We attempted to run the trail in 2003 and 2004. We would not have stood a chance were it not been for the help we received. Never have so many thoughtful people, done so much in such a short period of time.

PRPAWS (Powell River Parks And Wilderness Society)

This organization is responsible for creating and maintaining the Sunshine Coast Trail. Several of the individuals listed below are PRPAWS members. Wade and Dom Repta, Dave Cressman and Ean Jackson became honorary members in 2004.

Eagle Walz

Resident in Powell River, Eagle is one of the key people to thank for creating and maintaining the Sunshine Coast Trail. He adopted the crazy city boys and provided them with a wealth of information about every aspect of planning and logistics, helped rally the crew in Powell River and didn't sleep much while the boys were in town both years. More than anyone else, his helping hand has made this accomplishment possible.

Cheryl Picot

Cheryl, our crew Captain, helped keep it all together. She got to hear tall tales of huge running exploits on the drive up and whining and complaining about hurting body parts on the drive home. She cooked, met the team at each aid station, set up aid stations and put band aids where it hurt. She managed the chaos so it appeared to us as if there was none.

Tom Mills

Tom was a consistent source of information and encouragement during the planning stage and dedicated his whole weekend to the run and the runners both years. In addition to helping with crew tasks, Tom managed the Fiddlehead aid station. Did you have fun, Tom? "If only every day of my life could be as much fun as it was with your group, well then life would be perfect. I had an absolute blast and memories to last."

Kevin Thomson

Kevin is the only person to run, self-supported, across Canada. In the fall of 2002, he spent a lot of time and energy mapping the Sunshine Coast Trail as a potential venue for a relay race. While limited access along the trail made it tough for a relay, Kevin passed along his information and contacts and provided inspiration for the first run attempt.

Gary Robbins and Mark Fearman

The Whistler Boys risked life, limb and their jobs to help flag the trail and pace Jackson through the difficult night section. Always smiling, always positive. Ask Mark how the bugs and the cold were the night he waited 6 hours in the boonies for the runners!

Paul Kennedy

Paul took something like 1200 photographs over the course of the weekend, so he's to thank for the visual archives. It almost didn't happen, though, as Jackson almost chucked his knapsack with $10K worth of camera gear into the briny deep at Sarah Point.

The Film Crew

Angus McLellan, Shay Wilson, Jeff Hagerman and Daniel Hogg slept less than the runners did. They were everywhere, all of the time, filming the comings and goings of the runners. They plan to make a documentary film of the adventure.

Mary and Amedeo Potesta

Total strangers to us before 9:00 pm on Saturday evening in 2003, we dropped in on Mary and Tom rather than run another 6 hours or more to our tents. They kept us warm, fed us and kept us company in their wonderful floating cabin until we all dozed off from fatigue.

Powell River Crew

Many thanks to: Gail and Len Swanson, Leonnard, Pat De Leenheer, Donna Kaye Hobbs, Syd Riley, Olga Menzies, Mia Jongkind, John Cogswell, Darlene, Laura Walz, Lynn Jacob for your baking, your help at aid stations, staying up all night to take care of us, driving us around and your generous hospitality

Friends and Family

Thanks to Paul & Lora Repta (Burlington, ON), Steve & Jany Mitges (Burlington, ON), Jesse Richardson (Vancouver, BC)

KINeSYS - http://www.kinesys.com/

Many thanks to Eileen Grieve and Jeff Kletter of KINeSYS for the prize packs and for making sure everyone was safe from the sun

Brent's Water Taxi
Brent's the man. He got us to the start both years. www.savaryonline.com/Services/SImages/CWT/

Sibylle Tinsel - Club Fat Ass www.ClubFatAss.com

Club Fat Ass helped with web hosting and how to organize a safe, fun, environmentally-friendly event.