Flash - Sunshine Coast Trail 180

Where and When?

  • start at Sarah Point in the Desolation Sound Marine Park, just past the end of the road on British Columbia's Sunshine Coast
  • follow the magnificent Sunshine Coast Trail along it's full 180km
  • finish at the ferry terminal, Saltery Bay, British Columbia, CANADA
  • given the particularly extreme nature of this challenge, this is a "roll your own" Club Fat Ass event.


  • This is true adventure run. You set your own objective. That may be to beat the existing 43:50 record for a non-stop run, or just hike or run a section of the Sunshine Coast Trail.
  • Unlike a race where recognition goes to the fastest to complete a distance, the challenge of the Sunshine Coast Trail 180 will be to meet or exceed your own goals
  • Four Vancouver ultrarunners attempted to run the trail in August 2003. The trail won.
  • The city boys came back in 2004 and set the bar for future trail running challengers. This website is their way of paying tribute to the trail and sharing with those who might want to pick up the challenge in the future

How Much?

  • Club Fat Ass provides most of the information needed to tackle the trail here as a free service for members and all trail runners.
  • Join the Club and get your distinctive t-shirt here!