Flash - Run for the Haggis

2 Feb 2008 16:00
2 Feb 2008 23:00

**Update - January 31**

The run is planned to be about 8 Kms. Right now the route is a mess so route decisions will be made Saturday. Regardless, run or not, the party will go on; 3339 Tennyson.

Run starts at 4:00. This will be a run in and around the trails of North Vancouver followed by a full-on traditional Robbie Burns celebration with elements of poetry, music, swordsmanship, address to the haggis, feasting, drinking of Scotch (and perhaps Irish) whisky. The run will start and end at Karen Magnussen (marked 1 on map) so you can use the facilities to change and shower if needed. Approximate route is shown on the map.

Party starts at 6:30. Potluck. Please bring an appie or desert as well as your bagpipes and an appetite for boiled guts and oatmeal in a sheep's stomach. Please also pair up with another couple of participants to buy a nice bottle of whisky for the tasting. Wear your kilt if you have one and at least a good fake Scottish accent if you don't. If you play an instrument suitable for a ceidligh, bring it. The party will be at my house, 3339 Tennyson, only a few blocks from Karen Magnussen.

May be prizes for the most appropriate attire and best poetry reading!

* Special Event Rider: In response to the comments below; No! this event is not vegitarian friendly. If you are easily offended by eating sheep innards, consumption of alcohol and singing of bawdy songs then this event is not for you! As Robbie Burns put it:

Wantonness for ever mair,

Wantonness has been my ruin

Yet for a' my dool and care,

It's wantonness for ever!

I hae lov'd the Black, the Brown,

I hae lov'd the Fair, the Gowden:

A' the colours in the town

I hae won their wanton favour.

Entry: There is no fee and you don't need to be a member of Club Fat Ass to participate in a Flash event, however whining is not allowed. You are responsible for your own well being and safety and should be self sufficient. Please indicate your participation via the comment form below.

Please read the Release of All Claims. By participating in this event you agree to the terms of the Release of All Claims.

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Sibylle's picture

Thanks Al and Trish!

Thank you Al and Trish for hosting the Run For The Haggis and sharing a fun tradition with some Scottish and some not so Scottish Fat and Skinny Asses.

I posted photos of the evening here.  If you like to add yours, just upload them to Flickr, add them to the Flickr Club Fat Ass group and tag them with RunToTheHaggis2008 (and whatever else you see fit).

cbullington's picture

To Al and Trish

I really appreciate you including me in the run and the post-run party, unforgettable night!! awesome music. The run was perfect, I really liked it! I loved learning so much about the scotish culture... amazing.

Hope to see you soon!



Ean Jackson's picture

A Totally *Awesome* Evening...

Al (and Trish)

Many thanks for a magical evening of great friends, great food, great music and a nip or 2 of fine highland whisky.

If I know you were serious about lending me your kilt, I'd probably not have worn my Hawaiian shirt and homespun wool sox.  If you host the Run for the Haggis again next year, I'll try to muster up the courage to wear it the way it is supposed to be worn and leave the boxers at home.

Please pass along my thanks to all of your musician friends.  Great group of guys. 

"hope your clavacle mends quickly!


Sibylle's picture

Neeps and Tatties

I am looking forward to the Run For the Haggis tomororw.  Researching what I can bring to the potluck, I came across neeps and tatties (or if you combine both Orkney Clapshot).  Hm, lots of choices ;-) Allan, should I bring neeps and tatties or do you have any other suggestions?
Ean Jackson's picture

Goot enuf haggai, thar, Al?

You can tell from my accent I was raised in Ontario, eh?

If I stumble across a heard of haggi, how many might I try to grab? Any particular recommendations regarding the whisky to bring-along?


Allan McMordie's picture

Whiskey choice

The really good stuff comes from the Western Islands; Islay, Skye; (Talisker, Bowmore). The smokier the better in my opinion.  We do want a variety though.
mudrunner's picture

Is it anything like Tapir?

....'cause I know lots of runners hate Tapir...or Tapiring. I wish I could be there Al, but me & the kids are committed to other mud-encrusted attractions that evening....we'll be at the Monster Jam truck show. It's the one time of the year that we get to wear our mullets & acid washed jeans.
Jeremy Hill's picture

Run for Haggis

What ithe distance?





Hey Jeremy,

Drop me a line:  sue_ing@hotmail.com

Sibylle's picture

Good Point

I think the talk was about an hour run, followed by a shower at Karen Magnussen Rec, followed by the Robbie Burns celebrations.
pjakobsen's picture

Sounds good

Hags, Haggis, Haggii, whatever the case may be, I'll be there.
Ean Jackson's picture

Pity the poor haggis

How fast do haggises run, anyway?

If I'm still injured, maybe I'll just hide in the bushes and scare it to death? Chopping the poor haggis up with a sword to the tune of the agony pipes sounds so cruel.

Is this a vegan-friendly event? 

Allan McMordie's picture

The plural is Haggi, as in

The plural is Haggi, as in "A herd of Haggi wa seen doon the glen."  What they lack in speed, they make up in agility.
Sibylle's picture

Vegetarian Canned Haggis!

I was looking for a picture to include in the newsletter that reflected the idea of the Run for the Haggis and came up with photos of canned Haggis, both meat and vegetarian versions ;-)  As long as the vegans/vegetarians are tolerant of their flesh eating friends, they should be welcome, don't you think Allan!
Sibylle's picture

Count me in!

Very cool idea...that's what you get from hanging around too long and drinking Scotch at the CFA Christmas Party! 

I don't do Scotch (but am sure Action Jackson will pick up my slack), but will try Haggis and the run.

Ean Jackson's picture

I'm in...

Will be visiting the Sally Ann this weekend to see if I can find a dress and a sword

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