This chapter is intended to help you, the Club Fat Ass Event Host, delegate appropriately so you can participate in your own event. 

An important feature of Club Fat Ass events is that the Event Host does the tough work up front so they, too, can participate in the event. That said, there are always little extras that could be done to make the event even better. Friends, family and others may want to do something to help. Why shouldn't they get wet, muddy and sweaty like everyone else?

For the purposes of Club Fat Ass events, we refer to an crew as, "anyone who helps host the event." A crew person may take on one or more tasks.

In this chapter, we've attempted to break down a typical Club Fat Ass event into tasks that can be assumed by crew members. Our hope is that by describing the tasks in detail on this page and recommending that crew people select the tasks that suit them best, a significant burden will be removed from the shoulders of the Event Host and everyone comes away with a great sense of achievement at the end of the day.

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Check-in Manager

The role of this person is to make sure all starters are properly checked-in.

  • Welcome everyone as they arrive
  • Ask guests who have pre-registered to sign in on the master registration list
  • While it is assumed that most guests have registered online, there will always be those who leave it to the last minute. 
    • Club Members.  If the last minute registrant is a Club member, ask them to sign waiver and add their name to the master list
    • Non-Members.  If the last minute registrant is not a Club member, ask them to sign waiver, add their name to the master list and pay the Day-of-Event membership dues.
  • File release waivers
  • Add up all starters
  • Coordinate with Event Host before start to identify any pre-registered guests who are not present
  • Pass the master list of registrants and waivers to Check-out Manager

Check-out / Timing Manager

The role of this person is to make sure all starters are accounted for at the end of the event and that their times are recorded on the master list.

  • If applicable, record names of people who pass through specific Reference Points
  • Record finish times.  This is generally honor system.  Note distances and times of guests who do not complete the course
  • Check with sweep to make sure all starters are safe and accounted for
  • Pass the file to Event Host

Aid Station Manager

Guests should assume there is no aid. The role of this person is to make sure that expectations regarding any aid to be provided by the event at a particular Reference Point are met or exceeded.

  • Coordinate with Event Host to get any aid they wish to provide
  • Coordinate with Event Host if you would like to provide any creative obstacles, games or other surprises
  • Get to location 30 minutes in advance of first expected participant
  • Set up aid station
  • Hand food and drink to guests as they pass by your aid station
  • Help participants with special needs (e.g. dropping out, medical issues, etc.)
  • Take down aid station and remove all traces of the event
  • Report in to Event Host when aid station is closed

Drop Bag Manager

The role of this person is to make sure that any drop bags get to the proper Reference Point on time and that they are returned to the guest after the event.

  • Note: coordinating drop bags is a hassle and definitely a big bonus for a Club Fat Ass event
  • Organize drop bag drop off and pick-up.  Coordinate with Event Host regarding location
  • Make sure drop bags are closed and clearly labeled with guest's name and aid station location
  • Get drop bags to aid stations before first guest arrives
  • Collect all drop bags after the last guest has left the aid station
  • Make sure all drop bags and other items are returned to guests at finish
  • Pass along any Lost and Found issues to the Event Host


The role of this person is to make sure that the last person in the event is accounted for, and that the event is finished.

  • Run or ride behind the last participant
  • Coordinate with Check-out Manager and Event Host at end of the event to confirm that all participants are accounted for


The role of this person is to make sure there is a visual record of the event.

  • Recommend using a digital camera, as it is cheap to acquire and easy to distribute digital images
  • Get a nice photo of everyone at the start line. 
  • Try for some action shots during the event
  • Aim to get all crew members and other key people in the event in a photo
  • Capture some of the joy of victory as well as the agony of defeat or injury... and don't forget the party!
  • Provide images to Event Host as soon as possible after the event
  • Coordinate with media, as needed

Pot Luck Manager

If a pot luck party is planned at the finish, the role of this person is to make sure that it goes smoothly.

  • Help guests when they arrive by taking their food and beverages and storing them in a safe place
  • Make sure stuff that should stay cold stays cold and that what should be heated gets heated so that food is ready when the event is finished
  • Make sure guests don't forget their dishes when they leave. If they do, please take responsibility for identifying the owners and getting the items back to them


The role of this person is to provide help and encouragement to the event guests while they are out there playing in the great outdoors.