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24 Dec 2010 08:30
24 Dec 2010 10:00

A Christmas Eve morning dash along major bike routes and the seawall around Downtown Vancouver, starting and ending in Vancouver's historic Strathcona neighborhood.


A dash around downtown, before we hunker down with family for a few days.  We'll run a brisk 17km route along major bike routes and the seawall around Downtown Vancouver, starting and finishing at the Wilder Snail coffee shop (799 Keefer Street) in the heart of Strathcona, Vancouver's oldest neighborhood.  



Meet on Friday December 24th  at 8:15 am Wilder Snail coffee shop at 799 Keefer Street

We'll start running at 8:30am sharp.

We'll run a 17km loop around downtown.  Ideally, we'll run as a group, or break into two groups to suit desired paces.  The finish is at the Wilder Snail, the same place we started.

If you want to take a detour to complete some last-minute Christmas shopping, don't forget to slip your credit card into your hydration pack.


Registration is free for members and non-members alike.  Please leave a comment below to confirm your attendance.

Whining is not allowed. You are responsible for your own well being and safety and should be self sufficient.

Please read the Release of All Claims. By participating in this event you agree to the terms of the Release of All Claims.


Looking to get in another fun run before the holidays. 

The Course (Revised Dec 23)

Paved sidewalks and seawall.

From the Wilder Snail, head west towards downtown on Keefer.

Left on Jackson

Right on Union

Over Dunsmuir Viaduct, in protected pedestrian lane.

Left on Beatty to Pacific

Left on Davie

Right on Marinaside Crescent

Right on Drake

Left to go around David Lam Park, rejoin Pacific

Right on Hornby

Right on Robson, if not blocked by Construction, proceed around back of Vancouver Art Museum

Circle Christmas tree

Return to Hornby, Right on Hornby to Waterfront, Left at Canada Place

Around new Convention Centre stay on seawall to entrance to Stanley Park

Veer left under bridge to Lost Lagoon, circumnavigate Lost Lagoon to 2nd beach

Seawall all the way to Quebec St near Science World

Left on Quebec

Right on Columbia

Right on Union

Left on Heatley

Right on Georgia

Left on Hawks to Wilder Snail.

Congrats, you've completed the Downtown Dash!



Mark Feng's picture

Sorry, I was 5 minutes late this morning.

I should have been there at 8:10 but I missed that tiny street on Hastings. Then, I couldn't find any bypass streets to Keefer and it took me about 30 minutes to finally spot the Wilder Snail. One guy told me two runners in red were just left 5 minutes ago. I felt very sorry to let you guys down. I hope you guys had a fun run today.

Merry Christmas!


reaganwhite's picture

sorry we missed you Mark

Good to hear from you!  After the run, someone at the Wilder Snail mentioned that two guys in blue showed up about 5min after Dario and I started at 8:35.  Let me know if you ended up doing a run, custom or otherwise, and I'll add you to the writeup I'm doing right now. 

Thanks for trying to make it, catch you next time!  Merry Christmas!

Mark Feng's picture

Burnaby Lake Loop

No, I ended up with a Burnaby Lake loop for about 11 K. That wasn't a pretty run cause I consistly thought about the appointment I missed. Anyway, see you soon at trails.

Sibylle's picture

 HoHoHo you downtown

 HoHoHo you downtown dashers...love to join you.  Will be working from home and could actually manage, but Dr. ordered me off my running feet, so I better not pound the pavement.  Tempting, though.  Have fun and Merry Christmas!

reaganwhite's picture


Dario H. just called me, indicated he'll be joining us :-)

reaganwhite's picture

Course Updated

Per yesterday's comment, the Downtown Dash course is updated to see a bit more of downtown, including Hornby to the Vancouver Art Gallery.

Jess, if you're able to join us, we'll pass Hornby and Drake at roughly the 5k mark, around 9am.  If you can join us, great!  I'll have my cell you can call, see where we are.  If not, merry christmas!

jessdagg's picture

looks great!

I should beable to join you from my work until you come around to the Hornby St on the Seawall again :-)

jessdagg's picture

part of it

May beable to join for part of it. I would likely leave at 9am from work at Hornby and Drake and start heading towards you on seawall.

reaganwhite's picture

that gives me an idea...

Super!  If you are pretty confident you will join us, I will rejig the the downtown portion of the course slightly to loop you in, and include part of the new Hornby bike lane.  As a bonus, the course could also take us past the Christmas tree in front of the Vancouver Art Gallery, which, at 50 feet, is said to be the largest in Western Canada. 

jessdagg's picture

I'm pretty confident

But not guaranteed. I'll figure it out whatever you plan!

Mark Feng's picture

 Love the bonus!

 Love the bonus!

Mark Feng's picture

 I'm in.

 I'm in.

reaganwhite's picture

Sweet!   See you on Friday!

Sweet!   See you on Friday!

Sibylle's picture

 Cool!  Sorry, I'll be

 Cool!  Sorry, I'll be working that morning.

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