2012 - Enduro Year 10

May 5 2012 - 19 Starters

Report: As I approached the Second Narrows the rain intensified. I was worried that for the first time, the 6 Hour Enduro, now in it's 10 year,  would be a washout. Oh well I thought, a few runners would show, do a lap or two and I would be home early. As it turned out 19 starters toed the line at 8am, several aiming to run the full 6 hours. The rain eased than stopped shortly after the start making the conditions ideal. The upper trail was muddy, but no one complained. Michael Wardas put in a very consistent effort to ran 7 laps, while Meredith Cale of Vancouver led all females with 5 laps in 4:30. Ken Eng of Smithers returned for a second year in a row to run 6 laps. Just like last year, Ken would follow his Enduro effort by running the Vancouver Marathon the next day.

Thanks again for all those who showed up to run the Enduro, it was another great day on the North Shore!

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Results:  (times posted are time per lap in minutes)


First Name Last Name City Event Points Time
Michael Wardas N.Vancouver solo 6h 2 7 LAPS.  49/.50/.49/.49/.48/.50/.57  5:52
Ken Eng Smithers solo 6h 2 6 LAPS   .51/.54/.56/.55/1:02/1:00  5:48
Chris La Rose Vancouver solo 6h 2+1* 5 LAPS  .48/.44/.45/.50/.54  3:56
Eric Rannaud Burnaby solo 6h 2 5 LAPS  .47/.54/.55/.57/1:01  4:29
Meredith Cale Vancouver solo 6h 2 5 LAPS  .49/.53/.54/.57/1:01  4:30
James Clarke Vancouver solo 6h 1 5 LAPS  .47/.52/.52/1:03/1:11  4:45
Monty Watts N.Vancouver solo 6h 2 4 LAPS  1:05/1:11/.58/1:08  4:22
Karl Jensen N. Vancouver solo 6h 1 4 LAPS  1:02/1:06/1:11/1:12  4:31
Craig Moore N. Vancouver solo 6h 1+1 * 4 LAPS  1:02/.59/1:21/1:14  4:36
Andy Healey Vancouver solo 6h 2 3 LAPS  .49/.56/1:02  2:47
Rachel Fouladi Burnaby solo 6h 2+1* 3 LAPS  1:05/1;17/1:20  3:42
Mike Kuiack Vancouver solo 6h 1 2 LAPS  .50/.49  1:39
Anne-Marie Cote N. Vancouver solo 6h 2 2 LAPS  1:05/1:11  2:16
Desmond Mott N. Vancouver solo 6h 1 1 LAP  .47
Ean Jackson N.Vancouver solo 6h 2+1* 1 LAP  .50
Sibylle Tinsel N.Vancouver solo 6h 2 1 LAP  1:05
Adam  Way   custom 2x Lynn Peak + 1 loop 1  
Joshua Barringer Vancouver custom 2x Lynn Peak + 1 loop 2  
Monica Henegar N. Vancouver DNS -1  
Brent Mansfield Vancouver DNS -1  


* Garbage pick-up point

** Event Host point

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