Flash - The Nifty50 Triathlon

11 Nov 2007 13:00
11 Nov 2007 20:00

The Nifty50 is a triathlon:

1. Run. A 50 minute interval session on a wide gravel trail next to a rushing river. Warm-up jog from the Griffin Gym up Mosquito Creek to the yellow bridge. Set your watch, then run or walk up to the bridge at Mount Royal Boulevard and back as many times as you want. (It usually takes me about 12 minutes round trip and I'm a lame old dog.) Jog back to the gym.

2. Swim (14:00 - 15:00h). Do laps, play murder ball, do cannon-balls off the high board or just stew in the hot tub, steam room or sauna. It's $5.00 for a day pass at the gym for adults, $2.50 for kids or $2.50 each for a family. Lots of free parking available. Unfortunately, they clear kids out at 3:00.

3. Chili cook-off (15:30 - 20:00h). Just like in Texas. (Well almost. It may be hard to get armadillo meat in North Vancouver.) Rather than spending the afternoon cooking, we ask that you bring your favorite chili ready to be reheated. (Recipie thoughts below.) Give your chili a name! Everyone will get a rating card and be asked to rate what they sample out of 10. If you are not a great chili cook do not despair. How about bringing a pot of rice, cornbread, tortillas, guacamole, desert or ???


  • Rain or shine.
  • You are most welcome to do any one or all legs of the triathlon.
  • Since the chili cook-off will be in our living room, I'd appreciate it if you would confirm if you plan to attend.
  • Kid friendly. Keep in mind that this is a gruelling ultra triathlon (just kidding! It's a family event and an excuse for a party.) You are responsible for your own safety on the trails, in the pool and when digesting fiery chilies. You realize there is no babysitting, so won't get carried away with the libations and forget your child/children. You understand that there are lots of toys for the 5-13 year old crowd as well as some unguarded stairs and lots of little toys that could be, but should not be, eaten with chili or washed down with beer.
  • BYOB and either your favorite chili or something else to share.
  • There is no fee (other then the pool admission) and you don't need to be a member of Club Fat Ass to participate in a Flash event. You are responsible for your own well being and safety and should be self sufficient. If this is your first CFA event, you should be aware that whining about the athletic part may elicit comments of "Wimp" or "Wuss" by your peers or their kids.
  • Please read the Release of All Claims. By participating in this event you agree to the terms of the Release of All Claims.

Hints and Tips for a Chili Cook-off

Here are some great links for chili recipes and the philosophy of a chili cook-off:

International Chili Society. Lots of lore and legend and a few good recipes. Goodness, some people really get excited about cooking chili!






Is the trail - 'baby jogger' friendly? I'm not sure if my 4 years old would last long!
Sibylle's picture

I'd say a baby jogger is doable ;-)

Hi Karine,

The trail is wide and groomed, not rocky and rooty, so you should be ok with the baby jogger.  It is quite the hill, though...
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Notes from chili judges elsewhere (really funny!)

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Anyone else with kids attending this event?

I'm bringing my 8 and 10 year old and from everything I've heard the hike/walk should be fairly easy for them. But I'm wondering if anyone else with kids has been on the gravel path next to Mosquito Creek. How "kid-friendly" is it? Also wondering if there's a shallow end in the pool at Griffin Gym as I've never been there before. :)
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My kids will be there

11 and 9 year old are ready to race yours ;-) We have to cross a busy street right at the gym (there is a cross walk), then walk/run up about 200m on a residential area before hitting the non-technical wide gravel trail along Mosquito Creek.  There is no traffic, but lots of dogs off leash.  The river can be roaring, but you can't just fall in without climbing over rocks and through bushes.  There are bears and cayotes - but I have never seen them on the trail.  Since it's an out and back, it's easy to turn around when your kids had enough.
We are still confirming the pool details.  A phone call to Griffin confirmed there is a public swim in that time, but the websites says otherwise. I will go there in person today to make sure that the pool is open for play.  And yes, there is a shallow area.

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