Flash - Bowen Bash

10 Mar 2007 10:30


  • A mad scramble... or maybe just a fun run around Killarney Lake on Bowen Island.
  • A run on a bucolic island only 20 mins by ferry from Horseshoe Bay, easy trails with negligible elevation gain, a beautiful lake... and it all ends at Doc Morgan's Pub. What's not to like about the Bowen (Beer) Bash?
  • Laps (with good potential for variety) are about 7km and when you've had enough, just pull into the Pub right by the ferry dock and meet up with the rest of the group.
  • The master plan would involve catching the 10:05am ferry to Bowen. People run as many laps as they see fit (I'm guessing most people will do 2 or 3 laps.)
  • Hit the pub around 1-2pm for some serious bullshitting and beer consumption.
  • Catch the 4:05 or 5:05pm ferry home. Tidy.


  • Anybody who is able to run at least 7km
  • CFA Flash Events are open to members and non-members alike.  No registration is required. 


  • See (http://www.gvrd.bc.ca/parks/maps/Crippenmap.pdf) for a map of the area.
  • Basically the idea is to take one of many trails to Killarney Lake, loop the lake and then return to Snug Cove.
  • One lap is ~7km and variety can be had on subsequent laps by taking different trails to Killarney lake and running around the lake the opposite way.
  • We will be walk-on passengers, so we should meet up in the waiting lounge for the Bowen ferry (located upstairs). It shouldn't be hard to spot the runners in the crowd.
  • Be prepared to be self sufficient, although the occasional forest gnome may appear with Scooby Snacks.


  • Best to carpool to the Ferry Terminal in Horseshoe Bay as parking there is limited. Use the comment function below to arrange carpooling.
  • Those of us taking the poverty wagon (aka the Looser Cruiser, the 32 window station wagon) can hop on the #257 (Horseshoe Bay Express). It leaves downtown (Georgia and Burrard) at 9:20am and Park Royal (Marine Dr. and Park Royal North) at 9:36am and arrives at Horseshoe Bay at 9:57am ... giving us 8 minutes to hop on the ferry!!!
  • Please read the  Release of All Claims. By participating in this event you agree to the terms of the Release of All Claims .

Contacts:  Mark Grist


Ean Jackson's picture

Sugar Man

Hey Mark,

To me, going to Bowen Island is like going on vacation.  The pace slows as soon as you get on the ferry.  This is good, because I'm not running very fast these days.

I was looking forward to joining you for the inaugural Bowen Bash, but figure I'd best rest and ice a muscle tear.  Believe it or not, I was planning to come rain or shine!  Have an *awesome* run.

Sibylle's picture

How was the Bowen Bash

Hey Mark,

Sorry, I didn't make it...has planned it, but kids and husband didn't cooperate.  Looks like you guys stayed fairly dry?  Can't wait to read a report and see photos if anybody took some.  Let me know if you need help posting the story.

Bill Dagg's picture

I'll be there!

Hi Mark,

Just thought I'd let you know that John Neels and I will be there!  Sounds like it'll be good.  Always nice to have some new turf to run on.



Good news!

I put in a special order with the weather gods and lo and behold, if you check the latest EnviroCan forecast, the rain's supposed to hold off until the afternoon tomorrow. See you at the ferry terminal.



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