Q:I've never done a trail run before. Is this a good place to start?
A:It's a toughie, but if you can run a 1/2 marathon on the road and are comfortable carrying your own food and water, you should be good (It's about 35 kilometers from start to finish.)
Q:Do I need to print off course instructions and bring them with me?
A:We recommend you do so unless you are very familiar with the trails on Grouse Mountain.
Q:What if I get lost?
A:You shouldn't get lost if you bring directions! If you do feel you are lost, ask a mountain biker or just turn around and follow the same road you came up.
Q:What if I have to heed the call of nature.
A:There are portable washrooms near the start and at the top of Grouse Mountain. If you have to go while on the trail, be discreet, do your business at least 10 meters from the trail and bury anything solid at least 10 cm deep.
Q:What should I bring on race day?
A:Whatever you figure you will need given the weather, your physical fitness on the day and your plans for after the run.
 Weather. Click here for a local forecast
 Distance. If in doubt, take it easy. If you have a credit card with you, there is a bail out opportunity at the Grouse Mountain Chalet via the tram ($5 + plus a Taxi back to the LSCR) -- or just turn around as the return trip is almost entirely downhill
 Fitness. The route out is mostly uphill and can be a real character-builder. Take it easy. If in doubt, slow down. It's not a disgrace to walk portions either -- few will run the whole distance.
 Après run. Consider getting together for a bite and some fluids at the finisher party.
Q:I am supposed to be self-sufficient because there is no aid provided. Can I get a friend to come out and give me food and drink along the route?
A:Absolutely! In fact, it would be nice if your friend were to help everyone. See aid stations and crew for some thoughts. If you bring money, you can get a bite to eat at the Chalet if you're feeling desperate.
Q:Where can I park?
A:Parking may be an issue as they are building a water filtration plant near the start and this is a popular place on weekends. Try to car pool. Try to arrive as early as possible.