Seymour Super Fun Run - 2012 - Year 11

Starter Photo (coming soon) - 24 November 2012

Report:  What a fantastic day we had!

We all thought that the weather was going to be colder than we thought (see starter photo) and over dressed! There were a couple of fast bunnies that were dressed in only shorts and long sleeve shirts. We had 21 starters and almost everyone finished, I think Glenn is still out there somewhere.... We heard a rumor that he got injured on the trail but could not track him down.

We had about an even three way split of people doing either the 27km route, the 12km route or a 'custom' route. The trail was in great shape and we didn't see any signs of snow up at the Vancouver picnic area. However we were able to spot some 'garbage' up there and claim a few easy 'points'!

I had a blast blah blah blahing with Ean all they way up the climb to our highest point. Pushpa was within hearing distance but didn't catch us until we took a photo at the parking lot kiosk.

Marc came sailing by and wondered where everyone was because he started at 9:00 instead of 8:30, oops! But he made up for it with a speedy ascent and then subsequent descent. My buddy Mike F was ahead of me and sure to clock the best 27k time of the day. Well he didn't get lost and he's a good runner, go figure!

Some people peeled off and did the short route and I was content to hang out and do the long route. Had a great chat and catch up with friends.

However with only about 30 minutes to go (to get in under 3 hours) I felt we had to turn on the 'jets' so Suzanne, Spencer and myself started picking it up just as we headed to Bridle path. The pace only got faster as we traded leads culminating in a sprint finish over the last 2 blocks! My legs are still sore!

In true FA fashion Craig, Carolyn and Neil did their own 'custom' route and had a blast out there. We had some new FA'rs out and i hope they had a great time!

Thanks for making this a fantastic event and a good time to be out and running the North shore trails! See you at Pure Satisfaction in less than 2 weeks?

See you next year!!

Cheers, your host

Mike Wardas

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First Name Last Name City Event Time Points Host Garbage
Michael Forbes North Vancouver 27km 02:48 2    
Carlie Smith Vancouver 27km 02:56 2    
Jason Cagampan 27km 02:56 1    
Michael Wardas N. Vancouver 27km 03:03 2 2  
Spencer Sheinin West Vancouver 27km 03:04 2   1
Suzanne Johnson   27km 03:04 1    
Carolyn  King Maple Ridge 27km 04:20 2    
Neil Ambrose Maple Ridge 27km 04:20 2    
Craig Moore Lynn Valley, North Vancouver 27km 04:20 2   1
Janet Mackintosh North Vancouver 27km 05:37 2    
Glenn Cameron   27km ? 1    
Andy Healey Vancouver about 12km 02:09 1    
Ean Jackson   about 12km + detour 02:09 1   1
Banafsheh Sokhansanj North Vancouver about 12km + detour 02:38 1    
John Machray   about 12km + detour 02:38 1   1
Sibylle Tinsel North Vancouver about 12km 02:38 2   1
Doris Leong Vancouver about 12km + detour 02:50 2    
Ryan Conroy   Custom 01:29 1    
Rachel Fouladi   Custom 01:55 1    
Julie Flynn   Custom 02:09 1    
Marc Schmitz North Vancouver Custom 03:05 2    
Dylan Chadsey Vancouver 0 No show -1    
Dawn Tonge North Vancouver 0 No show -1    







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Ean Jackson's picture

Fun, Fun, Fun!

I anticipated the worst and dressed in my wetsuit, but Mother Nature graced us this year.  As always, 'had a wonderful run with many fine folks.  Looking forward to completing the long course in 2013!

neil ambrose's picture

The Long Way Round!

Thanks Mike for hosting a great event - the weather was perfect for a fall trail run.

Neil and Craig took me on a long route...they just kept telling me they knew the way back! Good outing to get us moving for the winter months. Looking forward to the next event.



Marc's picture

My super fun run

I involuntarily customized my run (It's a way of saying getting lost while still knowing where you are :-)) by going past circuit 8 trail and all the way to Hydraulic connector. So if you find yourself on a loooooong boardwalk on fishermans' during the long course, turn around.

I cut the trail short at the gazebo though by going straight down to twin bridges. Still ended up doing just over 30k. Oh, and I really counted on the fountain to be working. Next time I'll know better.

For some reason I was also convinced we start at 9. Which turned out to be a good thing since I ended up seeing more people than I otherwise would have while trying to catch up. Next time I'll pretend that to be my strategy all along.

I might have initiated the garbage frenzy, but the Vancouver picnic area is just such a great combination of trash and trash can, that it would be irresponsible not to take the "free" point.

What a great fall day for a run. Fishermans' trail was so nice with the clouds the peaks and the crisp fall air.


Thanks Mike for hosting a great event.


Thanks for the run today! I got ridiculously lost as I expected, given that I'm not familiar with North Shore trails at all. Looks like I went all the way down and back up both Incline and Hyannis trails, then started to doubt every turn trying to follow Bridle home, making for very slow progress! Had to stop and chat with at least 3 very friendly and helpful folks along the way to finally make it back. Definitely will bring along a better map next run, in addition to course directions! Look forward to joining in on more runs soon!


Sibylle's picture

Hi Doris, Sorry you got

Hi Doris,

Sorry you got lost.  Part of the initiation.  Who did you run with...you were gone so fast, I just saw your dust smiley

I for one took all the right turns today and did not get lost, which for this run - I think - is a first.  Hyannis Trail, eh.  That intersection is actually nicely marked with a big square post.   and I think is pretty clear in the instruction.  We'll have a look at the description of the intersection into Mushroom Trail/Incline.  Possibly could make that clearer. Maps are notoriously difficult to follow too, there are so many trails and intersections.  

Next weeks Pure Satisfaction is fairly easy to follow as it goes along the Baden Powell Trail, which is a good east west trail to become familiar with, because on most North Shore runs you will inevitably cross path with it.  

Glad you are back in one piece.  What was your time?  

Congratulations on your first Club Fat Ass run.

Oh, I definitely blame only

Oh, I definitely blame only myself for the two big wrong turns, since they were all clearly mentioned on the instructions. I kept running down Hyannis because there were signs along the way that said Bridle, and didn't stop to think that it pointed the direction to Bridle instead! Oops. I found Bridle quite confusing, but by then I didn't trust myself anymore, so probably that's why. I remember two points (at a big water hole area, and where it intersects with Perimeter trail) that I wasn't sure where to go.

I was running with Pushpa until she turned off for the long route, but we both went down Incline instead of turning to Mushroom, and I think everyone else zipped by in the meantime, because I didn't see anyone else the rest of the run, other than at the very end when a speedy 27k'er passed me!

It took me ~2:50 in the end, probably the longest 12K I've ever run :)

Sibylle's picture

Hah, should have stuck with

Hah, should have stuck with me, I was done 12 min before you.  Sorry I missed you at the finish.  My ride was waiting and I didn't linger long enough to see you come in.   I remember getting turned around on Bridle on the 27km loop years ago and also in a few training runs of years past.  Now I just know and propably don't even notice new trails intersecting it.   I must have "zipped" by you by just a hair when you  were exploring Incline...too bad as it would have been nice to have company.  I ran with Carolyn until she ditched me just before crossing Seymour Mtn. Road the first time.  Then I had  a group of women and their dog chasing me to the Lookout Parking lot. Thankfully lost them on the downhill.  Crossed path with a few mountain bikers, one of whom sternly informed me (I was clinging to the side of the trail to make room for his group) that there were a lot of riders on the trail today...uh yeah, what am I going to do with this info, seeing that I was committed on Neds for another little while.... Anyway, just before Bridle intersects and doubles up with the BP, John and Banafsheh caught up to me and I was able to hang on the chattering two all the way back to the cafe.

I meant to turn my GPS on for the loop to provide a map for the next year, alas, I forgot.


Put me down for the trash point as well. There were a few mountain bikers in the picnic area parking lot who seemed perplexed at why they were witnessing a gang of trail runners acting all giddy at finding garbage on the ground. We were having a litter picking frenzy!

Sibylle's picture

Thank You

Hi Mike,  
Thanks for a great run.  I completed the short course in 2:38 and collected some garbage.  Managed to finish my run starting at Bridle with John M and Banafsheh, who took a wrong turn at the bottom of Neds and looped back up Mystery, thus adding a little bit of distance and allowing me to catch up.  Was happy to be able to hang on to them along Bridle.  Also happy, that I finally did not take the wrong turn off Bridle down the golf course.

The forest was beautiful and serene this morning. Enjoyed the sun peaking through the mist at times, all the clear water running everywhere, puddles small and large.  All in all a wonderful morning.

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