2012 - Chuckanut Calf Cramper

26 May 2012

Report: Coming soon.

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Ean Jackson - 10 Miles 1:35
Genissa - Custom 56min **
Sibylle Tinsel - Custom 56min


*      bonus point (garbage point/good sportsmanship)
**     Event Host Point


Ean Jackson's picture

A New World Record?

As the only person to complete the "long" course, can I put on my resume that I won and am the current world record holder?  surprise

Genissa, thank you so much for your hospitality and a wonderful run.  It would be impossible to have as better day for a run in mountains.  I saw several piliated woodpeckers up along the ridge and either I spooked a doe or a doe spooked me as I neared the cutoff to the lookout.  Beautiful views from the top.  

The trail was lovely... my hat is off to everyone who contributed to building the new Raptor Ridge trail.  (I saw a raptor, too, though not sure if it was an eagle or a large hawk.)  The run down is quite a rip!  I apparently made it back to the car ahead of time and just missed you.

For the finisher party, Sibylle and I went to Trader Joe's and put together a picnic of stinky cheeses and craft beer.  Had a fine lunch in the sun at the ocean.

'Looking forward to next year! 

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