Flash - Dam Foolish 50K

29 Mar 2009 09:00
Deep Cove, North Vancouver, BC

What:  A 50K run on the Baden Powell Trail between Deep Cove and Cleveland Dam.  Since this is a Fat Ass event you may, of course, do whatever distance like. 

Why:  To get some miles on the Baden Powell Trail in preparation for Hyson's Hijinks and future events.  Besides, we haven't done much running on the BPT over the winter with all the snow and we've missed it greatly.

Where:  Meet at Panorama Park in Deep Cove, North Vancouver, BC

When:  Sunday, March 29, 2009 at 09:00

Route:  The Dam Foolish 50K will consist a short 1.1K out and back in Deep Cove followed by an out and back of 30 miles between Deep Cove and Cleveland Dam on the Baden Powell Trail.

Aid:  Be prepared to be self-sufficient. There should be water at Deep Cove and at the Lynn Canyon Suspension Bridge and Cleveland Dam washrooms.  There may be water at the Mountain Highway fountain also, but that is not guaranteed. 

Results:  Fill in the results sheet on the windshield of Karl's Silver Dodge Caravan, 280 LCT, which will be parked in or near Panorama Park, or email your distance and time to Karl through the email link at the bottom of this event site.

Motto: Nothing is foolproof to a talented fool.

Entry: There is no fee and you don't need to be a member of Club Fat Ass to participate in a Flash event, however whining is not allowed. No registration is required but please indicate your participation via the comment form below. You are responsible for your own well being and safety and should be self sufficient. Please read the Release of All Claims. By participating in this event you agree to the terms of the Release of All Claims.

Contacts: Gilles Barbeau and Karl Jensen


Flash - Dam Foolish 50K - Results

A surprising number of people showed up on Sunday morning for the start of this run.  Lorie and Barry drove half way across the province and James came all the way from the UK.

It was a perfect day with cool temperatures and bright sun.  The trail was in great condition, with the exception of a few downed trees.  Only some very tiny patches of snow were encountered.  It was really great to get back out onto the Baden Powell.

Name Distance Time
Cheryl Johnson  *100.0 M 4:30
Lorie Alexander 50.0 K 10:02
Barry Hopkins 50.0 K 10:02
Gilles Barbeau 50.0 K 10:02
Karl Jensen 50.0 K 10:02
Baldwin Lee (custom course) 29.0 K 3:13
Monty Watts 26.5 K   4:15
James Clarke 26.5 K   4:15
Rick Arikado 25.0 K 3:55
John Machray 24.0 K 4:50
Arlene MacAulay 22.0 K 4:05
Rhonda Schuller 22.0 K 4:05
Cynnimon Rain 22.0 K 4:15
Claudia Bullington 14.5 K 2:00










*Cheryl ran 22 K, but earned mega bonus miles for lending the 50 K group $20 to buy food at the Dam grocery store, thereby saving them from starvation and certain death on the return journey to Deep Cove.  Thanks Cheryl and congratulations on your first 100 mile finish.  And in a very impressive time too.   

Easy 100

You're funny and I'm thrilled to be even a token member of the 100 mile club.  The trails were so busy...great job getting in 50k.  And just pass the favour/loan forward when next you meet a starving fool or maniac!


Hi Cheryl,

We were all very grateful for the extra food.  The run took a lot longer than expected.

I will pay back the $20;  just in case I need to borrow it again sometime in the future.  Hopefully you have good supply of canned beans in the basement until the next time I see you.

Thanks again,


Sibylle's picture

Congrats to

Congrats to everybody.



Hi,  just like to say that was a really good run today, hope you enjoyed the extra's K's 4 hours was actually enough and has forced me to my couch where I am working on fattening my ass up.  Hope to see you all again soon.  I guess I should enter a race sometime.

Thanks alot,




Good to meet you too James,

It looks like you and Monty had a nice workout.  From your distance it appears that you made a trip to Lynn Canyon and back.  That's a great route: lots of climbing and some nice technical downhills.

The next long run will be Hyson's Hijinks 100M in late April on the same course, plus a bit past the Dam, that we did yesterday.

We don't work on "fattening our asses".  We aggressively replenish our carbohydrates.


cbullington's picture

My Distance and Time

Hi Karl,


Sorry I forgot to write my time and distance in your master report, fact is that I ran into few people I knew and got carried away in good conversation, then went to eat a donut so I completely forgot to disclaim my achievement report: 9 miles in 2:00 hrs.

Hope you guys had fun, I'll try to make it for a full 50 km in your next flash event...you guys are getting in my head the idea of a 100-miller... I will have to talk to Lorie to see which one is the easiest, though I still think there is no such a think as an easy 100-miller... :)

It was nice seeing you.


Easy 100

Thanks for giving me your Distance and time.  I'll get the results out later tonight or tomorrow.

Some 100 milers are easier than others, but they all get harder as the miles accumulate.  You might want to try a 50 mile race to see how your body takes to the longer distances.  There are lots of variables that come into play and you need to figure out what works for you.  Have a look at the Stormy 50 Miler in August.  You've got lots of time to prepare for that and the North Shore trail runs are perfect training for it.



Monty Watts's picture

Fool's Gold

I'm in for 3 or 4 hours of fun and not sure how far that'll get me; but, will see you at the start.

A few of us are going one way

A few of us are going one way starting at Grouse (I'm lazy) and we're starting at 8:00.  Ok, we'll start at Cleveland so it should qualify as a custom version of Damn Foolishness


As long as you send me your distance and time you can run circles in your backyard and it will qualify.

FYI:  There's only one "n" in Dam Foolishness.  No swearing allowed.

Baldwin Lee's picture

I didn't actually run on the BP this morning...

But I did run 18 miles in 3:13 on 75% pavement and 25% groomed trails. Hope that counts!


Everything counts Baldwin.  What it counts for depends on who's doing the counting.

I'll put you down for a "custom course".


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;-)  do I sense digging for

;-)  do I sense digging for points??? Sorry, no points for Flash events...although, maybe we should discuss if Flash Event Hosts earn a point.  Karl and Gilles would give Des a run for his money. 

thats darn funny

....must have been my subconscious talking.

Dam Foolish

Hope you don't mind if I turn up at the park on Sunday, I am new to Vancouver and this would be my first fatass event. 

If you think there is anything I need to know please drop me a line otherwise see you Sunday morning

What's your plan?

It's always nice to have new company.  It sometimes gets tiresome looking at the same foolish faces.

Are you planning to do the full 50K? 

You should be aware that there is no aid, so you'll only have what you bring along yourself.  Water should be available at the start, Lynn Canyon, Mountain Highway and Capilano Dam.

At the moment it looks like it will only be Gilles, myself and possibly you doing the full course.  Gilles and I are typically a bit over two hours to Lynn Canyon and four plus hours to the Dam.  We'll probably be about four hours coming back. 

Have you run on the Baden Powell Trail?  There are a few turns that might confuse a first timer and some fairly steep technical sections.  You might want to have a look at the course description on the Knee Knacker site.

I hope that helps you a bit James.  It's difficult to know what to tell you without knowing about your trail running experience.  Please let me know if you have any specific questions.

See you on Sunday,





Probably was only up for about 35-40K but we will see how we get on who knows the force may be with me!  I have run some of the trail around Lynn Canyon and have reasonbale amount of experience of fell running in the UK so  navigation and technical trails shouldn't be a problem.

See you Sunday,


Fell Running

I've tried fell running.  I ran, I fell, I ran, I fell again.  Can't understand why the Brits make a sport out of it.  It really slows down your pace.

40K, 50K, not much difference.  Might as well get your money's worth.

Looking forward to meeting you. 


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BP Conditions

I ran a bit of the BP from Mosquito Creek to near Mountain Highway yesterday.  Very clear except in the ravines, where there are still some remnants of snow and ice.  You can probably leave the YakTraks at home.

If I'm still standing after the Run to the Clouds, I'd love to join you fools for part of it.  Would probably run toward you from Mosquito Creek leaving around 10:00.  Will try to get Des and Chris to join me if I can't convince them to build a wall in my backyard.

If I can't give away all of my beer in Saturday's potlatch, you can count on a slightly shaken Sleeman's when we cross paths.

Jackson without beer

We'll be happy to see you Ean, even if you've given away all the beer.

I think Machray might be running from his place to meet us also.

We'll be running the Knee Knacker course in reverse to Cleveland Dam.  Our time to Lynn Canyon is usually a bit over two hours.  We may make a trip across the suspension bridge to hit the washrooms, but will come back to east side to continue on the  BP course.

With the rain and warm temperatures forecast for this week I'm hoping the snow will all be gone by Sunday.  I've had enough of that stuff.

Sibylle's picture

How Foolish

You'll miss the free beer Jackson promises everybody from Vancouver/North Van running to the clouds that day ;-)


Sorry Sibylle, I hadn't noticed that there was a conflict.  I've move the DF50K to Sunday.

Is there a rule against doing both?  We like free beer.  Especially if Jackson is buying.

Ean Jackson's picture


Sure, do both and I'll buy you a beer... anything to beat Pete!

Sibylle's picture

Hehehe, no rule against doing

Hehehe, no rule against doing both - but I don't think Jackson will spring for 2 beers ;-)  Run to the Clouds is very nice and Pete and his team put a lot of love into the day.  You and the rest of the Fools should check it out.  Good hill training, too!

Thanks for moving the date.  Pete will appreciate it.

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