Please print out this course description (scroll down for a printer-friendly version) and bring it with you in a plastic baggie to the start.  You can find GPS waypoints from Keith Nichols 2010 run here.

(4:45 finish)

Vancouver New Years Day Fat Ass 50



meet at Brockton Oval change rooms, just in front of the track. (Go right just after the aquarium.)



start - Brockton Oval fire hydrant.  If you're not going for a record, try to run together for first 15 minutes!



Stanley Park Trails. This 6.3 km section of the route is for the most part on tame dirt trails that contour the shoreline. Be sure to look up and around as you pass through the ancient old growth Douglas firs.



- straight along Kinglet Trail to Lumberman's Arch, pass on the left of orange concession stand and rejoin trail



- straight along trail (right at only fork) to Pipeline Road and bridge. Straight across road, then go right at the "Beaver Lake Interpretive Trail" sign and descend trail marked 'No Cycling Environmentally Sensitive' down to creek



- turn left at creek and zigzag up the creek until you reach Beaver Lake. Go right at the lake and continue along lakeside path



- go right at the next 2 forks. You should be back on a narrow trail that borders a small creek (North Creek Trail)



- zigzag up the creek, over a couple little bridges until trail merges into gravel access road.  Note big storage bins for dirt and compost to right of trail



- follow gravel road straight up until you reach the paved road. (Don't go left or right at the "T"!) Cross the paved road carefully and rejoin small trail directly in front of you



- follow small trail through trees, then left on large gravel path (Avison Trail.) Continue along trail to highway bridge with lion statues, then along sidewalk to Prospect Point washrooms (first building.)



Reference Point (RP) #1 - water / washrooms at Prospect Point



- take crosswalk opposite washrooms to regain wide gravel trail. Stay right at trail intersection then cross paved road onto gravel road that leads downhill toward water. After 50m, go right down gravel road (Siwash Rock Trail)



- continue downhill to the cliff edge, then stay left on gravel road. Follow along cliff edge through blowdown of 2006, then steeply uphill to a lover's bench. Note concrete World War 2 lookout bunker above Siwash Rock (the little island) on your right.



- turn right after the bench onto the larger gravel road and continue downhill to Third Beach washrooms and concession



- after concession stand, follow the paved road straight ahead and slightly uphill. Take small trail on your left (away from water). This will take you to a paved road crossing after about 50m. Cross road and turn right onto large trail that parallels the road. (Rawlings Trail.)



- follow Rawlings Trail until you come to a wooden shelter at a major trail intersection. Turn right and cross the road to Second Beach pool and concession stand



- at concession stand, go left and stay on paved seawall trail



The Sea Wall. This 13.4 km section of the route follows the ocean shore back to the woods along one of Vancouver’s most popular paths.



- continue along seawall to English Bay bath house (site of big polar bear swim on return leg). Fountain may be working.



- follow seawall to Burrard Bridge.  Almost under bridge, cut left through Aquatic Center parking lot. Carefully cross street.  Go up stairs, then turn right onto bridge.



- cross to Kitsilano on bridge sidewalk closest to English Bay



- at end of bridge, south of big green apartment building, turn right at the first street (Chestnut St). Note there is no sidewalk for the first bit on the east side of Chestnut. Watch for cars! Follow to Maritime Museum (big A-frame) at the end of Chestnut



- at the parking lot, go left along the upper trail past the totem pole.  (20 bonus scenic meters and some stairs if you take the oceanside trail.)



RP #2 - water / washrooms at Kitsilano Beach (junk food is 2 blocks east at Mac's Milk - Maple Avenue at Cornwall and Starbucks is across the street at Yew and Cornwall)



- continue along trail near to water past Kits Pool, then take paved trail past Kitsilano Yacht Club where it turns into dirt path. At end of path, take concrete stairs up to street and run up one short block to Point Grey Road



- go right on Point Grey Road. Stay on sidewalk 7 blocks to Alma Street then straight along beach past Vancouver Yacht Club. At Jericho Beach parking lot zig left, then right onto bike path.



- continue along path to left of Jehrico Sailing Club.  (10 bonus meters if you take scenic oceanside path in the sand.)  Pass to the left of the concession and water fountain at Locarno Beach, then enjoy the refreshing breeze off the beach.



RP #3 - water / washrooms at Spanish Banks 



Pacific Spirit Park. This 7.7 km section to the turnaround is on dirt trails that range from rooty and muddy to wheelchair-accessible.



- just after the washrooms, go left.  Look both ways before you cross the paved road into a ravine.  Take the trail up, then right through a gate to the top of the ridge.  



- take Admirality Trail along the escarpment parallel to beach.  It flatens out and ends at a T-intersection.



- go left (south) on Salish Trail. There's a long, tough uphill. Go past school on left to Chancellor Blvd. Cross street and reenter Salish Trail directly opposite



- continue along Salish Trail past UBC golf course (on left) to University Blvd. Cross street and take Cleveland Trail (the one on the left, nearest the golf course)



- continue straight on Cleveland Trail to the park offices (some trailers) at 16th Avenue.



RP #4 – Park office. Water / washrooms



- Cross street and turn right (toward UBC) following trail next to woods. Rejoin Salish Trail on left after about 400m



- continue along Salish to t-intersection (Powerline trail.) This is where a lot of folks get lost. Turn left and go 125m uphill



- rejoin Salish trail on right, then continue on Salish to junction with Clinton trail and a clearing with a garbage can and wooden bench. Go right, then left and along trail next to the paved roadway (SW Marine Drive).



- continue about 700m parallel to road to the park sign (Southwest Marine Drive, Comosun Street and 41st Avenue.)



Half Way - RP #5 - Southwest Marine/41st/Comosun. This is a good place to have someone meet you if it's your first 50K



- follow larger path back to the smaller trail and go right to the clearing with garbage can and bench. Take large trail on left (Salish) to Powerline Trail. Turn left.



- follow Powerline 120m, then turn right onto Salish Trail. Stay on Salish until you get to 16th Avenue



- go right approx. 300m on trail parallel to road next to the woods. Cross street to park office



RP #4 - water / washrooms at park office.



- run straight along Cleveland Trail to University Blvd. Cross the street carefully. Regain Salish Trail at the corner of the golf course (diagonal to left)



- at major trail intersection keep running straight. At Chancellor Blvd., cross street and regain Salish Trail at far left of the school



- descend long hill to bottom.  Before you get to the paved street, go right onto Admirality Trail 



- follow Admirality Trail back along escarpment to end.  Go through the gate to bottom of ravine.  Carefully cross the paved road back to the beach and go right on bike path



RP #3 - water / washrooms at Spanish Banks



The Sea Wall. This 10 km section of the route follows the ocean shore back to Stanley Park. Yes, that’s it way off in the distance!



- retrace steps along bike path then straight along Point Grey Road until at curves to the left at Bayswater, up little hill and left at Trafalgar Street to beach. Descend stairs, turn right and follow beach trail to Kits Beach



RP #2 - water / washrooms at Kits Beach



- retrace steps around Kits Point. At the A-frame (Marine Museum) just after the totem pole, go right onto Chestnut Street. At the corner of Cornwall (big green apartment) go left and onto the Burrard Bridge



- At far end of bridge, go down stairs on left. Cross road.  Go through parking lot toward ocean.  Turn right onto paved seawall path.



- pass gathering crowd of polar bear swimmers at Sunset Beach. If the crowd is too thick, take the upper bike path



- past the crowds, return to seawall and follow to Second Beach concession. (Washroom, fountain may be working.) At the concession, turn right.  Note:  You're almost home.  This last bit takes you around the seawall rather than through the park.  Do not go back through the park unless you want to add a couple of km and maybe get lost!



- Cross road at crosswalk when it is safe. Continue straight (east) on path that parallels a little river then contours north and east sides of small lake (Lost Lagoon). Don't take the first underpass.  When you almost reach the tall buildings, go left through the big pedestrian tunnel, then left again at the seawall.



- follow the paved seawall path with the ocean and the city skyline to your right. Pass the big white rowing club, yacht club and Deadman's Island. Pass the totem poles and say "Hi" to the statue of Canadian Olympian Harry Jerome breaking the tape. You should be able to smell the barn!



- pass under the white and red lighthouse. The Brocton Oval track should soon be in view in the distance on your left. Look for a short staircase from water with a paved road directly opposite. Go left and carefully cross the road. (Note: if you reach the mermaid statue in the water, go back!)



- Zone in on the fire hydrant and sprint!



finish - Brockton Oval fire hydrant. Kiss it! You're done.



- now run 100m back to the beach and jump in Burrard Inlet or someone might call you a wimp. You will need to get the plastic entry card to enter the change rooms. If showers at the track are not warm or they are closed, call City of Vancouver Parks and Rec at 604-873-7000 (or 311 if you live in Vancouver) to let them know how you feel.


15:30 -

celebrate – Mosquito Creek Grill – Westview Mall at Westview Drive and Highway #1, North Vancouver (604-983-3083). We have about 50 seats reserved together until 4:30, after that they will open the area to general seating. Friends are welcome, but under 19 not allowed. (Sorry. Stupid BC liquor laws don't permit.) Free pint for runners and crew!


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