2013 - Enduro Year 11

4 May 2013 - Starter Photo

Event Report:

The Trail Gods meant well and there was hardly a cloud in the sky for this years running of the Enduro. After the initial count I believe there were 28 of us gathering at the Gazebo to participate in the event. There were a handful of people who confessed to attempting the Enduro / Vancouver Marathon double header this weekend. One of them being Ken Eng, who seems to try and establish a personal tradition of running 6 laps at the Enduro followed by a Marathon the day after. Chloe Gendron led the charge by being the first runner to complete 6 laps for the day. She also took home the prize for the nastiest wipeout and had some decent size scrapes to back up her claim. Gary Robbins' record of 9 laps will be safe for at least another year. We had 4 runners completing 6 laps with 4 more runners calling it quits after 5. Some of us were fading a bit towards the end of the event, which at least we were able to blame on rising temperatures as the morning turned into day. Stetson took home the canine category honours this year with 2 laps on the course (which works out to be at least 3 with all the running back and forth through the brush). There were quite a few people taking advantage of the event being free to Fat Ass newbies and I hope a good time was had by all. I appreciate each and any feedback about the event and how to make it even more fun in the years to come. Please feel free to share your personal event report in the comment section of this page.

See you out there,

Marc Schmitz

Host of the Enduro


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First Name Last Name City Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Round 4 Round 5 Round 6 Total Running Time Total Accumulated Time Points
Chloe Gendron Vancouver 49 47 54 54 57 60   05:21 2+ 1*
Eric Rannaud Burnaby 45 45 48 52 65 73   05:28 2
Ken Eng Smithers 52 51 53 56 66 68   05:46 1
James Clarke Vancouver 53 54 56 56 60 65   05:49 2
Marc Schmitz North Vancouver 54
53 55 47     4:26 2+2**+1*
Karl Jensen North Vancouver 57 56 58 60 65     04:56 2
Rob Kirkpatrick Vancouver 52 55 55 64 73   4:49 05:29 2
John Machray North Vancouver 55 58 59 60 75     05:07 1
Andy Healey Vancouver 53 55 61 70 81     05:20 2+1*
Eric Bjoerklund Vancouver 45 44 48 46       03:03 1
Paul Schrimpf Vancouver 45 43 46 50       03:04 1
Tara Berry Vancouver 48 48 53 53       03:22 1
Jim Swadling North Vancouver 46 42 48         02:16 1
Pamela Keck North Vancouver 53 52 50         02:35 2
Dana Samis North Vancouver 53 52 50         02:35 2
Rob Ruff Surrey 47 48           01:35 1
Avery Gottfried Vancouver 50 50           01:40 1
Doris Leong Vancouver 51 50           01:41 2
Ean Jackson North Vancouver 49 55           01:44 2
Jose Rinas North Vancouver 49 55           01:44 1
Sean Wilson Burnaby 51 57           01:48 2
Becky Swan Coquitlam 57 54           01:51 2
Craig Moore Lynn Valley, North Vancouver 55 58           01:53 2
Nicole Fisher Vancouver 57 57           01:54 1
Graham MacLennan Vancouver 57 57           01:54 1
Desmont Mott North Vancouver 51             00:51 1
Cindy Palmer North Vancouver 66             01:06 2
Sibylle Tinsel North Vancouver 7km walk             01:13 2+1*
Dave Champion Kitchener                 -1
Chris Flood Vancouver                 -1
Kate Fremlin North Vancouver                 -1
Susannah Reid Burnaby                 -1
* Garbage pick-up point

** Event Host point

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I forgot to mention the pocket full of trash I picked up for the extra brownie point. Thanks for a great day Marc, you're a fine new host.

Thanks Marc!

Thanks for organizing the Enduro this year Marc! It was a great day!

For those wondering and interested, my marathon went well yesterday. I felt fairly good at the start and pushed it a bit through the first half to keep my legs loose and reached midway in just under 2 hours, then decided to pull back as it was getting warmer and to save my legs. I took my time and enjoyed the sunshine and beautiful scenes of the water, finishing in 4:27. It was good to see Chloe and others on the course. Slower than last year but I had no cramping and very little soreness during the race and my legs feel good now. I should be able to continue my training as I prepare for the Celtic Traverse in Ireland in July.

Happy trail running to all!


robbyaok's picture

I'm a bigger slacker than that :)

I was only recording actual lap time so you can add another ~30 min to my total time.  Andy beat me back to the gazeebo for sure.  What a great time though and realy nice to meet everyone!  It was awesome to watch Ken go by in the marathon today too.  Hard core!

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Hi Rob, Good point. Not

Hi Rob,

Good point. Not sure how that other times were measured? Traditionally, we take the total accumulated time, but not sure what the majority did yesterday. Marc?

Marc's picture

split times

Most people put their split times down. Maybe a third of tbe participants put accumulated times. I do 't mind one way or another. Thanks for correcting Jim, Paul and Rob's times. Marc

only 3

Hey Marc,

Thanks for the run - I needed the motivation to get me moving again. I think Paul and I mashed our entries together on the timing sheet somehow. I know I only did 3 laps and Paul did at least 4, so I suspect my 50 minute 4th lap belongs to him.

















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