Traveling Colours Contest 2005

You, the judges, have spoken...we now have winners in the 2005 Traveling Colours Contest!

1st - Gary Robbins of Squamish, BC took top spot with the photo (see #22 below) of his exuberant finish at the 50km Knee Knacker North Shore Trail Run last July. Gary will receive a refund on his 2006 membership dues and eternal bragging rights.
2nd - Robbins also took second place with his exposed rear end at the Cape Spear. He officially becomes the first athlete to take a gold and a silver in the same event while being censored!
3rd - Glenn Pace's photo of his finish at the Western States 100 Mile Run took the bronze. Glenn will receive a cozy hoodie from North Shore Athletics to keep him warm at the end of his next 100-miler.
4th/5th - Ellie Greenwood at 5647m on Kala Patthar in Nepal's Everest region tied with Fred Wickens fighting the big fat-bottomed troll under a bridge near Seattle.
Congrats Gary, Glenn, Ellie, Fred and to all Club members who submitted photos of their blue club t-shirt in action!

# 2 - Eileen Bistrisky at Camp Nido de Condores at 17,650 ft (5,380 m) on Aconcagua

# 1 -
Eileen Bistrisky sampling wine during a break from her bike tour through Argentina's Mendoza region
# 3 This just in from Ellie Greenwood of Britain: "Well my fat Ass T-shirt has done quite a bit of traveling since I left Vancouver in April. I spent the summer working in Norway but these photos are from my recent 3 week trek to Nepal. It was a fab trip, where I was trekking in the Everest region. The trekking was not too hard as we were going so slowly due to the altitude, averaging 3900m but getting to a peak of 5647m! This photo is at that peak - called kala patthar which overlooks Everest base camp and the big peak in the background is Everest itself! maybe a future fat ass event doing the everest marathon which goes from base camp to a place called Namche bazaar, but given the record by a Sherpa is over 7 hours it might be a challenging one!

# 3 - Ellie Greenwood in Nepal

- Ellie Greenwood in Nepal

# 3- Ellie Greenwood in Nepal# 3- Ellie Greenwood in Nepal
# 4 -Glenn Pace at the Western States 100 Miles Run in June# 5 - Glenn Pace refueling during the Western States 100 Miles Run
# 6 - Glenn Pace and wife Manon at the Western States 100 Mile Run# 7 - Glenn Pace after completing the Western States 100 Mile Run
# 8 - Bill Dagg on the podium for the Montrail BC Ultra Trailrunning Series 2005 male 40-49 age group. Sorry Scott and Rick, can't win if you don't wear the shirt!

# 9 - Gary Robbins planning the route for the Squamish Scrambler
# 10 - Gary Robbins in his backyard# 11 - "Out-of-Action-Jackson" limping through the relay at STORMY
# 12 - Carlos Castillo's - Self Portrait# 13 - Fred Wickens fighting the troll under the Aurora Bridge near Seattle
# 14 - Rick Arikado# 14- Rick Arikado
# 14 Rick Arikado writes: "Here's my latest entry for the traveling Tee. We camped at Sun Lakes State Park, barely visible as line of trees to the right in south looking photo, red dot on map. Red line on map was my run one morning, Y-shaped out & back to a few different lakes. Gravel road also barely visible in photos. Overview photo (with mandatory Tee) taken from Dry Falls visitor center above canyon.# 14 - Rick Arikado
# 15 - Carlos Castillo heading up rather dark trails during the Fluffy Bunny# 16 - Carlos Castillo with a bloodied head after the Fluffy Bunny with Event Host Geoff Palmer (left)
# 17 - Action Jackson savouring a dark wheat beer in Germany# 18 - Ean Jackson and Sibylle Tinsel sporting their Club shirts in Sibylle's home town, Weilburg, in Germany
# 19 - Sibylle Tinsel visiting her home town in Germany# 20 - Ean Jackson likes his beer at the Apfellauf 10km, a race sponsored by a local company specializing in apple cider...
# 21 - Ean Jackson at the start of the Apfellauf in Germany# 22 - Gary Robbins is elated at his first ever Knee Knacker finish (5:40:48h)
# 23- Gary Robbins at the old Lilloet Road aidstation during the Knee Knacker# 24 - Jesper Olsen, the first human to complete a documented run around our beautiful globe, running near Kamloops, BC, Canada.
# 25 Gary Robbins suffering through a study at UBC# 25 - Gary Robbins
# 25 - Gary Robbins - How fast can he go?# 26 Gary Robbins exposing his buns at Cape Spear
# 27 - Gary at Cape Spear# 27 - Gary Robbins a long way from home!
# 28 - Gary Robbins - A proud Fat Ass# 29 - Gary Robbins at his first Half-Ironman