This is the agenda the city boys used in 2004. Use it as a guideline to develop your own:

Friday 2 July 2004

06:00 Check the weather. Pack the cars. Hit the road from North Vancouver.
07:20 Ferry to Langdale (arrive 8:00)
10:30 Ferry to Saltery Bay (arrive 11:20)
12:30 Arrive Powell River. Final grocery shop and sightseeing
14:00 Crew meeting. Meet local crew. Confirm objectives. Lund Pub.
16:00 Get to Sarah Point. Set up tent.
18:00 Hit the hay

Saturday 3 July

01:30 Get up
02:00 Hit the trail
06:10 Arrive Reference Point (RP) 1 - Malaspina Road (4 hours run time)
07:45 Arrive RP2 - Homestead
10:55 Arrive RP3 - Wildwood
12:55 Arrive RP6 - Haywire Bay
14:30 Arrive RP7 - Anthony Island
18:10 Arrive RP6 - Fiddlehead
21:35 Arrive RP7 - Spring Lake

Sunday 4 July

0:20 Arrive RP8 - Granite Lake
04:40 Arrive RP9 - Goat Lake Main
07:30 Arrive RP10 - Lois Main
13:30 Arrive RP11 - Saltery Bay Main
22:00 Arrive RP12 - Finish
23:30 Hit the hay.  All of the pubs in Powell River were closed!

Monday 5 July

06:30 Sleep in. Pack. Say goodbyes.
07:30 Ferry to Earl's Cove (arrive 8:20)
10:40 Ferry to Horseshoe Bay (arrive 11:00)
11:30 Arrive North Vancouver
20:00 Hit the hay.

Route and Crew Access

Trail Route

We opted to run the Sunshine Coast Trail from North to South. General details about the trail can be found on the Sunshine Coast Trail website. Specific details can be found in the book "Sunshine Coast Trail" by Eagle Walz.

Crew Access

It would have been impossible to meet the challenge of running the Sunshine Coast Trail non-stop without aid and crew support.

In competitive trail races, runners receive food, water and medical assistance approximately every 10 kilometers. The team prepared to carry sufficient food and water to run without outside assistance for up to (6) six hours. Aid stations were set up at intervals of 10-30 kilometers wherever road access permitted. Link to a detailed route and crew access table.

Runner Preparation

Other Notes

  • please read the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
  • while on the trail, we tried to identify potential improvements for trail marking, noted particular areas of interest for future runners and picked up any trash we saw. (there wasn't much!)
  • this "event" was not sponsored, sanctioned, permitted or anything else that would qualify it as an official event. It was a trail running party!