Here's a trail run you really have to try hard to get lost on!

Old Mountain Highway is wide. The surface is a bit rocky, but not in the least technical. There's a constant grade, but the entire course is runable for most runners in decent shape. There's very rarely any vehicular traffic and the mountain bikers are friendly if you don't taunt them as you run by. The air is fresh and and there are lots of grouse (thump! thump! thump!) and woodpeckers (tap! tap! tap!) to keep you company. If you see a bear or coyote, clap your hands. They will either run back into the woods or eat you.

Start at the concrete water tap next to the waterfall, just past where the pavement of Mountain Highway ends and the dirt of Old Mountain Highway begins. You are timing yourself, so be sure to start your watch.

Run up the dirt road until it starts to flatten out and the forest canopy opens up. You will reach a stone quarry on your right. The official 1/2 way point for timing purposes is the big boulder that is partially buried in the dirt opposite the entrance to the quarry. If you don't care about the seconds, take your split time at the entrance to the quarry. Be sure to note your split time somewhere if you want to go down in history.

Turn around and run back to the fountain. Take your time when you touch the fountain and be sure to write it down on the timing sheet. Repeat until you can't anymore.