2011 - Year 8 - Bills Great Peak Results

Starter photo - 24 July 2011 - 20 Starters


20 starters (plus late arrival Baldwin) turned out for the 8th edition of Bill’s Great Peak Ascent on a perfect July day – not too hot; not too cold. With the weather we’ve had so far this year, being too hot wasn’t much of a risk but too cold (and wet) definitely was. We had a good mix of Ascent veterans and first-timers this year making it our 2nd best turn-out ever. Thanks everyone for coming out!

Personally, I had a great adventure with Action Jackson as we scoped out a route up Mt. Fromme as a possible alternative for next year’s event. One thing is certain. We will need a different route down than what we took after losing the trail quickly and bush-whacking our way down, eventually coming out to Mountain Highway about 500m south of where we intended to be. The route up was great though so we’re ½ way there. After our escape to Mountain Highway, we continued up to Grouse Mountain, meeting new-comers Nicola and Reza on their way down.

Speaking of Nicola, congratulations are in order for her longest (trail?) run ever! Her previous longest run was a couple of times running the Baden-Powell trail from Lynn Canyon to Deep Cove. Well done!

Also worthy of note: Ryan Conroy set a new course record with a blistering time of 2:40. I think that’s about 15 minutes faster than the previous record set in the first year of the event!

11 participants made it to the post-race event at Mosquito Creek Grill in North Vancouver where, as always, we were treated to a free beer and great brunch food. Also, as in most years, nobody went home empty-handed in the free swag department – everyone got something including subscriptions to Trail Runner Magazine, water bottles, headwear and a shirt. A special thank you to all of our sponsors and Sibylle for organizing the swag.

Wildlife sightings for us included a black bear ½ way up the switchbacks on Grouse and a grizzly just below the peak (might have been in a cage) and a bazillion tourists on Grouse. I know it’s hard to imagine there were that many tourists but it’s true! I counted.

I know I said this last year but look for a modified course next year. At least some of the groundwork is now done.

Thanks again to everyone for coming out.


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Participant Event Time Up Time Total Points
Ryan Conroy 32km 1:32 2:40 1
Rob Ruff 32km   3:33 2
Pamela Keck 32km   3:52 2+1
Ray Levasseur 32km   3:52 2
Bill Maurer 32km   3:59 2+1
Christine Moric 32km   3:59 2
Adam Haesler 32km   4:19 2
Becky Swan 32km   4:19 2
Jessica Glowacki 32km   4:22 2
Helen Tilley 32km   4:22 2
reza ghazizadeh 32km   5:10 2
Nicola McGlennon 32km   5:10 1
Ean Jackson custom - Fromme   5:01 2+1
Bill Dagg custom - Fromme   5:01 2+2+1
Wendy Montgomery custom - Mtn. Hwy.   1:45 2+1
desmond mott custom - 12.5km   1:23 2+1
Baldwin Lee custom - 11km   1:20 2
Jess Dagg custom - 10km   2:08 2+1
Kelly Corday custom - 10km   2:08 2
Sibylle Tinsel custom   1:00 2
Reagan White custom   2:25 2+1





Ean Jackson's picture

Thank You, Bill,

for an awesome run and some fine memories, today.  Here are some of my highlights:

  • participating in my 5th (?) Bill's Great Peak Ascent
  • chatting with not one, not two, not three or four, but five fellow participants in today's run about their upcoming Trans-Rockies adventure
  • going geocacheing with you
  • our little detour... and our little adventure in bushwhacking
  • bagging a couple of peaks
  • seeing a black bear... and a grizzly!
  • finding a mysterious safe deposit box key
  • taking a ride down from Bill's Great Peak on the chairlift
  • seeing the plane wreak memorial
  • having some great laughs in the sun at the Mosquito Creek pub afterwards
  • gorfing down the biggest omelet I think I have ever eaten
  • being in the great outdoors with some great people on a great day
Ryan Conroy's picture

Forgot peak time

Peak time was 1:32, total time was 2:40.  Was cruising along pretty good until I bruised the ball of my foot on a sharp rock and coasted in stepping a bit too tenderly.

Sibylle's picture

Short and Sweet

I ran a custom out and back for 60min, no garbage point - didn't see any...

Des also made it back home safe and sound . His total time was 1;23 for a total of 12.5 km or so.  He also bent down to pick-up some trash and says the trail was pretty clean.


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