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Best you print this and the course description off if you don't want to get lost! Go to the bottom of this page and click on "printer-friendly version" for best results.


Sunday September 2

07:00 Drag your fat ass out of bed. Check the weather. Be sure to print off this agenda and the course description!


IF YOU HAVE ARRANGED CAR-POOLING - arrange at agreed upon location to car-pool to Horseshoe Bay Ferry Terminal. NOTE: I will already be on the sunshine coast and will NOT be car-pooling or arranging the car-pooling, but there are always folks interested in meeting/sharing the transportation. If you are interested in car-pooling, feel free to contact me and I'll do what I can to help arrange.


Drive into the Village and park in day parking area in front of ticket booth (cost per vehicle is approx. $12 for the day). Meet at the ticket booth (ticket sales close at 09:25am sharp!!).

There is a parkade just behind (east of) the day parking lot, but your best bet is to carpool as much as possible!

09:40 Ferry sails to Langdale terminal.
10:20 Arrive at Langdale ferry terminal. Welcome and final briefing. Photo. Start after the traffic leaves the terminal (target is 10:30am)
13:30 First Finisher?
14:15 Ferry departs for the trip back to Horseshoe Bay













DISCLAIMER: In three (now four) attempts, I have yet to be able to follow my own course directions. But as long as you can follow the signs back to Langdale Ferry Terminal or Sprockkids Park you'll make it home.

This is an informal, environmentally-friendly event. Be sure to print this agenda and the course description and bring them with you to the event as there are no flags, marshals or other directions. (I recommend you put them in a plastic baggie, as they will otherwise surely turn to mush.) Better yet, train on the course and bring the directions.

Getting to the Start

Suggested CARPOOL MEETING PLACE: St David's Church, 1525 Taylor Way, North Vancouver

Drive north (toward the mountains) along Taylor Way. Follow signs for Hwy 1 West. Take the left turn as if to go west on Hwy 1 but instead of going straight, take an immediate right turn onto Westcot Rd. The church is right on the corner. Park and meet to arrange carpools.


Head west along Hwy 1 as if going to Squamish. Follow signs the Horseshoe Bay ferry terminal. Don't get into the ferry line-up! Instead, follow the Village signs down to a set of traffic lights (be in the right lane at the lights). Take the first right after the lights and right again to enter the parking lot. Find a spot. Pay the fee. Meet at the ferry ticket booth.

The start and finish is at the ferry teminal in Langdale, BC Canada.

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What to Bring? 

  • bring your own aid (if you don't know what that is, better wait another year)
  • bring your own official timing system (a watch will do, even if the second hand doesn't work)
  • bring some change for parking for your carpool driver
  • we have a geardrop this year! Although no showers in the area, you can bring a change of clothes, etc. and leave your gear in Jackie's car. Bring warm clothes to change into! You will very very likely be going back on the ferry wet.
  • there's no cost to enter if you're a member of Club Fat Ass, but bring a few bucks to pay for parking, the ferry and treats at the cafe


  • it's not a race, but we do keep track of your times so you have something to compare to next year
  • you will likely finish the race hours before I do, so don't forget to record your times on the registration sheet at the car for posting to the website.
  • we hope everyone will run the same course, but won't disqualify folks for getting lost and running extra distance. To be honest, if you don't get lost, you're doing far better than your event host.
  • this event is not sponsored, sanctioned, permitted or anything else that would qualify it as an official event
  • it's pay parking at the terminal - approx. $12 per car per day - the machines ONLY take credit cards.