Fluffy Bunny 2011 - Results

18 June 2011 Starter Photo

L to R Standing: James, Jackie, Becky, Adam, Alan

L to R Squatting: Dave, Stenson the dog (sp?), Bill, and myself (Jess)


A bit of a rushed start as it took forever to get out there from Vancouver! I'm sure we were stopped at every traffic light possible. Made it with a few mins to spare, where everyone waiting under the gazebo for me. Three folks I had never met before were present: Becky, Adam, and Alan. I know for sure that this was Becky and Adam's first event, and I hope they'll return for more.

Heather was missing for the first while, which I thought was strange considering she had instigated wanting to do the long course. Turns out she was the woman I saw running along the road before the entrance to the park. As I also had not met her before, this didn't come to light until she showed up on the trail behind us trying to catch James and his dog to run the long route. Alas, she did not, but still did the long route on her own. It didn't seem that James was too disappointed doing the shorter course given the weather :-p

Speaking of the weather, it was a little cold and wet to start, but as usual, once you got going it was fine. The rain let up as the run progressed and of course had basically come to a halt just as most of us headed for coffee. I still wouldn't have been in the mood for 27 km though! Way to go Heather.

I always forget how many hills Lakeview Trail has, but it's so lush and beautiful, and the hills mean more walk breaks :-)

Really need to scope out the other upper trails on that side to stay off the boring logging road when heading back to the start. Another time!

Thanks to everyone who came out. 9 people is far better than the 4 it originally looked to be. A bonus to it being crappier weather meant there was more room at Gallagher's coffee shop in Newport Village.




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GPS course link for 27km route:


GPS course link for 11-14km route (this one is going over "floating bridge"):


GPS course link for 9.5km route:


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Jackie Montgomery 11km 1:57 2+1*
Jess Dagg 11km 1:58 2+2**+1*
David Montgomery 11km 1:58 2
James Clarke 14km 1:28 2
Bill Dagg 14km 1:34 2
Adam Haesler 14km 1:46 2
Becky Swan 14km 1:46 2
Alan Thompson 9.5km 1:35 2
Heather Vestergaar 27km 3:57 2



* garbage point

** event host points


Good work everyone

Cheers for a great event Jess, looking forward to taking on the Diez Vista's next time.

Well done Heather for doing the full course its a shame we missed each other.  Stetson spent a nice relaxing afternoon having a nap.


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