2012 Results - Go Home (not) Via The Hanes Valley

August 2012 - 9 Starters

Report.   The day dawned chilly, but clear... A perfect August weekend for a little run up the Hanes Valley.  9 people made it to the start line at the Lynn Headwaters park.  After a bit of chit chat and greeting the brave newbies who trusted my word that there would be somebody to run with we set out up Lynn Valley.  Amazingly enough, we all proceeded  at matching paces and by the time Des and I turned around, everybody was still together.  Ean and Paul made it to Norvan Falls, Banafsheh took Susan up to Grouse, with Susan continuing on the long course.  Andy, Andrew and Marc ended up on a scenic detour half way up to Lynn Lake, luckily realizing their mistake.  Andrew and Marc completed on the full loop up Grouse and down mountain highway, while Andy had to take the Gondola and a cab back to the car.  
Sibylle picked up a knapsack strap off the trail and unless one of the group claims it as a lost and found item, she'll get a garbage point.

Thanks to TrailRunner Magazine, two of the group went home with an annual subscription.  Nobody took advantage of the free beer at Mosquito Creek Pub today, the weather just called for more adventures ;-)

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First Name Last Name City Age Event Points Time
Susan Kamachi Vancouver 40-49 30km 2 05:15
Marc Schmitz North Vancouver 30-39 30km + detour 2+1*  6:39
Andrew Seaton North Vancouver 40-49 30km + detour 2+1*  6:39
Banafsheh Sokhansanj North Vancouver 40-49 18km 1 4:05 
Andy Healy Vancouver 40-49 18km + detour 2 5:04
Paul Cyr VANCOUVER 30-39 14km 1 02:03
Ean Jackson     14km 1 02:03
Sibylle Tinsel North Vancouver 40-49 custom 2+1 20min
desmond mott n.vancouver 50-59 custom 2+2** 20min
Reagan White Vancouver 30-39 0 -1 DNS


* Bonus Point for garbage collection
** Event Host Point