Squamish Scrambler




  • A snowshoe hike/run up to Red Heather Cabin (10km), or Elfin Lakes Cabin (22km) high above beautiful Squamish, BC
  • Spectacular views of The Tantalus Range, Howe Sound, Sky Pilot, and even Vancouver Island on a clear day
  • Out and back route allows for easy turn around if you run out of gas or the weather turns
  • Bring the kids as far as Red Heather, a 10km return snowshoe hike.  Kids large or small can sled on the way down!
  • The road up to the trailhead is always at the mercy of mother nature and the parking lot is small. Good winter tires are mandatory and you should have chains if you plan to drive to the trailhead. Anyone with a 4x4 is asked to bring it along and should expect to help with car pooling. (Thanks in advance on this one.)

When and Where?

  • 22 February 2014
  • 8:15 am.  Check-in at Tim Horton's in Squamish.  Car pool to start at 8:30
  • 9:00 am.  Start at Diamond Head trail head.  
  • Arrange car pools from Vancouver through comments on this website.
  • Need rental snowshoes?  Rent at Deep Cove Canoe & Kayak (no longer in Deep Cove now located off Main Street near the bottom of the 3rd Street hill) or MEC.  
  • See agenda for details on how to get there and course description

Who is Running?

How Much?

  • Free for Club Fat Ass members (click here for current membership fees and benefits)
  • Garibaldi Park is very strict about no dogs
  • To keep hassles on the morning of the run to a minimum and allow the host to participate as well we ask to please sign up for both, the club membership and the event online and in advance.



Ean Jackson's picture

I have extra snowshoes - Jackson

I'm taking my backcounty skis, so won't need my snowshoes.  Have up to 4 pair.  You're welcome to borrow rather than rent somewhere... maybe buy me a beer some day.  If you want a pair, leave a message here and I'll bring tomrrow.  

Sibylle's picture

Colette also needs a ride

Colette also needs a ride from Squamish up the the trail head.  Sounds like there will be room for her if Marc is driving.  Have fun guys.  I will stay in town to help JJ get set up with a new job downtown, go for a run, and perhaps take little EJ out for skiing ...

Marc's picture

We'll all get there I am sure

I'll take her as far as my car takes me :-)
Ean Jackson's picture

Massive Dump - Could be good!

2 of us (Simon Le Pine and me) heading up with backcountry skis.  Figure we need to leave North Van around 7:15 to make it to Tim Horton's in Squamish by 8:15.  Would prefer to bum a ride and pay gas and leave the family car for Mom and the kids.  Anyone got room for 2 and some gear?

Alternatively, I'll drive the Subaru and will have room for 2.  If so, can pick you up at Seabus in North Van (parking circle in front of McDonalds) @ 07:00.


Marc's picture

I can give you two a ride Ean

Eric was asking too. Our car seats up to 7. No all wheel drive there though.

Yep, I'd be happy to join. I

Yep, I'd be happy to join. I can be at Lonsdale at 7:15am.

We should be able to make it up to the first parking lot in snow tires -- it's not that bad to finish on foot after that.

Marc's picture

I'll pick you up

Just talked to Ean and we figured maybe 7 would give us a bit more breathing room. Hope that works.


Reagan White and I are looking for a ride to Squamish, ideally from somewhere downtown, along the Skytrain, or anywhere else we can reach by transit.


Craig Moore's picture


I'm looking to carpool from North Van. I will drive if I get my snows on by Saturday ... not an insurmountable task one would think.



Hello All:

I'm new to the club.  I was wondering if anyone from Vancouver/Burnaby/New West has a carpool space?

I'm on a Skytrain link so I can pop my head up at any station or hop on the Seabus.  

Send a private message my way.




Ean Jackson's picture

North Van seabus pickup

Hey Andrew,

I can pick you up at the North Van SeaBus (parking area to east of McDonalds) if you can't find a ride from New West.  It would have to be around 7:00, as we need to be in Squamish at the Tim Horton's by 8:15 at the latest.   I have a pair of snowshoes for you.  Bring layers and some dry clothes for pub afterwards.

Ean Jackson's picture

Happy Bus Departs North Van @ 7:15

Sibylle and I are driving up to Squamish from North Van on Saturday morning.  Have tire chains and a shovel.  Our Event Host will be travelling with us, so still room for one (1).

If weather is cooperative, I may do the trek with back-country skis.  Don't have avi beacon (IMHO, not needed until ridge or unless you huck off the ridge into powder-land.)  Anyone else interested in doing the Ski Scrambler?

Jason Eads's picture

YO Jackson!!!

This photo looks awesome!

Ean - sorry I didn't make it snow shoeing with you November, but time was short and the weather didn't really cooperate.

This looks like a real dandy! I promise I'll make a concerted effort to make my way up there for some snow shoeing with you at some point - maybe even this year.

How long does the "good snow shoeing season" last up in BC?

Ean Jackson's picture


Decent snowshoeing until June most years, so bring your aloha shirt... or no shirt at all!  (see my signature photo from a little snowshoe run in February when I forgot my clothes altoghter.)

Jason Eads's picture

I RARELY forget my clothes when traveling...


Thanks for the tip. I can probably come up with a good Hawaiian shirt, and I usually don't forget pants when I travel.

I don't have the BEST memory, but I'm pretty sure I remember pants every time ;)


Sibylle's picture

We look forward to

We look forward to snowshoeing with you, Jason. Season really depends on what kind of season we are having.  Sometimes March, sometimes April or May.  I love the powder stuff and March is usually great for that.

Jason Eads's picture

Cool :)

March is a possibility because rarely does Lauren get a break during March - it's the high season for College Sports and she'll have championships to work nearly every weekend.

I'll see what I can work out.

If I ever do show up for snowshoeing, however, I won't be dumping of the cliffs like Action Jackson. I'm at least slightly more sane than he!

Sibylle's picture

Oh yes you will! Guaranteed!

Oh yes you will! Guaranteed!

Craig Moore's picture

Jason, Jason, Jason ...

if you're here and there is powder you will do it, same as Jackson and the rest of most of us ;)  If you're here for the V100 ... well, not so much ... but there will still be snow to run on.

Jason Eads's picture

NOT a news flash: YOU GUYS ARE NUTS ;)

So - I'll be cliff jumping with the looneys? Ok, ok, OK! I give! I'll risk life and limb for a "good time"

Craig - are you referencing Vancouver 100k, to be held on June 5th this year? If so, I didn't realize there's snow that late. Do I really need to add that one to my schedule?

I already have tentative plans for STORMY 100 miler.

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