2011 - Year 18 - Vancouver New Year's Day Fat Ass 50 Run and Freeze Your Fat Ass Swim - Results

Starter Photo - 1 January 2011 - 118 Starters

New Year's Day: Now is the accepted time to make your regular annual good resolutions. Next week you can begin paving hell with them as usual. ~Mark Twain

If our little resolution run is an omen of things to come, 2011 is going to be an extraordinary year!

As the person who loosely organizes this unique event, I feel it is important to set expectations appropriately. To that end, I try to make clear to anyone who might be interested in participating in the Vancouver New Years Day Fat Ass 50K run and Freeze Your Fat Ass Swim that, in exchange for a free celebratory pint, they must expect to suffer through heinous weather, expect to feel totally miserable for at least the first hour of the run (longer if their New Years eve celebration was intense), expect to get lost, and expect to suffer at least mild hypothermia after finishing their run with a dip in the Pacific Ocean.  
This was the 18th year in a row that a select group of crazy runners kicked-off a new year doing what they love. It was an extraordinary year from several perspectives:

Club Fat Ass - Vancouver New Year's Day Fat Ass 50km Run - View of Vancouver from Kits Beach

It was a bluebird day. Sunny. Cloudless skies. Above freezing temperatures. We've never had it so good. 'Hate to say it, but we probably won't live long enough to see better conditions!
Records were set. Congrats to David "Paps" Papineau for breaking his own course record and establishing a new mens speed record of 3:46. Second place mens finisher, Sammy "Numbnuts" Lofti-Pour, maintained Pap's relentless pace for most of the 50K distance, but his visions of kicking Pap's fat ass were destroyed by a brutal face-plant that took precious time to shake-off. 
I personally witnessed Paps and Sammy duke it out in the ocean in round 2. At the 3-minute mark in their grudge match, a crowd had gathered to watch the spectacle of grown men slagging each other with trash talk as they stood in ice-cold water above their waists.  "Why?", the growing throng of onlookers asked. Pap's will cracked at about the same time as his voice did, but Sammy remained steadfast. At 10 minutes, his teeth had not even started to chatter. At 15-minutes, he came clean with his intention to break his own world record of 16:30. The crowd let out a roar as the waterproof chronograph showed 20 minutes. Congrats to Sammy for establishing a new record of 20:04!
Unfortunately, I had to award the Purple Heart award to 2 people this year, both of whom missed receiving their free beers because they ended up in the hospital. Marla fell on her finger and dislocated it. Ryan fell on his head and broke a few ribs. Both are OK. This is a record I hope will not be broken.
A record number of former course record-holders were also present:  Paps and myself.  Dave Cressman dragged his sorry ass back from retirement.  Gary Robbins came out and did a few Ks on his crutches and established a new category of record by so doing. 
There were the usual number of lost lambs who zigged when they should have zagged on the labyrinthine trails of Stanley or Pacific Spirit Park. I tend to not sympathize with the locals who have ample opportunity to train on the course all year long.  My cold heart does go out to guests from out of town, however. Thank you to Scotty, Rich, Sarah and Noal from the Seattle-Tacoma area for establishing a new missing persons record for this event. (Edward, no excuse for you, but you earn my praise for keeping our visitors company in the cold and dark forests of downtown Vancouver.)  I am glad you all made it back in time for your free beers and that your lips were not as blue as Sammy's!
As the host of a Club Fat Ass event, I get to award Club points to my guests who pause to pick up trash along the trails and otherwise do good deeds during their run.  I am proud to award a record number of Club participation points this year.  
A record 118 people showed up at the start.  Back when I started this run as a joke, I figured it would be a miracle if I could cajole 9 friends to join me for a New Years day ultra by bribing them with a beer. Drawing the line at 100 participants in year 10 was totally an act of wishful thinking.  The last few years, I've allowed more than 100 to sign up, as inevitably, many will give up on their first resolution of the year and opt to sleep in. Not so this year. More than 50 people signed up between Christmas and 11:48 on New Years eve. To everyone who resolved to show up and did make it to the start, congrats to you!
Many thanks to our friends and families for helping out with aid and encouragement along the course, for those who helped me organizing behind the scenes and to those who provided the many recognition prizes.  I like to recognize all of the special people on the event Thanks page.  If there's someone you feel I've missed, please let me know.
Newbies, take note of the annual club contests.  It was a bit loud at the Mosquito Creek pub, so you might not have heard why Sibylle and Graham were handing out shoes and other great prizes.  I hereby resolve to get a leg-up on the travelling t-shirt contest by get 4 years worth of photos in during the month of January.  =;-)
May all of your resolutions come to pass and may 2011 be extraordinary for you!
Ean Jackson
Host of the Vancouver New Years Day Fat Ass 50K Run and Freeze Your Fat Ass Swim

New Years Fitness Resolutions
Too late to get into the contest for 2011, but never too late to make them!

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Preliminary results are posted below. If I don't have your time/distance or have either recorded incorrectly, please email me.

First Name Last Name City Age Event Points EH Garbage Crew Time Notes
David Papineau Vancouver 40-49 50km 2       3:46:28 course record
Hassan Lotfi-Pour   40-49 50km 1       3:49:55 21min swim
Dario Herrera New Westminster 30-39 50km 2       4:05  
Mike Palichuk Langley 40-49 50km 2       4:09  
Chris Tomkinson Port Moody 40-49 50km 2       4:10  
Pat Malavi Vancouver 30-39 50km (49.2km) 2       4:08 inadvertent shortcut
Jim Swadling North Vancouver 60-69 50km 2       4:15  
Ran Katzman Vancouver 40-49 50km 2       4:22  
Christopher Benn Vancouver 50-59 50km 2       4:30  
Chad Hyson Vancouver 30-39 50km 2       4:30:29  
David Parker Vancouver 30-39 50km 2       4:36  
Shane Onufrechuk Vancouver 30-39 50km 2       4:40  
Richele Frank Vancouver 30-39 50km 2       4:47  
Jude Ultra Vancouver 20-29 50km 2       4:48  
Tim Nixon Nixon 40-49 50km 2       4:51  
Heather Vestergaard Anmore 40-49 50km 2       4:59  
Gili Katzman Vancouver 40-49 50km 2       5:04  
Mark Feng Vancouver 40-49 50km 2       5:05  
Mike Kuiack Vancouver 40-49 50km 2       5:05  
scott donatelli Vancouver 40-49 50km 1       5:18  
David Crerar North Vancouver 40-49 50km 2       5:24  
Adrian Powell Burnaby 30-39 50km 2       5:24  
Eric Rannaud Burnaby 20-29 50km 2       5:35  
Rick Arikado Vancouver 50-59 50km 2       5:36  
desmond mott north vancouver 50-59 50km 2   1   5:37  
Ray Levasseur Vancouver 50-59 50km 2   1   5:39  
neil ambrose Maple Ridge 40-49 50km 2       5:55  
Jonathan Weresch Vancouver 40-49 50km 2   1   5:56  
ken legg North Van 40-49 50km 2       5:59:59  
Daryl Funk Burnaby 40-49 50km 2       6:00  
Reza Gharazadly North Vancouver   50km member status       6:00  
Angela Cullen Spooner Port Coquitlam 50-59 50km 2       6:03  
Peter Stace-Smith Coquitlam 50-59 50km 2       6:03  
Debbie Suzuki Vancouver 50-59 50km 2       6:03  
Pete  van Gaalen Coquitlam 50-59 50km 2       6:03  
Susan Hui Vancouver 40-49 50km 2   1   6:07  
Rainy Kent   50-59 50km 2       6:07  
Michael Richen   30-39 50km 1       6:07  
Rachel Fouladi Burnaby 40-49 50km 2   1   6:11  
Tanya Jones Coquitlam 30-39 50km 2   1   6:11  
Alice Beaudet Surrey 50-59 50km 1       6:19  
celina  coombs   40-49 50km 2       6:19  
Eric Stacey   50-59 50km 2       6:19  
Norma Bastidas Delta 40-49 50km 2       6:20 ran with broken finger
Keith Nichol Vancouver 50-59 50km 2       6:33  
Sarah Anderson Seattle 30-39 50km 2       6:45 plus some extra kms
noal cattone seattle 30-39 50km 2       6:45 plus some extra kms
Edward Sargisson VANCOUVER 30-39 50km 2       6:45 plus some extra kms
Scotty Railton Tacoma, WA 40-49 50km 2    1   7:07 plus some extra kms
Rich White Tacoma, WA 30-39 50km 2       7:07 plus some extra kms
Donovan Watts Vancouver ? 25km member status       1:55  
Ryan Conroy North Vancouver 30-39 25km 1       2:05  
Dave Cressman Vancouver 40-49 25km 2       2:12  
Sukhi Pawa Vancouver 40-49 25km 2       2:18  
Bob Hermanutz North Vancouver 40-49 25km 2       2:22  
Paul Kennedy Vancouver 40-49 25km 1       2:25  
Ean Jackson North Vancouver 50-59 25km 2 2 1   2:34  
Kristin Ohm-Pedersen Malmo, Sweden 20-29 25km 1   1   2:35:47  
Stephen Parslow Vancouver 30-39 25km 2       2:36  
Glenn Pace North Van 40-49 25km 2       2:40  
Lori Clerkson Port Coquitlam 40-49 25km member status       2:45  
Gord Lord Coquitlam 50-59 25km 1       2:45  
Don Murray Vancouver 40-49 25km 2       2:45  
Sarah Weinkam Port Coquitlam 30-39 25km 2       2:45  
Peggy Brown Port Moody 40-49 25km 2       2:48  
Rhonda Schuller Vancouver 60-69 25km 1   1   2:53  
Sibylle Tinsel North Vancouver 40-49 25km 2   1   2:53  
Jessica Glowacki   30-39 25km 2       3:00  
Scott Richen Burnaby 30-39 25km member status       3:00  
Brad Yerxa north vancouver 40-49 25km 1       3:00  
Herb Yang Coquitlam 40-49 25km 2       3:06  
david montgomery vancouver 40-49 25km 2   1   3:07  
Jackie Montgomery Vancouver 40-49 25km 2   1   3:07  
Gottfried Grosser North Vancouver 60-69 25km 1       3:25  
Craig Moore Lynn Valley, North Vancouver 40-49 25km 2   1   4:10  
John Machray North Vancouver 50-59 25km 1       4:15  
Vijay Cuddeford   50-59 25km 1       ?  
Dan Daoust   40-49 25km 1       ?  
BRADLEY JONES   30-39 25km member status       ?  
Paul Kennedy Vancouver 40-49 25km 1       ?  
Emily Kerr   30-39 25km 1       ?  
Monika Kriedemann Vancouver 40-49 25km 1       ?  
Susan  Leung Vancouver 40-49 25km 1       ?  
Hileray Shackelford Coquitlam 30-39 25km         ?  
Ryne Melcher North Vancouver 30-39 custom - 16km 2     1 1:20  
Andy Nicol Vancouver 50-59 16km 2       ?  
Penny Jakobsen North Vancouver 40-49 custom 1       1:27  
Gary Robbins North Vancouver 30-39 custom - 10km 1   1   1:28 on crutches
Debra Nicol   50-59 custom 1       ?1:28  
Graham Archer Coquitlam 30-39 custom - 20km 2   1 1 1:45  
Steven Lowe Coquitlam 60-69 custom - 20km 2       2:09  
Liza Flemming Vancouver 30-39 custom -15km 2   1   2:20  
Maureen Forrestal North Vancouver 40-49 custom - 28km member status       2:34  
Christine Moric   40-49 custom - 28km 1       2:34  
Susan  Reynolds Vancouver 40-49 custom - 33km 1       2:59  
Alan Thompson   40-49 custom - 33km 1       2:59  
Pamela Keck North Vancouver 30-39 custom - 25km 2       3:00  
Laurie  Brookbank Port Coquitlam 50-59 custom - 27km 2       3:00  
Doug McConnell   50-59 custom -35km 1       3:18  
Patrick  Lewis Austin 19 or younger custom - 28km 2   1   3:22  
Reagan White Vancouver 30-39 custom - 28km 2   1   3:22  
Philip Waters Vancouver 60-69 custom - 28km 2       3:38  
Karl Jensen North Vancouver 60-69 custom 1       3:40  
Matthew Seftel Winnipeg 40-49 custom - 42km 2       4:15  
Carolyn King Maple Ridge 40-49 custom 2       4:20  
Marla Weinheimer Maple Ridge 40-49 custom 2       4:20 fell and broke finger
Ruby  Ferguson (Willis) Coquitlam 50-59 custom - 38km 2   1   4:37  
Lucy  Ryan Coquitlam 40-49 46km 2       5:10  
John Little Vancouver 60-69 custom 1       ?  
ryan keefe Langley 30-39 custom - 35km 2       ? fell and broke some ribs
Kristie Congram Vancouver 50-59 crew         There in Spirit ;-)  
Neil  Ferguson     crew       1    
Sarah Galazin     crew       1    
Carie Moran Port Coquitlam 30-39 crew       1    
Roxy The Dog     crew       1    
Norco Truck     crew            
Joe Turtle     crew       1    
Man Kong Chan Vancouver 30-39 DNS -1          
Lindsay delayen victoria 20-29 DNS -1          
Ross Fleming Vancouver 30-39 DNS -1          
patricia  Jensen North Vancouver 40-49 DNS -1          
Jeanne Kim Vancouver 30-39 DNS -1          
Sean Lavin Vancouver 40-49 DNS -1          

 *      bonus point (garbage point/good sportsmanship)
**     Event Host Point
***   Membership status needs to be updated at www.clubfatass.com/join
**** crew point 

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In Memory

For me, the run  this year was in memory of my friend Shneor, killed last June in a hit-and-run accident in Israel while riding his road bike, training for an Ironman. 

The shirt I wore was recently commissioned by a group of his friends, who decided to celebrate his life by doing the things he loved - being outdoors and active. This small core group, many of whom have never been "runners" before, started doing short training runs, and soon enough many other people joined-in. Their current goal is the Tiberias marathon (on the shores of the sea of Galilee) on January 6th, 2011. 

If that activity and motivation sounds familiar, it's no wonder; Club Fat Ass - with Ean & Sibylle that founded it - are made of the same ingredients: Be active, on the ever changing trails, away from the maddening crowd, stay low-key, respect nature, and most of all - suck it up, don't whine. Simple, but so true for me and for many of my friends, Shneor being one of them. 


Sibylle's picture

 Ran, sorry to hear about

 Ran, sorry to hear about your friend.  Good luck to the group running the Tiberias marathon.

Now your cryptic comment and pointing to your chest makes sense.  I hope you found solace on the trails and in the cold waters of Burrard Inlet.

Ean Jackson's picture


would surely appreciate the run and swim you did for him on New Years Day, Ran.  I noticed the t-shirt with Hebrew writing on it you were wearing, but didn't think to ask what it meant.  I've heard that the Tiberias Marathon course is flat and fast.  Wishing Shenor's friends a safe and successful run on the 6th.  

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