  That plan would require a place to stay and a ride home for the riders and their bikes.  Does anyone have a loving partner with a big van or trailer?

ride home from whister

Hi I have just joined and would like to do the August Gran Fondo but do not have return transportation.


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Ride back from Whistler?

Hey Ron,

Did you get the OK from Cathy to drive up to Whistler with the van and bring home a few tired carcases?  If so, how many?  I am very keen to do this, but will be out of computer/cell range until late Friday night.  Count me in for sure if you can do it.  I have a call in to Jenn to see if she was planning to manage a sag wagon.

Ride back from Whistler

Finally, I have been able to firm things up.   If we take the van and remove one bench, then we can probably take 3 (maybe 4) bikes, but we will have fewer seats (driver plus 4).  I would also remind people to think about taking clean dry clothes (and regular shoes) for a change after the ride.

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In with Ron

Hey Ron,

Just confirming I'm in for gas money for a ride back from Whistler for my bikey and me.

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