Course - Seawall 100



Description - Seawall 100

 0 km Start: Meet at the Globe in Dundarave Park which is at the end of 25th Street. Then East along the Seawall. As a rule of thumb for this course, stay along the water.
 1.8 km You will leave the Seawall and run on Argyle Ave. for about 0.7 km. 
 2.5 km At the junction with 13th Street you will rejoin the Seawall again.
 3.7 km Just after the train bridge you will enter a forest trail on your left.
 4.2 km Behind Lines N Things, stay on the right side of the concrete barrier.
 4.4 km You're now back along the water (Capilano River) and under the bridge of Bridge Rd.
 4.6 km You'll come to an opening / small plaza just before Marine Dr. Take the brick path slightly on your left to the bridge. Stay on the sidewalk to and over the Lions Gate Bridge.
 6.4 km You're now done with the Lions Gate Bridge. Stay on the sidewalk along the Causeway to Lost Lagoon. Watch for the monster. 
  8.5 km  Just before entering the city, the sidewalk takes a slight right down to Lost Lagoon (keep  an eye on that monster), a little further take the underpass on your left and then across the  turnaround on the sidewalk on your right which will lead you to the Seawall.
 8.9 km Stay on the pedestrian side of the bike path towards Harbor Green Park.
 9.7 km No need to do this little U shape loop. That's for tourists and suckers.
 10.5 km The turnaround point is the public plaza just before you get to the new Convention Center. There are some very nice facilities open dawn to dusk like most other facilities along the course, so take note. You can also go for a cold brewsky at The Mill Marine Bistro. Take a loop around the plaza and head back where you came from.
 12.1 km  KM 0 mark of the Stanley Park Seawall. Go counter clockwise around Stanley Park to the 8  km mark at Second Beach Pool.
 20.1 km At Second Beach Pool again stay along the water unless you need to use the facilities on your left. It doesn't matter which way you go around the pool, the distance is the same.
  23.0 km  Between Burrard Bridge and Granville Bridge the Seawall wander a bit and kind of ends  abruptly just before Grandville Bridge. Go left for about a 100 feet and then take a shap  right on the newly built section of George Wainborn Park. 
 25.1 km Just before Cambie Bridge stay on your right along the water.
 25.7 km Cut across Plaza of Nations, the bike path picks up again on your right immediately after the Casino.
 26.5 km At Science World go around the left side of it. No need to circle it along the water, that's for tourist and suckers.
  27.0 km  At the Olympic Village take the new steel pedestrian bridge. It's flimsy so if you're afraid of  falling into shark-invested water go around the inlet.
  29.5 km  Take the wooden pedestrian bridge which also serves as access to the marina.
 29.9 km Next stop is Granville Island where you can find all kinds of food selection. May I recommend The Sampler at Celines' Fishh & Chips.
  30.1 km  There is a short interruption in the Seawall by way of Creekside Dr. around the big marina.
  30.5 km  On your right around the residential building you'll reconnect with the bike path.
 31.5 km After Vanier Park take a right around the Maritime Museum and left to the stairs. You're now back on the bike path to Kits Beach.
  32.6 km

 After Kits Beach stay on the water's edge along the pool, then take the paved trail past  Kitsilano Yacht Club where it turns into a dirt path. At the end of the path, take concrete  stairs up to street and run up one short block to Point Grey Rd.

  33.3 km  Go right on Point Grey Road. Stay on the sidewalk for 7 blocks to Alma Street. Continue  straight on the sidewalk past the Royal Vancouver Yacht Club and Jericho Tennis Club.
 35.3 km Zig right on the bike path to Jericho Beach Park. Continue along the beachfront path. 
 35.9 km Don't take the short cut before the big concrete pier. Run along the edge of the grass at the base of the pier and then go left on the bike path around Jericho Sailing Cub. 
  39.0 km  This is the end of the bike path at Marine Dr. NW. Go up Marine Dr. NW for about 1 km to  the turnaround. Please note that the path that goes shortly on your right will take you to  Wreck Beach. Suit yourself but it might be cold for your wee bit.
  40.2 km

 Up marine Dr. NW on your right you will encounter a large open field. On your left across  the street check for the big wooden "UNIVERSITY ENDOWMENT LAND" sign. This is the 25  miles mark as measured by GPS, courtesy of Mr. Tim Wiens, a fine gentleman equally  loved by his Mama, his adorable spouse, Maureen and all his running buddies at CFA.

 Kick the sign real hard (what's a 100 miler without a couple black toe nails) and head back  to Dundarave Park the way you came, or you can swim across if you want, I'll credit you  for the full 100 mile distance. Please note that the Gmaps is off just very slightly due to it's  limitation in tracing a course. 

 Gmap link  http://www.gmap-pedometer.com/?r=2229356