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Please note, this site is under construction and more information will made available shortly.

LOCATION: Trans Canada Trail from Horseshoe Bay, West Vancouver, to Coquihalla Summit between Hope and Merritt

WHAT: See how far you can run on the Trans Canada Trail (pedestrian/hiker route) before Labour Day, 3 September 2012.  Self organized and self guided. Run as far as you want and when you want.
WHEN: 1 April to 1 September 2012
RESOURCES: For routes, etc. it is recommended to visit http://www.tctrail.ca/
RESULTS: Post a comment setting out your TCT conquests (or email "Wendy Montgomery" via the CFA Message email service on this site (see left column)), with the dates, and I will post ongoing standings once a week.  Please also feel free to post your trip reports in your CFA blog (log in and go to www.clubfatass.com/node/add/bog).

YOUR STORIES: CFA and your fellow trail runners love to hear about your TCT adventures.  To share your stories, we recommend you blog about them in your CFA member blog and tag with "TCT Social Club 2012".  Log in, then go here to get started.   You can read about the 2012 adventures posted so far here.

PHOTOS: Please post your photos, too. Add to the CFA Flickr Pool (instructions here. It's easy!), tag your photos: ClubFatAss ClubFatAssEvents ClubFatAssEvents2012 TCTSocialClub2012 TCTSocialClub (with a space separating each tag on the flickr template)
2012 Photos (coming soon)
WINNING TIE-BREAKER MECHANISM: In the case of a tie for first place: coming soon
PRIZE: The winner will be the proud owner of the CFA TCT trophy for the year: the appropriate trophy from which to drink as much beer as you can. 
TCT Social Club Extravaganza: To cap off the season, we will have a get-together at a pub:
  • Date: TBD (under no circumstances to conflict with peak peak bagging days)
  • Place: TBA

NO SANDBAGGING: all claims to run sections of the trail, must be submitted as promptly as possible (in most cases, within 3 days) of the actual run. Runs of more than two weeks old will be stale-dated.

ENTRY: There is no fee and you don't need to be a member of Club Fat Ass to participate in a Flash event, however whining is not allowed. That being said, many of the sections should only be attempted by runners/hikers with experience and fitness level of a typical Club Fat Ass member.
IMPORTANT SAFETY CONSIDERATIONS: All of these adventures are potentially dangerous.
  • You are responsible for your own well being and safety and should be self sufficient
  • Always run/hike with a buddy.
  • CFA reserves the right to remove anyone from the Challenge for doing reckless, dangerous, destructive, or foolish actions.
PARTICIPATE AT YOUR OWN RISK: YOU ARE WAIVING LEGAL ACTION: By participating in this event you agree to be wholly responsible for your own well-being and agree not to sue anyone associated with this event or Club Fat Ass or any person in relation to this activity. By participating in this event you agree to the terms of the Release of All Claims 

THE Trail Sections(from west to east) 

coming soon