This is not your average Club Fat Ass event. In fact, it's not an event at all!

The four runners who attempted to run the Sunshine Coast Trail in 2003 and 2004 were Club Fat Ass members. They they wanted to share their experience with others who might want to run the trail in the future. As well, they wanted to leave a legacy that those close to the trail might adopt as a fundraiser or medium for generating awareness of the trail at some point in the future. So, the Sunshine Coast Trail 180 is an event only if you choose to make it one.

If you decide you want to adopt the "event" or run the trail, please refer to the contact page. We'd love to help you!

Also worth noting: Several local trail gurus are making themselves available to help runners and hikers and they will also donate part of the proceeds to trail maintenance....

Powell River Adventures

Your chances of running the Sunshine Coast Trail will improve dramatically if you have local guides and logistical support. The Manager of Powell
River Adventures is Eagle Walz, author of the only book on the Sunshine Coast Trail and someone who has been intimately involved with every known attempt to run the trail. For $5500, Eagle offers up to 3 full days of support from himself and up to 2 assistants and pledges $1000 of this fee to trail maintenance.

You can reach Eagle at walz@shaw.ca